Rx for Child Survival — A Global Health Challenge

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About the Campaign

About the Rx for Child Survival Campaign

As you explore global health — through the Rx for Survival television series, this Web site, or other community activities — we believe the stories you hear will move you to respond on three levels. First, as citizens of a global community, in which disease recognizes no geopolitical boundaries, you'll be more aware of the reasons that good health is in Americans' and all world citizens' self-interest. Second, you'll want to learn more and tell others what's important to you about global health issues. Third, you'll want to reach out to improve health both at home and for people around the world. To give you a quick and easy way to respond on all three levels we've created Rx for Child Survival, a campaign to raise awareness and give kids a fighting chance at life.

Why Focus on Child Survival?

As the Rx for Survival television series and stories here on the Web site make clear, there is a growing crisis in global health. And while we think it's important that you learn about the range of health issues the world faces, tackling all of these problems would be a daunting challenge. Child survival, though, is one global health challenge about which every American can quickly and easily make a dramatic difference. Millions of children die between birth and age 5 each year who would have a good chance at life if they had access to basic and inexpensive health interventions.

Get Involved

From e-mobilization to local town meetings, from bake sales to scouting projects, from college campus forums to international festivals, Rx for Child Survival challenges Americans not only to get informed about global health, but also to get involved. Here are some ways you can take action:


One of the most direct ways you can help is through a donation. Many respected and effective organizations are involved in global health issues and welcome your contributions.

Speak Out

Neither Rx for Survival nor Rx for Child Survival advocates any particular point of view on any piece of legislation. If, however, you understand the impact global health has on all of us, and understand the way public policy affects global health, you'll be able to engage in thoughtful public dialogue, and can respond to your local and national leaders about the course our nation takes in shaping global public health.

Give Time

While your individual action can and will make a difference, imagine the possibilities if your friends and neighbors join you in the actions you take. Host a screening and discussion with some of your friends, help organize an international festival, hold a raffle, volunteer your time. These are just some of the ideas you'll find here.

Spread the Word

Let your friends, relatives and others know that you care about these issues by sending an E-postcard and linking to us from your web sites.

Our fervent hope is that by offering you the tools to get involved, we can shift the world's understanding and leave a legacy that reminds us all that through the power of many voices, we can make our shared planet a stronger and healthier place.

Campaign Video

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Public Service Annoucement about Rx for Child Survival
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Get Involved in
Rx for Child Survival

Make a financial donation to help the world's neediest children receive the health interventions they so desperately need.
Speak Out:
Follow health legislation and policy-making, and then let your friends, neighbors, and policy-makers know what you think.
Give Time:
Volunteer your time, host an event, or engage in hands-on activities.
Spread the Word:
Tell others about this project by sending an e-Postcard or linking to our site.