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Gardening Gloves

Gloves can be a gardener's best friend — so here are a few handy picks for protecting your hands

spandex glove

Lightweight spandex glove

Made of Supplex nylon and Lycra spandex, these gloves have a supportive fit and terrific flex that provide excellent dexterity, making them unlike any chore glove we've ever tried. They're comfortable, with a snug, cotton-like feel and are surprisingly durable. You can easily slip on a larger overglove for tougher jobs. Machine washable, these gloves are available in a variety of colors on the Internet and from retailers nationwide for around $25 a pair.

Heavy-duty thorn-proof glove

Heavy-duty thorn-proof glove

These gloves demonstrated superior "armor-like" protection in thorny gardening situations. They're also resistant — though not completely impenetrable — to chemicals and fertilizers. These machine-washable gloves have an interior of soft cotton fleece and a 4-inch protective gauntlet. Available on the Internet and from most hardware stores nationwide for around $12 a pair.

Chemical-resistant glove

Chemical-resistant glove

Protecting your skin is important when working with fertilizers and other garden chemicals, and for this kind of heavy-duty protection you can't beat a rubber glove. Make sure you discard any gloves that appear cracked, aged or flawed. Chemical-resistant rubber gloves are available on the Internet and from most hardware stores nationwide in a variety of colors and duty grades, starting at around $3 a pair.

Skin-protection aerosol

This substance is a non-greasy, non-toxic barrier that can be applied to protect the hands, while allowing your skin to breathe and perspire normally, and without affecting your sense of touch. It guards your skin against most water- and oil-soluble irritants, but is not a complete substitute for other conventional protection such as gloves.

Gardener's hand-therapy cream

A hand cream created just for gardeners, this product is instantly absorbed, non-greasy, and contains shea butter as well as extracts of yarrow, clover and calendul. It's great for soothing and smoothing over-worked hands.

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Published August 31, 2007