Rx for Child Survival — A Global Health Challenge

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Speak Out

Speak out about child health among your friends and neighbors, write to the media, and contact your elected officials.


Individual actions can make such an important difference in global child health, so imagine what the actions of many people can do! By letting others know what actions you've taken, you can significantly raise their awareness about global child health and child survival. Your commitment and enthusiasm will inspire them to take action too.

Did you realize that, around the world, health agendas are inextricably linked to politics and policymakers, and the policies made in the U.S. affect the health and survival of children across the globe? True global change will require many of us working together.

Many organizations offer information on the influence of politics in global health and provide ways for you to track global health bills currently making their way through the legislative process.

At these and other sites you'll learn about ways to effectively contact your legislators, and you'll find advocacy tools and much more.