Season 2

Decoding Our Past Through DNA

Secrets encoded in their genomes challenge these guests’ ideas about their families’ histories and their identities today. This episode features Jessica Alba, Anderson Cooper, Valerie Jarrett, Governor Deval Patrick and more.

Premiered November 25, 2014
Season 2

Ancient Roots

Tina Fey, George Stephanopoulos and David Sedaris, three quintessential voices in American life, descend from ancestors that were part of the wave of Greek immigrants that flooded America’s shores in the early decades of the 20th century.

Premiered November 18, 2014
Season 2

Our People, Our Traditions

Three celebrated Americans, Alan Dershowitz, Carole King and Tony Kushner, share not only a Jewish heritage but also a history of perseverance in the face of withering opposition.

Premiered November 4, 2014
Season 2

We Come From People

Angela Bassett, Valerie Jarrett and Nas’ familial roots run back into the heart of slavery, revealing there is no single narrative and challenging our preconceptions of an era that has profoundly shaped our nations sense of itself.

Premiered October 28, 2014