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Paul Epsom knows his hoses. Here are three great choices with handy features to help good times flow in your garden

Coiled Hose

Coiled Hose

Reminiscent of a "garden slinky," this hose's self-coiling feature makes it compact and easy to store. Small when coiled but very tough, this hose has brass fittings for leak resistance and comes in a variety of lengths. Best of all, you'll never have to worry about tripping over, or gathering in, an uncoiled hose again! Available at garden centers nationwide and on the Internet, price varies depending on length, starting at around $35.

'Anti-Kink' Hose

"Anti-Kink" Hose

We tried it, and it's true. After wrapping this hose around various garden obstacles — even after bending it in places — we still had water. This hose has been created with a specific "reflex mesh" technology that helps the hose straighten itself, thereby preventing it from kinking or twisting. Available in garden centers nationwide and on the Internet, price varies depending on length (25 or 50 feet), between $25 and $45.

Soaker Hose

Soaker Hose

An environmentally friendly product made from recycled tires, this product will also help you save water by applying it where it's most needed. You set the adjustable valve and water "weeps" evenly from small holes along the hose's length for even distribution. Available in 25- and 50-foot lengths, the soaker hose is available from garden centers nationwide and on the Internet starting at under $10.

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Published August 31, 2007