February 17th, 2011
Troubadours: Carole King / James Taylor & The Rise of the Singer-Songwriter
Outtakes: Linda Ronstadt and Women in Country Rock

Musicians Bonnie Raitt, J.D. Souther, Jackson Browne, and Chris Darrow discuss the distinct sensibilities of women in country music and recognize Linda Ronstadt as a pioneer in the genre, and how performances at The Troubadour played a vital role in establishing women as performers. This scene is an outtake from Troubadours: Carole King / James Taylor & The Rise of the Singer-Songwriter airing nationally Wednesday, March 2 at 8 p.m. (check local listings).

  • Tom Hardenbergh

    A memory – I heard this remarkable song within the hum of conversation at a small gathering. Stopped me in my tracks. The conversation went on around me, but I only wanted to tune in to this soulful, regretfull voice singing the words of this beautiful melody. I asked the hostess “who is that”. She said, “oh, Bonnie Raitt and the song is Love Has No Pride”. Nearly 40 years later, the memory is vivid and singer and song are still among my favorites.

  • Java Master

    Would have loved to see some recognition of Linda Ronstandt in the actual broadcast. She had a great ear for music and songs and she performed at the Troubadour with other musicians of that era.

  • Adrian

    I watched the entire program last night, and while I am glad Linda is finally getting the recognition she deserves, I still felt short-changed by the lack of Linda performing live, which she kills!

  • Sandra

    Hear, hear Java & Adrian.. I agree! I expected more representation of Linda Ronstandt in the broadcast.

  • pete

    PBS needs to do a special on Linda Ronstadt

  • John Mayle

    It is a disgrace that no one has done a tribute to Linda Ronstadt. She is not getting any younger, and still sounds amazing live. It would be so wonderful if PBS would do a special concert featuring her only.

  • Beverly Alba

    Yes, PBS (among others such as R&R Hall of Fame) needs to recognize the legendary career of Linda Ronstadt and also her work to keep music education in schools. Linda’s talent has been seriously under-appreciated.
    There’s no voice like Linda’s.


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