Soledad O’Brien’s Interactive Family Tree

Soledad O’Brien is one of America’s best-known journalists. Soledad has been a CNN anchor and correspondent, acclaimed for her coverage of the Haitian earthquake and Hurricane Katrina, as well as for producing thoughtful documentaries on race.

Soledad O’Brien told Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that growing up in Smithtown, a predominantly white town on Long Island, her mixed race heritage – her mother’s Afro-Cuban roots and her father’s Irish Australian roots – made it difficult to fit in. Soledad credits her parents with giving her the strength to overcome discrimination.

In the second episode of Season Three, “The Irish Factor,” we learn more about Soledad O’Brien’s roots in Ireland, her ancestors journey to Australia, and how her parents eventually settled in America.

Roll over each branch of Soledad O’Brien’s interactive family tree to view images from the series and learn more about O’Brien’s genealogical journey.

Note: the family tree is best viewed on a computer.