January 5th, 2010
Sam Cooke
Interview with Producer D. Channsin Berry

D. Channsin Berry, Co-Producer of Sam Cooke: Crossing Over, discusses his motivation for making a documentary about “the man who invented soul.”

Interview conducted by John Antonelli

  • Scott Jenkins

    I can’t wait to see this! Sam Cooke was simply brilliant!

  • bill duke

    great stuff chan
    god bless

  • Eugene Jamison

    Great job Chann! I feel it was a blessing to have you not only involved, but at the helm. As you know our family is very guarded when it comes to our memories and life with Sam. We knew we could trust you and John, and you didn’t let us down. We thank you for your efforts and God Bless You always. Gene

  • JA

    THis is very cool. Thanks for making it happen Channsin.

  • Stefan

    looking forward t seeing it.u.

  • Susan

    looking forward to this documentary – looks great!!

  • Gwen Bailey

    I can’t wait to see this

  • Tony Spires

    Nice, Chann. You know you some Sam Cooke, my brutha! He was the man! I can sense your passion for telling his story. All the best on the project.


  • Natalie Tunkara

    I am so grateful for having the opportunity to see this. Thanks Chan!!!

  • William Salit

    So nice to hear you talking about Sam, especially since we didn’t get to see you here at the SF screening. It was riveting. I can’t wait to see it again on American Masters. Kudos, Chan!

  • Cat

    Looking forward to the documentary. Read “Our Uncle Sam” and was intrigued with Sam’s vision for his career,his amazing talent and his devotion to his family. Sam is truly a pathway for the modern artist!

  • Sheila Dews-Johnson

    Great interview Chann! Can’t wait for the documentary….when will it be out?

  • Charlie Sprow

    Have spread the word on this wonderful piece. Put it in a couple church bulletins. Many friends will tune in. Keep up the good work! Will see you in a couple months!

    Charlie Sprow

  • TONY


  • Melanie Evans

    As always, Chann’s work is something to look forward to. I love Chann’s work and I look forward to this documentary as well. Thanks for your insight and dedication to our musical heritage Chann. Peace and Love. Mel

  • Nikki

    I’m so excited Uncle Chann! I can’t wait!

  • Karen Ray

    We’ll be watching! Always wonderful to see folk from East Orange, NJ do well. So proud of you, Chann!

  • Sandra Bailey

    Great interview Chann! I can’t wait to see the documentary again. Sam Cooke was a gifted artist.

  • Reggie Ray

    Sir,beautiful choice. Sam made me think I could sing. We all know better, but I have the records and the great memories. Once again you have delved into the African American male experience in a touching and inspiring manner. Thanks and may God continue to bless you and your work, my brother,

  • Greg Adamo

    Just watch the program. GREAT! Props to all involved. What a wonderful documentary.

  • Shirley Rector

    Great document on sam cook, I grew in the 60th, a teen listening to his music. Learn a lot tonight.

  • Carolyn Copeland

    Wow…Chann this passionate masterpiece film will undoubtedly inspire and raise the public consciousness.The story of an American hero such as Sam Cooke both sheds light on unconstitutional treatment back in the day as well as far we are from “Liberty and Justice for all” today.Films like this help us to appreciate remarkable citizens that have helped shape society.I hope it will seen in classrooms around the country to inspire progress!

  • Ros

    The Sam Cooke show was great It was about time.
    Can you or someone put on this same kind of show about the life and music of Jackie Wilson?

  • Swann

    Beautiful Chann and thanks for giving your neice a pathway.

  • Vickie

    Chann, you continue to inspire, amaze, and keep the past pulsing. Thank you, Vickie

  • Don Piper

    Chann – Your program was outstanding. I saw it at a screening and on TV on January 11 and each time I finishing viewing it I was left inspired by Sam’s life and accomplishments. We have to remember to view his life, as he said to Dick Clark, in terms of “the times of his day” which made his accomplishments even more remarkable. He was a true pioneer of music, of breaking barriers, of bringing people together in music. He “crossed over” but he never sold out. I will always think of Sam as the voice of my generation. Thank you for your dedication to this project and for having the courage to see it through all the obstacles.

  • Kai

    Yes, yes! I brought Sam Cooke to my White friends in the 8th grade circa ‘78-’79. We often quoted song lines. He was featured twice on the “Animal House” soundtrack which i used on my answering machine. He was referenced in the movie “Under The Cherry Moon” circa ‘86. This pioneer will never be forgotten, and will live on like the constitution. Keep on being OUTSTANDING.


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