Andes: The Dragon's Back
Interactive: Anatomy of a Glacier

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  • Carl Brathwaite

    Thank you for bringing these interactive tools to us. I have viewed Nature numerous times and would of loved the interactive tool to explore on my own and also to show my kids. I was born in Guyana but never knew about the difference in our countries, right next door to mine. Thank you for the informative programs and all the hard work that went into bringing it to us.

  • Adam Helman

    A magnificent combination of information and entertainment. Having climbed in the Andes, this Nature program reawakened memories. Spurred by the bizarre, surreal terrain of southwest Bolivia’s salt pans, my next Andean trip will be THERE, acclimatizing, in preparation for Nevado Sajama – Bolivia’s highest peak.

    Hardly “boring”, I conclude with a hearty “Thank you” for providing this excellent, fact-filled program.

    Adam Helman

  • Quankers

    Anyone who finds this boring needs to be illuminated. This is the natural system upon which life depends. It is amazing to learn that all the mighty rivers that shape mankind and its history originate as nothing more than drops of water along mountains.

    It is one of the most fascinating things you can learn about.

  • Noreen

    Sorry all you young brainiacs…but I am a homeschool mom that says this interactive unit is boring for anyone younger than 15. At least we got some good information from it…but I had to do the reading, of which there is too much. Should have more animated moving sections…like a video…come on PBS!

  • Sandy

    Thank you, I learned some things I’ve always questioned.

  • Kori

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  • Rachel

    Do point form stuff so people dont get bored. More pictures.

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  • andrew

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  • alexandra

    i agree with noreen if you are really into learning about different things in your life then you may not find some things boring because what happens if you go somewhere and you dont know anything about it or anything to do when your there so live your life and be happy!!! PEOPLE
    Love Alexandra<3

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