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Garden correspondent Lee May talked roses with Roseland Nursery's Dave Ellis, where roses like it best: in the sun. Below we share six beautiful and sweet-smelling selections well worth giving a try.

Rosa 'Crowd Pleaser'


'Crowd Pleaser'

This beautiful hybrid tea rose, a shrub rose with a single-stem blossom of many petals in a spiral, is a new introduction this year.

Rosa 'Hot Cocoa'


'Hot Cocoa'

The 'Hot Cocoa' rose is an award-winner with a blossom characterized by a smoky, almost chocolate color, and it blooms in a cluster. It was a choice of the All American Rose Selection, which indicates it will perform well in most parts of the United States.

Rosa 'Starry Night'


'Starry Night'

An award winner for 2002, 'Starry Night' is a disease-resistant shrub rose. Its 4- to 5-petaled blooms grow in clusters, and in Massachusetts this variety can have great color from June almost until Thanksgiving.

Rosa 'The Fairy'


'The Fairy'

'The Fairy' is a very popular shrub rose. It's extremely hardy and we think best used in a mass planting. Although not particularly fragrant, this variety makes up for its lack of scent with super blooming — up to 35 or 40 blossoms on a single stem!

Rosa 'Mr. Lincoln'


'Mr. Lincoln'

'Mr. Lincoln' is one of the best red roses available. It has a large blossom and a strong traditional rose fragrance.

Rosa 'Long Tall Sally'


'Long Tall Sally'

One of the more unusual roses, 'Long Tall Sally' is a shrub rose with a multitude of blossoms almost as large as hydrangeas.

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Published August 31, 2007