NAME: Easy
Age: 34
Place: In front of McDonald's, West 4th St. Area, New York City
Time: 5PM Sunday

Tell me about yourself and how you came to be panhandling today.
Well, panhandling was my interest—I used to panhandle at the bank, and it was a way of living. Made a lot of money, people really cared, you know—and then I started to have children. I left it all, I got myself together, wasn't using alcohol or drugs, at that time.
You know, your memories take you back to the things that you once did in the past, so that's where I'm at today.
It's sort of like a part of your life that you came back to—part of your youth?
Well it was, I like the Village, [Greenwich] Village ... Since I was 9 years old, I always had an attraction to the Village, and I did a couple of construction jobs here—I did Waverly and 6th Avenue, that complex, and I did NYU sewage system. So you know, I contribute.
I always wanted to work here, but I never got a job here. So my way of surviving is to interact with the people.
How long have you been panhandling? This time around.
This time around? A week. A week straight.
Was there a specific reason, besides your general interest in panhandling?
No, something happened. Me and my significant other broke up, and she kicked me out of the house, so where'd I come back to? So that's where I'm at right now, you know?
How much money do you collect on a good day?
Sixty dollars. Wednesday I did that. Since this time ... before I used to collect a lot more. That would last you to get a room. You can't panhandle and get a room no more.

Who's the best panhandler you've met?

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