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Some people don't give to panhandlers because they say some of them make a lot of money—like $30,000 a year.
$30,000! Darn, that's more than most of these people who work in these office buildings. Panhandlers making thirty grand a year?? I could work 50 hours, six days a week—from sunup to sundown—and if I made $15,000 in one year, I'd be like a Donald Trump.

People don't understand, my situation can happen to anybody. It can happen to that man there, it can happen to that man there, it can happen to that lady there, they can lose everything in a matter of instants, and be in my situation. And then they would see how ...
Let me put it like this: the shoe would be on the other foot, and they would know how it is to try to survive in New York without a job, without a home, without nothing. And having to ask other people for help. That's what it's all about, asking for help.
It can happen to anybody. So that person there is just an ignorant person. Thinks like that, that it can't happen. Man, it can happen to Donald Trump. It could happen to Mike Tyson, it could happen to Michael Jackson. It can happen to anybody. They can lose everything in a matter of instants, like that.

Should rich people give more money?


Famous People

Stupid People

Do you prefer panhandlers who perform a task for you, such as opening a door?

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