You see a woman have a mink coat on and diamonds, limousine, everything. She walks by, she don't hear me, I say God bless you, she won't hear none of that. Well that car go down the street, and she have an accident, the first thing that woman say: "Oh God! Oh my lord!" I'm just telling you, right! If something happens to a person out here, that person say "Oh my God, oh Lord Jesus!"
You got it wrong. Any individual would say that. So why not say it before that happens. It's got no meaning. You could have never told me I would be out here on Fifth Avenue, in a wheelchair, out here praying for people, panhandling. No one could tell me that.

Just like on the news that I was watching at a friend of mine's house just the other day—two little kids lost their life in a matter of 30 seconds. So anything can happen to anyone in any type of situation. Nobody is better than the next person. It's all about surviving. That's what it's all about, just surviving.

Things just happen! And maybe for punishment, and maybe to wake you up to a situation, and it may be to wake up society about a situation. So I have to balance that, and I have to step aside on that. But you never know. Nobody knows their destiny in life. Nobody knows where they're going to land in life. Sometimes you have all the wealth there is in the world. Sooner or later, something happens. It's a phenomenon that you can't explain, nobody can explain.
And there it is—you say "I never thought that would happen" and there it is. Like some people be driving a car say, "I'm never going to have me an accident in my life, I drive so safely," and in the next twenty minutes they—BAM—they go hit somebody in the back of the car. So therefore, I'll put it this way, I'll make it very short. Ain't nobody knows where they going until they get there. And God bless you, and I wish you the success in your work.

Panhandlers vs. charity?


Rich People



If you were richer, would you give more to panhandlers?
Yes, I'd give more money.No, my giving wouldn't change.

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