January 7th, 2010
Sam Cooke
Interview with Narrator Danny Glover

Actor (and narrator of Sam Cooke: Crossing Over) Danny Glover discusses the first time he heard Sam Cooke’s music, the social context in which Sam released his records, and the collective journey on which Sam’s music takes us.

Interview conducted by John Antonelli

  • Clare Johnson

    Thank you PBS and the Producers of the “Sam Cooke: Crossing Over” documentary! I loved the music of the late Sam Cooke…to me, and many others, his style cannot be matched. Many have tried…some fared nicely, but have never made the complete cut! I am, (as you can tell)a lover of all of his music, and I will always cherish it (both his Gospel beginnings, and his crossover to Pop along with his R&B. He could do it all! Thanks also to Danny Glover who couldn’t have said it better. He covered everything that I was already thinking about the man Sam Cooke and his music, and what it meant to the people from an early age throughout adulthood. I do hope we get to see and hear some of Sam Cooke’s old musical clips in the near future. Thank you to all who took part in presenting this great documentary!

  • Deborah Anderson

    I never tire of Sam Cooke’s music. I am total awe of his voice and talent. There was such a tremendous loss with his very untimely death.
    I am so ashamed to be white when I think of all of the horrible treatment of people with color.

  • Jeffrey Irvin

    I’m surprise at the things I’ve learned about the Music, watching this program concerning our history (Music). There is so much untold stories I will constantly be looking for more histories. Member for life

  • C arolyn Copeland

    Dear Danny I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your work and loved the Sam Cooke film.You too are a remarkable artist that inspires us through your work to educate us and helps to both reflect and move forward to a society we can all be proud of.

  • stanley grimes

    This is something that you should know as to the black history of not only music but to the changing of the black and white culture in america

  • dietz

    What a beautiful presentation

  • Phyllis Bennett

    Great comments Danny Glover. The language, the imagery you related to, I found most prevalent and provocative.

  • Luis Villalon

    Growing up in the Dominican Republic in the 50s, I was fortunate to have gone to a private school where English was taught and that helped me read American books and magazines, and understand the lyrics of Rock and Pop. A local station had a daily one hour broadcast of “El Hit Parade Americano”, and that’s where I heard Sam Cooke for the first time. I still remember buying “Chain Gang” and playing it to no end. In my innocent ignorance, I had no idea of what black performers had to suffer in the US. To us, it didn’t make any difference, black or white, it was American music.

  • Larry Boatwright

    Sam Cook was one of the greatest male vocalist of our time, smart and intelligent one of the first to wear the afro-haircut, he was ahead of his time just like Marvin Gaye, seems like those songs were made just recently, my favorite and almost everyone else is “A CHANGE IS GONNA COME”

  • Cynthia Martin

    I love Sam Cooke’s music and I missed this special…will it air again and if so when…will there be specials like this for James Brown, Marvin Gaye and others…

  • washington kingsby

    i love sam cooke’s voice, his greatest work was in gospel music as co-lead singer with the soul stirrers. if you really want to hear sam’s great artistry listen to his records with the soul stirrers (1950-1955). Danny Glover’s interview is very thoughtful and informative to those who do not know of Sam.

  • Aubrey D. Bowman

    To those of us who followed Sam’s incredible journey and enjoyed his music, I can only think that this program, as ambitious as it was, only touched the surface of what was a most interesting and talented person. It also saddens me to think that an effort such as this will only reach such a small audience. That being said, I applaud the presentation. Entertainers of that era can look back and know of the contributions they made, the doors that they opened and that among them was a man like Sam Cooke. I’m glad to have been around to witness the changes that did come during that period, and if there stood anyone who personified what or who, any young, black wanted to emulate, there were few examples better than Sam. Young people of today will probably never know what good music really is, and that to is a cause for sadness. Sam is no longer with us, but his music is….and that makes me very happy.

  • lloyd farmer jr.

    first theirs our lord and savior, then theres sam cooke, i have loved this man since i could first hear and understand music. and i am here to tell you, i have never knew anyone that has touched my soul as sam did.

  • Mysheirdie Wilson

    i love Sam Cook’s music, He is truly missed. Has oneone ever thought about making a movie about his life. The person that I think could play him is Will Smith. The resemblance is uncanny.

  • Marcus Royster sr.

    The gifted and very talented the late Mr. Sam Cooke was one of the Greatest Black Entertainers of all generations. Ths documentrary on PBS with the Great Narrattor Mr. Danny Glover was supburb. I was touch about the story of Mr. Sam Cooke’s life suggles and successives in the entertaining musical busness. He was one of the black pioneers that broke through the barriers of a white supremacy cultral in the 1950′ & early 1960’s in the USA. i was at tears and my heart was broken after the untimely death of his 18 month old son & his unnessary murder at the hotel in 1964. But, his music…OMG Sam’s MUSIC WILL LIVE ON UNTIL THE END OF TIME…. Thank you Mr. Sam Cooke..

  • kevin haynes

    i to love Sam Cooke i think he is the greatest singer that ever lived, that voice gives me cold bumps and these sounds ,sound like if there were made recently a tribute to his great voice.however i still mad of the way he died ,i believe Sam is innocent and something must be done to clear his name.R.I.P Sam we miss you and we will always love you.


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