Bill Hader’s Interactive Family Tree

Bill Hader grew up in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma — and spent years doing odd jobs before joining an improv troupe. Then, he exploded: His outrageous characters and impersonations made him a mainstay of Saturday Night Live, earning him two Emmy nominations and launching a burgeoning movie career.

Hader says humor runs in the family – he remembers everyone doing impersonations and voices around the dinner table since he was young. Ultimately, he got lots of encouragement from his family, particularly his father.

Bill Hader has one of the most extensive European ancestries that we’ve ever been able to piece together. We traced his paper trails all the way back to Year 582, his 44th Great-Grandfather, Arnulf – Bishop of Metz. His lineage includes multiples kings and queens of England, a line of Patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War, and proud World War I veterans.

Roll over each branch of Bill Hader’s interactive family tree* to view images from the series and learn more about the comedian’s genealogical journey.

*Note: Continue scrolling past Hader’s paternal tree to explore the maternal tree.

Note: the family tree is best viewed on a computer.