September 9th, 2008
Warner Bros
Interviews with WB Icons

Exclusive interviews with Warner Bros. directors, producers, and executives not included in the film.

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  • Tina Hamilton

    For those of us who love films, of course this is a feast of the heart and mind. However, the constantly present promo for’s quiz obliterated the on-screen type identifications of the speakers, which was a royal pain. Works against the whole point of the exercise.

  • kwame kalimara

    when will you air this again? i only saw a small portion of this great program i am in Atlanta.

  • maria guzman

    please do a special on sammy davis jr. it would be greatly loved and appreciated.

  • edward s

    Enjoyed the program, but how could you spend so little time with ed ward g robinson ; Robinson did any number of superb films besides Little Caesar and Dr. Ehrlich. Apparently Five Star Final, Brother Orchid, Sea Wolf, Kid Galahad and Larceny Inc are not important enough to be included. I guess I shouldn’t complain though; the fact that you completely excluded John Garfield (not even the mention of his name) ; maybe the people who made the series didn’t think that the man who has been called the first modern film actor (predating Clift and Brando) is as unimportant as those Robinson films. If you are going to make a documentary about a studio, two of their greatest stars deserve more than a brief mention and no mention at all.


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