November 20th, 2012
David Geffen
Film Outtake: David Geffen In Three Words

How would you describe David Geffen? You have three words to do it.

American Masters: Inventing David Geffen, premieres nationally on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 on PBS (check local listings)

  • Wilber

    Visionary, mentor, & culture.

  • Damir

    You and me.

  • Divad

    The exposé was intriguing. However, it appears to me that ‘David Geffen in three words’, revealed more about the people talking, than it did about Mr. Geffen.
    Talking to people about someone with whom they have history, tends to reveal personal emotions about that history. Glen Frey’s three words may tell about the personal story of Glen & David.
    Nevertheless, here are three revealing words on Mr. Geffen; damaged, dissembled, and driven.

  • Eric Felderman

    Driven Artistic Prevaricator

  • PinkFirefly

    Beautifully outspoken and intuitive.

  • Joe larosa

    The Man

  • maria

    driven,lucky , intuitive.

  • Robert Ainsworth

    Brilliant, opportunistic, entrepreneur

  • Ande Clayton

    Absolutely amazing!

  • nancina97210

    BRAVO to a man who SAW, FELL IN LOVE WITH THE GIFT, and then BROUGHT DOWN THE FIRE to us all. Although being the hard driven businessman doesn’t get the credit, it was his skill that brought to fruition the artists’ extraordinary talents. Thank you, Mr. G.

  • Thomas Lundberg

    A National Treasure

  • Mark Wheeler

    Maverick, innovative, resourceful

  • Mary Anne Simpson

    Foresight, Sixth Sense, Determined

  • paul wynter

    Knows the Heart

  • PM Jones

    You’re So Vain


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