Bears of the Last Frontier
Full Episode | Hour Three: Arctic Wanderers

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Chris Morgan travels to the far north of Alaska, the tiny North Slope town of Kaktovik. It’s early November and winter is coming on. But each year, the polar bears struggle for extended periods on dwindling fat reserves, waiting for the opportunity to hunt on sea ice that takes longer to freeze. In early spring, Morgan joins local hunters in Barrow, the northernmost city in Alaska, as they go out on their own hunts, facing some of the same challenges as the bears. In late spring, Morgan travels to the North Slope of the Brooks Range, where countless thousands of caribou cover the ground for miles. The grizzlies are waiting for them, as they have for thousands of years. Buy the DVD. This film premiered May 22, 2011.

  • Clearcutter

    The polar bears will adjust to the warming temperatures just like they did 1,000 years go during the Medieval warm period. They’re smart and tough. The change didn’t wipe them out then and the warming temperatures won’t wipe them out now, though the bears given to wandering far, far out on the ice might be removed from the population.

  • zara

    i like to learn about polar bears also in school when i was 7 the teacher sayed that make a report on a spailce anmail so i picked polarbears.
    i still remember this and now i am a mom i tulled my kids all about poar bear and i am 31 years old

  • Lisa Gruver

    My five year old Christian loves watching all three epsiodes of the Bear series. He prefers them over cartoons and animated films. My husband, my little boy, and myself have been watching this series since it came out several nights a week. We love your narrating and the content. Thanks so much to you and Joes and keep filming!!

  • Alexis Thibodeaux

    These epsiodes were of great interest. Thank you for the time you both spent putting this series together for PBS and its viewers. I would rather watch this than anything on TV. As Lisa said,”Keep filming”, and we will keep watching for more epsiodes like these. Thank you again so very very much.

  • StupidTaxPayer

    Why do you not simply state on the home page that these videos are generally not available to those overseas? Can’t wait to return to the US for the next PBS fund drive.

  • Gary Roush

    I loved all three programs in this series. A very thoughtful coverage of the bears, Alaska, and the people you encountered who live there. I appreciated your respectful, positive coverage of subsistence hunting. I also enjoyed seeing your setting up and use of gear at each location. I, and perhaps other viewers as well, would like to learn more about your gear. What is the make and model of the mid-layer olive brown top with a zip collar that you used? Was it wool or a synthetic? What are some of your favorite and most useful items of gear in your outdoor adventures? I am looking forward to seeing more of you films.

  • Alaska visitor

    Great production and magnificient photography although I’m not sure I’m still brave enough to get that close to da bears. Thanks again PBS, Joe and Chris and any others connected with the film. You folks did another very nice job.!

  • Bill Nunnally

    I’ve seen a lot of wildlife programs,this one is tops! Good job to all that worked on this project! Keep it up. I found all these series on Facebook. I have been watching and reading since 4am and its 3pm. I’m going to watch more! Thank You

  • Lisa

    These movies are incredible! The footage shot, as well as the commentary are exquisite! I’ve learned more from these movies, than I ever did in school~ I’m 45 years old.

  • someone

    this was very amazing and beautiful to see
    it makes me so jealous seeing these men explore the world and i get to see a portion of it in the comfort of my own home…i wish i could adventure like this :)

  • Alec

    This series inspired me and my mom so much! Thank you Chris, Joe and everyone else that helped for this great project. This teaches people of why we should support wildlife.

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