Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns
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In Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns, Cloud is now a band stallion with a mare and her children, a yearling and a foal. Meanwhile, Cloud’s own child, which has a telltale golden coat, lives with another herd and will never know him as his father. This film premiered November 23, 2003.

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  • ashley cooper

    oh my gosh!!!!
    i have always been a HUGE fan of cloud and all his family. i always thought he was such a strong horse. its amazing how 1 horse is born and is the son of one of the strongest stalllions in the mountains and the horse (cloud) becomes sucha legend. i think it was kinda funny when he stool his borthers mare and she went back to him. now that there is a true love story. ever since i was little i have always wanted to go and see cloud for myself. He is the most FASINATINGhorse i have ever known. i would like to go to montana and do the same as ginger kathren

  • Heather

    I have the book of the second episode and I wish I was there filming the Episode and being able to see wild horses up close and personal.

  • Rachel

    This two-part series was quite engaging, although I wish there was more explanation of the biology behind the behavior.

  • Amanda

    I love Cloud and the series! I watch it everytime it comes on my tv. I am kind of wondering what happened to the stallion, Looking Glass,though. What ever became of him? Well I do hope that you will come out with a 3rd part of this series. I would love to see more of Cloud and Sitka and the band…maybe even visit him myself in the Montana territory one day =)

  • Kiki

    Cloud is the most beautiful horse i hav EVER seen! They shouldn’t kill his herd! I want to know what will happen to Cloud and Sitka soon! and the rest

  • Judy

    What a joy to see the wild process and their lives play out as they sould. What lessons we as people could learn just by watching their behavior. I hope to see more of this kind of work on PBS.

  • i love cloud girl

    i think this is the best horse doc. ever!

  • Bethany

    I love it!! i think it should be shown in schools. i think it is is sad what will happened i bet.

  • dinahvoc

    It is really sad to see how some people don’t get it, Jehovah placed these and all animals here to acompany us and to share his creation. Soon, those who do good by God’s standards, will share a clean and peaceful earth with these gifts from Jehovah God! (Psalms 37:11)

  • Katherine Weaver

    i love cloud. i have 39 horses of my own and work at a riding stable, Uncle bucks! we have a wild mustang, sissy, who was from montana! she is great!

  • Judy Ryan

    A wonderful series. Ginger is a very brave and wonderful photographer. I have loved horses all of my 73 years.

  • haley

    thisreally shows the real wildlife and im a huge fan i saw it this morning and jhust fell in love with them cloud is beautiful i really wish there is more thats coming and i own five horses and i love them but to see wild stallion like that anad learn about there packs is just amazing i know so much more than i did befor i watched this when you think that you know it you get caught by this wonderful videos and the land i really want to know what happens to storm and why storms mom is like that but what i love is that when something gos wrong something beautiful and amazing and just wonderful happens right after that and for boulder i want him to follow in his fathers legacy i dont know why hes not with his father but i llove him and i love this document its the most amazing thing i have ever seen and i really want more

  • vicki

    Just finished watching the episodes of Cloud and his family of wild horses. It will be a shame if the government destroys these beautiful animals. It should never happen.

  • Amanda

    I love Cloud and his band. I wonder what happens to them on the road that lies ahead.

  • Deb

    I just found the story of cloud and his band in the last couple months on tv it was a beautifil documetary you did the best job! I think they deserve to be free! knowone should have the right to round them up and auction off any of the wild horses!people didnt touch them years ago thats the way it should be, probably many end up on some european dinner plates? its awful i think,i really cant believe the government wants to kill every wild horse left,or sterelize them, so there are no more! First the the native american indians now all the wild horses? they were here on this land first! leave them all alone! i will be signing the petition to save them

  • paul heffernan Heffernan

    I enjoyed the story of cloud and hid family. I have seventeen horses. They are sport horses. We stopped competing, we did not like the way other owners treated their horses. It is sad to see the fine animals treated badly,just to win a trophy. We had a fine five gaited horse crippled,by the barn owner
    when he discovered we were going remove her from his barn in Kentucky,and return her to our ranch in California. She would have won the third leg of the triple crown,for five gaited horses,if he had not worked her on a concrete floor.
    ,and turned her canon bone. There was nothing the vet could do so we put her down.

  • Melissa L.

    This is an excellent documentry, and I look forward to the third part. I wonder if Cloud’s mare might have cancer/tumor, not from an accident as Ms. Katherine may suggest.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Ali

    I LOVE this series! Cloud is so beautiful, and so are his foals! Although, I thought cloud was white…so his first-born son is palimino? I heard about and saw Cloud and it inspired me to get a gelding mustang(he was a bachlor stallion I’m guessing since he was 2 years). Many people advised me against getting him, since he is my first horse and I was only 12. But, I got him anyways because I knew I had a bond with him the second I saw him at the BLM adoption. I left him alone in a round pen for a few days just giving him food and water. Then, I started to connect with him by using the “horse whisperer” technique everyday. Everyday a little bit longer, a little more acomplished, a little more trusting….soon he was letting me pet him, put a halter on him, take treats from my hand. Now, two years later, he is more classified as a “puppy dog” than a horse. ;) He clips, ties, and loads for me. I also ride him, often bareback with nothing but an old bridle. He is my love and my world, and I could never imagine not having him. It’s funny, at first I wanted a lesson horse to ride at my old swanky english riding school, but at soon as I brought him for my first lesson with my own horse, I knew it was not “our thing”. Everyone turned there noses up because he’s not a billion dollar purbred…but he’s goofy, fun, and I love him! Thanks so much Cloud for inspiring me to get my best friend!

  • Dav Tipton

    Great series! very engaging.

  • Jessica

    Wow! I looove Cloud. I can not wait for number 3! I would really like to now more about what happened to Storm and Bolder. I personaly think that the bump on Cloud’s mare is a tumor but i guess im no expert. I also look up to Ginger and hope to be as wonderful as her!!

  • Heidi Helene Christensen

    The BLM is determined to kill Cloud, his family and the other Pryor Mustangs as well as other wild horses in other states.

    PLEASE go to and read up on it and write to the people who can help! PLEASE don’t let the BLM kill the wild horses!

  • Angel

    Cloud is a strong and sturdy horse he looks alot like my horse i call him Sparky. i love clouds baby STORM hes sooo cute!!!! Cloud will always roam free!!!!

  • Kacey

    I love horses! They are very calm.

  • emilee

    horse love to roam free and do not kill horses PLEASE they are living to!!|:

  • David Robertson

    If in fact many of the previous postings state that the Government is to round up and sell off wild animals that should be a protected species or even kill them people should start to think more on the side of going to their elected officials and put it on the ballot to create a law against it. These are beautiful and we as people should value nature and protect it. Take action in this matter.

  • teresa

    what happened to the mother horse with the big bulge??

  • NATURE Online

    Teresa – The mother horse, Sitka, was pregnant, and it was thought that the large bulge was caused by her colt being positioned wrong in her womb. However, she gave birth to the baby, Storm, and she still has the bulge. Stay tuned for further updates in the third installment of the Cloud series, premiering next spring.

  • emily charest

    omg i love this i have
    always been a huge fan of horses they are sooo cute i love them me and my friends chelsey and bri are in love with horeses!!!!!1<33333333

  • Alyssa Carman

    I LOVE cloud and all his family! Then again, I love all horses! I can’t wait to get one!

  • savehorses1123

    What is the BML phone number I know so many people that will call all day 24 7 so email me. I will not let cloud and his family die for some ranchers. I heard this now people pass the word tell everyone.

  • hottie with a body

    I love cloud me and my fam went last year we got to see boulder!!!!!!! and even looking glass i loved boulder we thought we saw cloud about a mile away from us! we never saw him unless that was him.!

  • easy joe


  • Ellen

    When Cloud is chassing the bachelors and the lightning strikes the hills, it makes him look like a god! I bet The Silver Brumby is eating his mane and tail! He’s so majestic!
    P.S:easy joe can keep the rude comments to himself thanks!

  • horselover

    what happened to sitka and storm

  • besli

    this doc whery good
    i think this is the best horse
    i love soo mach horse …? tung

  • roberto

    I might watch both episodes again. Everything was so close to perfect, story, photography, editing, landscape…and the curious nice lady how has a “golden” heart.

  • Horselover140

    more whole episodes please

  • Madison

    Cloud is the most beautiful stallion I have ever seen.I hope when I get my own horse in 2 years I will be able name it Cloud,or one of cloud’s sons names.If I ever get a mare I will name it Sitca and I will try to get them to breed and try to make a legacy of this Cloud.

  • Rachel

    WOW!WOW!WOW! what an amazing show I can’t wait for the 3 to come out!

  • Kooky and Crazy

    Cloud is the BEST movie ever!!!!!!!!!! We love it he is the most GOURGOUS white stallion ever!!!!
    Better than the lippazaner stallions any day!!!!

  • dorothy

    I had the pleasure of seeing cloud and camped out in penns cabin mice running all night long but i managed and also forgot mantels for lantern what an experience i’m hoping to go again the summer of 2009 can’t wait until new movie comes out whatever did happen to looking glass and is sitka still alive

  • Crystal

    wow what a great lady very insperational

  • Olivia

    Wow!That is so brave of Ginger to take photos of wild horses!I wish i could do that!I have a little four year old stallion and he would love to meet Cloud!

  • jessica


  • phia

    flint and boulder look amazing! i wish theyd have this on tv.

  • Bailee

    I love Flint, he and Cloud are my favorite. I had a dream that I had a dark bay horse and I named him Flint I’m going to be a writer when I’m older and in my story there is a girl and her horse Flint. I’m writing about their adventures and hope someday the world will read about them. Thank you Ginger you have helped my realize what I want to be and what I want to do. Cloud is amazing and someday I want to see him in person and thank him for the memories that he has given me I use to watch him all the time and I still do. Cloud your wonderful and I hope you live the rest of your life happy and free!

  • Rae

    Wow!!!! Ive always loved wild horses,but when i saw about cloud and his small band i don’t wanna stop!!I feel so bad about Flint. He is so adorable!

  • natasha

    OMG! i hate this none of the vids will show!

  • Robin

    Please read
    Call President Obama and VP Biden at 1-202-456-9000 or 1111 and ask them to intervene for the sake of the Pryor Mountain horses

  • Meg

    This is plain stupid. These are feral domestic animals called horses. They are not “wild”. Zebras are wild. Feral horses have worms, split hooves, and are inbred. Would you say the same for feral dogs and feral cats? Nice fairy tale, I will admit.

  • Roxy

    Uh, yes, unlike you, I see no purpose in cruelty to any animal, whether they be dogs, cats or wild horses. Nor have I ever found any evidence, even on the BLM site, about worms or split hooves – in fact this a first! A truly desparate attempt to discredit these horses. In fact, BLM holds regular adoptions of these wild horses.

    Wild horses will only become inbred if the herds are reduced to below viable numbers – which benefits nothing about our public lands, and everything about greedy cattle, energy, timber and mining interests.

    The Humane Society of the United States classifies the American Wild Horese as wild – good enough for me – THEY ARE HERE NOW. THEY ARE WHERE THEY NEED TO STAY NOW, RUNNNING FREE WITH THEIR FAMILIES ON OUR PUBLIC LANDS.

  • roxy

    1. Actually feral cats in my community help control the rodent problem in the orange groves, and if not controlled the rats come and chew on peoples roofs.

    2. The Humane Society of the United States calls wild horses wildlife – good enough for me.

    3. Wolves and buffalo, once extinct in Yellowstone, now re-introduced are not “wild”? People keep wolves (unfortunately) as pets and as “trained show” animals for movies and TV, some buffalo are kept by ranchers as livestock. Tigers and bears and others are kept in zoos adn trained for “show animals”, etc, etc., are they not wild when in the wild?

  • Sarah

    Boalder looks EXACTLY like my horse Cloud hes a Palomino Mustang from the Montana area horse land thingy maybe hes a Cloud foal????

  • Kari

    wonderful documentary on such beautiful creatures.
    If you don’t believe the horses are wild, go to a local round up and adopt one and see how long it takes YOU to tame one of these “Feral” horses then you will know wild… Thanks Ginger and Raven is beautiful too..

  • Christina L

    To Ali (you posted on July 14th, 2008). Cloud is a Palomino. He is not white. The palomino color can range from almost white (like Cloud) to an almost buckskin color (but with a white mane and tail of course). The average palomino is in the middle, a beautiful golden color. Cloud is a palomino with very light pigmentation. He has the genetic makeup to produce all different shades of palomino, and i believe even buckskin depending on the mare. For example, my horse is a solid black paint. He is considered a paint, even though he is solid, because he has the genetic make up to produce a paint foal. Also, I loved your story about your adopted Mustang. It was a very sweet story!

  • holly

    I love all te horses. But I really love Flint, bolder, an Velvet. And Cloud ofcorse. I adore horses, and i have loved them all my life evert since i was a little girl. My room is full of pictures of horses. I take riding lessons from my friend. I have been doing that since 1st grade, but sadly she is selling the horse that i ride, Honey, so she has money to go to college.

  • tony

    this is tonys doghtur and i have a horse of my oun and i just love cloud

  • Hailey

    I love horses. I wish I had one but for now I have to stick with riding lessons and going to my friends ranch to ride. all horses rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • megan

    I hope Clod doesn’t have Cancer. my dog died because of that.

  • Shirley

    I”m not being able to watch the video’s of Cloud anymore do you know why not??It makes me very sad,as I love Cloud and his family and band,and I was wondering what happened to Raven the black stallion his father??

  • Shirley

    I am so thrilled that I can watch Cloud and his family and Bolder,Flint red Raven and all the wild horses on arrowhead mountains.What has happened to sitka,the Black Raven,Clouds daddy??And what is going on now with Cloud and all the bands of wild horses.And are you going back up to see them again??You are a great lady doing what you are doing,I just wish I could be with you some day to see all of them for myself,I myself am on the back side of 60,but I’m also very sentimental where horses and other animals are concerned.

  • athena


  • JesusFreak

    I luv horses and this show, and i love pbs. iv watched it scince i was a kid!

  • Paris

    I have been watching cloud since i was about 11 years old. i am 17 going on 18 now. I never get over how beautiful he is and how beautiful it is that both his parents are darker coated horses. Cloud is a strong horse, and i am proud he will “Live and Die” where he was born. His two suns dont know how lucky they are to have such a legend for a father. I am sad about Plenty coo’s death, he was and still is a great stallion. Some day, i plan on bidding on some of these horses, and hopefuly i will end up with at least one of Clouds sons or grandsons. It has and will remain my dream to experience the greatness of these horses.

  • Madelyn

    Cloud is gorgeous, and I really like storm too!

  • Shirley

    I watch Cloud every chance I get,he’s a terrific and Strong Stalliion,he has been through so much him and his band family.It’s a shame their are people in this world that can be so heartless and cruel to these magnificent horses.I e-mail my senators and the President almost every day about stopping these roundups and illimnating the BLM’s totally and ridding ourselves of Ken Salazar also.The horses and the burro’s do just fine left on their own.Now we need to get rid of all the cattle grazing on their land and get their land returned to them,which was intended for them to roam free on and multiply and raise their foals on and be able to roam free forever.we have to keep fighting and on another blog.they spoke of boycotting beef,to not eat beef once twice a week or never eat it again till they return the wild horses and burro’s to their land and allow them to run free forever as God so intended them to.

  • Taylor

    I have all the movies and the books. They are all amazzing. I wish someday i can go to Montana and see Cloud. He is amazzing. I can not belive that Bolder stole Shayman’s band. That was so weird!! I hope that Flint does not steel Cloud’s band, but i do hope that he starts his own band one of these days. I wish we could now what happened to Sidca. I wish I could have a CLoud colt or filly, all thow i do think that they should stay free. I hate what the BLM is doing.

  • ashley leger

    I love cloud and i hope as well as many others that his legacy lives on. the BLM are just a bunch of hot shots that think that they know the best for the wild horses. If only the BLM saw the cloud videos then maybe they might stop and think ” hey maybe what we are doing is wrong”. Mustangs deserve to live free among the lands that they were born on. I may only be 12 but i ca nsay it like it is. I believe that the BLM need a reality check. Mustangs should be treated like real horses not pests of the land. It is their land, not the BLM’s. If only the stupid BLM knew that what they are doing is killing the wild horse population. I just wish that no one would ever mess with the mustangs ever again.

  • ashley leger

    Also the BLM hires ground shotters. These people are payed to shoot wild horses if they think that there are too many. that is just cruel and wrong. but seroucly people are actually hired by the BLM to shoot the mustangs and most of the time they shoot mares with babys and leave the babys to die of prediters or starvation. how could any one be so cruel to animals as magestic as the mustang.

  • asley

    Isure enjoyed this program It was very enjoyable Ilove hores.s-AND I HOPE ALL THE HORESSARE DOING VERYWELL

  • Shirley

    I can’t believe what I just read about the BLM hiring shooters to shoot down our beautiful wild horses and to do that to mares with foals they’re the most cruelest heartless inhumane creatures,I won’t acknowledge them as human beings if they can do such a thing to Gods magnificent creations.All of us need to write our President and tell him he needs to stop paying taxpayers money to the BLM’s to manage our wild horses and burro’s.,as the wild horses and burro’s did just fine before the BLM got involved with them.I know I am going to write our President repeatedly untill we can get his attention on this before the BLM drives our wild horses and burro’s to extinction and we can’t let that happen,so everybody out there write our President and keep writing till we get attention from our President,so he will stop letting the BLM take land from the wild horses and burro’s for their own GREED.To let the cattlemen graze their cattle and oil and mineral drilling sheep grazing.those things need to be stopped on public land that belongs to the wild horses and burro’s.The wild horses and burro’s all need to be released and the land given back to them and be allowed to roam free and multiply forever and ever FREE!!Tell the cattlemen and get off the land and graze their cattle on their own land and if they can’t they need to sell them or whatever.I can’t believe our President allows such cruelity to go on.THEY NEED TO STOP THE BLM’S EVERYWHERE NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Shirley

    I recieved an update on Cloud,Flint,Bolder,thank heavens they’re stilll alive and doing well according to the Cloud foundation up date on there web site,log in and you all can see for yourselves.Cloud still looks beautiful as ever and Bolder,flint,and there are some new foals this year for Clouds band and Bolder and flint to if I understand it correctly.I am so thrilled to just hear they’re alive and doing well.But there are others that we still have to fight for,and we have to keep on,keep on till all the land is returned to the wild horses and burro’s and all the wild horses and burro’s are returned to their lands where they were born.And just because horses have been rounded up they can do very well again when once they are released again in the wild,horses and burro’s have very strong instincts they don’t forget.Thats why we need to get these penned up wild horses and burro’s released so they can live their lives free and increase their families and enjoy their life as God so intended them to.So we need to keep e-mailing and signing petitions and what ever it takes to free our wild horses and burro’s and take the BLM’s down and do away with with them and their cruel inhumane ways of treating our wonderful wild horses and burro’s.Plus get rid of Ken Salazar he needs to be fired right along with everyone of the members of the BLM’s across this United States,President Obama needs to take note of what these people are doing and put a stop to it.I can’t believe President Obama pays these people to do such terrible things to these animals with our tax dollars,it’s enough to make a person sick to even think about it.

  • Breanne Jury

    Where is this place where all the wild horses are located??

  • Sarah Pratt

    I want to see Cloud he and his family are beautiful!

  • john larson

    do u now a horse wiperer around u i do i have a two mustangs that no one could get near and all of a soulden u see my daughter go in to the pen and walk right up to them and starts to pet them they have just come from coloredo

  • Sammi

    love cloud hes so cute wish i was wild horse

  • rexy

    i just love horses and to think that some people atually skin horses! espeacially buckskins! i dont mean to be offensive but still it is very wrong.

  • Livvy

    You shouldn’t stop the series when Cloud dies (sorry if I am offensive). You should continue his stories of his family.

  • adrina

    It’s a pity I live in Sweden, i really would like to see this film (I’ve already seen nr 1) I must order this one from USA very soon!

  • AnotherOpinion

    I agree with everyone that they should stop killing the horses. Many of the horses that are auctioned are sent to slaughter houses to die. But there needs to be some method of controlling the population. If nothing kept the horse population in check, they would become overpopulated. That would in turn drastically reduce the food supply, thus killing all the wild horses of starvation. The natural predators are not enough to control the wild horse population. I just wish that there was some middle ground so that the horses would not be killed or become overpopulated.

  • zea

    go onto a website and you can donate money to keep them in the wild. on a horse subject has eny of you guys herd of secrateriat, seabuiscut, or ruffian if youv herd of ruffian isnt it so sad but atleest they tried to save her. hi am zea and i have a horse barn in tennesee i own 2 racehorses and 5 out of the 12 that are bording in my barn i have 2 thouroughbreds 1 hanoverian 1 mustang 1buckskin also a little fat shetland pony

  • hannah

    i love cloud and all of his family including storm he’s so cute. i hope all clouds family stays free forever.

  • Kaye Faber

    This docment ispirest me to go to the mountains and follow a horse of my own! I love watching cloud and
    and his herd and i can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  • Alexandra Casey

    I love Cloud! I want to get the episodes! Where do get them, anyone?

  • lindsay

    i love cloud e is such a great horse and i’m was going to do the same thing because i love wild horses
    and i hope he lives out his legacy

    i love cloud+his family

  • lexy

    his family is so loveing

  • Judy

    Beautiful country and horses strong and georgous! I enjoyed this movie very much

  • Savanna

    The yearling daugther of Sitka and Shaman is my favorite, shes so beautiful. I wonder where she is?

  • Savanna

    I also love Bolder’s mother!

  • Blanca Mccammon

    great post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I am sure, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  • angel

    wow…… cloud looks so much like my horse…….his name is Archie. He was awild horse just like cloud but kinda has the sames colors of bolder :]

  • videórendszer

    There is evidently a bunch to identify about this. I feel you made some good points in features also.

  • Lizzie

    Can’t get enough of that beautiful and graceful white stallion,CLOUD! <3

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  • Savanna

    i just found out what some of the horses names are that are not shown.
    Phoenix-Clouds mother
    Pococeno-Bolders mother
    Sand-Blue Sioux and Red Ravens daughter
    Absarokee-Sitka’s yearling daughter(I named her that myself)

  • jess

    why are mustangs being killed ( shot with guns) for no reason, America is a free country they should be free? I need to know for school and I want to know because i don’t understand.

  • Monica

    In my personal opinion, if I ever saw anybody that wanted a recamendation on a good show, this would be this. You, yes you! The one who is reading what I am saying. if you have no watched this movie, you have to do it now! From time to time, I wonder how Cloud is doing. Ginger Katheren, If you happen to be reading this, I want to help! Please contact me.

    Monica M.
    an eleven year old

  • pheobe

    Dear Ginger,


  • Calvin Eichberger

    Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

  • Johanna

    What a beauty Cloud and his family is… Am really proud to be a horse lover!!!!

  • Till Wells

    There are some attention-grabbing time limits in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them middle to heart. There may be some validity but I’ll take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

  • Adreinne

    it is just amazing, the beauty and wild that these animals posses. And yet here we are, they are being killed everyday by cruel people that have no sence in wild history. lord, we, as humans are cruel. we wiped out the indians and now the last wild beauty of the plains….its a terrible shame.

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  • Lauren H.

    I LOVE CLOUD!!! HE IS AWESOME!! I love all horses. I have loved horses ever since I first rode one when I was about 3 years old. My friend (who’s name I am not going to say) introduced me to this show. She said she loved it so I looked up this website and watched this and cloud: challenge of the stallions. (I love that one too.) Well BYE!!

  • taylor

    i have seen all the episodes i love horses and have 2 its just sick that that they are being auctioned off and taken from there families . it is so cool how she comes up into the mountain really early every day too film them. i love it keep the episodes coming !!!!!! :)

  • LoveCloud

    They found the PERFECT music for Little Cloud! :)

  • Rebecca

    Flint is a BEAUTIFUL young colt!

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  • mia cathrine

    i heart cloud and his band

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  • Nat

    Aww….Cant watch it…unavailable :(

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