Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns

Watch the drama unfold as Cloud struggles to keep his family intact in the face of challenges both natural and man made.

In 1995, while filming wild horses in the mountains of Montana, Ginger Kathrens discovered a striking, almost pure white colt just hours after his birth. Kathrens named him Cloud. She feared that his distinctive coat would make him an obvious target for mountain lions; but he survived and Kathrens continued to follow him in his adventures. In Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies this wild horse developed from a bumbling, unsteady colt into an adventurous, defiant youth.

In Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns, Cloud is now a band stallion with a mare and her children, a yearling and a foal. Meanwhile, Cloud’s own child, which has a telltale golden coat, lives with another herd and will never know him as his father.

As the seasons pass, foals are born, brothers fight against one another for control of mates, and Cloud’s legacy grows. Threats come not only from rivals, but from government agencies struggling to manage both human and equine interests. Yet the biggest trial Cloud’s herd faces is yet to come: surviving an out-of-control wildfire that that threatens their lives and home.

Join these legendary wild horses on their adventures on NATURE’s Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns.

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Online content for Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns was originally posted November 2003.

  • Erin Ryan

    I have loved horses all my life. What little girl doesn’t. I have seen them on ranches, but most amazingly, in the wilds of Colorado. I was young, about 16, my family and I went on a 3 week vacation to visit my older sister and her family. When it came time to leave, the rest of my family went home. I was very fortunate to have been able to stay for an extra 3 years. The most fabulous time of my life. In those 3 years, I was able to watch the wild horses, in all their glory. To this day, when life gets a little more hectic that I care to deal with, I put myself back where I believe I belong. Excellent, excellent documentation on Cloud. Very well done. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. I look forward to your next adventure when Cloud returns.


    Wonderful story of Cloud! However, a huge gap in the story is an explanation of how the photographer knew that Cloud got together peacefully with his mare rather than stealing her from another band. It seemed that the photographer was away for about a year and a half and didn’t film that part. Who was watching in the meantime?
    Judy Ray

  • Deliah

    Hi. I loved how you caught everything! you did awesome! my gelding is a mystery still to me. I have to say that i think he came from the wild because his attitude can change as fast as the wind!
    Im 16 yrs old. and i train minis. I want to get a foal to train my way… havent decided tho if i want to get a 2 yr old or not…
    Deliah Kiester

  • Linda L-C

    I watched the PBS episode on TV early in the week and have NOT been able to get it out of my mind! I think the tale was beautifully written and narrated. Kudos to Ginger Kathrens. I would hope that some updates on Cloud could be posted if Ginger happens to see him and/or his family. What does it matter WHO is watching the horses – when all told, it’s a lovely story which I know, for some reason, I’ll take with me to my dying days. It’s just one of those things. Thank you for your efforts, your work and sharing your enormous talent with us…and, of course, for sharing Cloud.

  • jacqueline Burton

    I wrote yesterday, I still would like to know how to adopt or purchase a horse. I can not believe the government wishes to “shoot” these animals.
    Please respond.
    Jackie Burton

  • josie

    I love whaching cloud it’s my favorit show

  • beverly

    Your series are remarkable.I love your cloud legacy series.Very good job at illustrating.I like it? please respond beverly?

  • Jessica

    I love so much i wish more people could do things like that!

  • Destany

    When I read this book I was touched by this stallions strugle and determination to keep his herd I have lways loved horses so this book was very nice to learn about wild mustangs

  • Kelly

    I was given your DVD as a Xmas present. I watched it last night and thank goodness my children were not in the room! I wish there had been a warning about how graphic it was!

  • Jamilee

    Everytime i watch cloud it seems like he is the most common horse out there. He has lots of determination and strength. What will happen when Cloud dies? Will you move onto his son?

  • Kelly

    I saw a band of wild horses while driving through Nevada. I was a rare and awesome experience. These documentaries wonderfully capture horses in the wild and hopefully create a respect for them and a reason to preserve them so that Cloud and other wild horses will not be treated like vermin. I would rather see wild horses still roam than cattle on our fedral lands.

  • Veronica

    Several years ago CBS Sunday Morning ran a short nature segment on Pryor Mountain. That segment changed me forever. To visit Pryor Mountain and photograph the wild horses is a great privilege.
    With so much of our wild lands being consumed, I pray that the Pryors and its residents remain wild.

  • Eileen

    Listen to Ginger Kathrens interview, “Angels for Cloud”, at to find out how you can help Cloud’s herd and visit

    Remember, Friday, AUGUST 28 is NATIONAL CALL- IN DAY for Cloud, and all America’s wild horses, who are being systematically “managed” into extinction by the BLM. Tell Obama, Biden and the BLM to leave them alone!!! Call 202-456-9000 or 202-456-111 or send email at: .

    Also contact: BLM Director, Bob Abbey-Call
    202-208-3801, and Secretary Salazar at

    SPEAK UP!!! There’s still be time to save OUR wild horses!!!!!

    Stop the Massive Removal of Cloud’s Wild Horse Herd – Sign Petition

    American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign – Sign Petition to save all our wild horses:

  • roxy

    Roundups of Cloud’s herd started yesterday – But you can still help – its not too late? BLM ignored a 10,000 signature petition. BLM ignored Congress – letter from congressman Grijalvo on web. Instead we see a BLM employee pulling up dead grass from the desert to prove the horses can’t survive. HELLO – dead grass in the desert at end of summer – BLM must think we are ignorant. You can see the bountiful “rangeland” for yourself and “fat” horses on the Foundation website and in the same news show.

  • jay

    I have never seen this hsow but i bought the breyer set, it is beautiful

  • Linda Belyeu

    When will we ever learn? Are we saving innocent wild creatures or destroying them?

  • Netanya

    Our government representatives totally IGNORE citizen’s pleas to save our nation’s wild horses, including OBAMA – Anyone who dares to witness the unspeakable horror of the slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada, to which our wild horses are transported, and does not speak out….we are betraying these beautiful creatures. Write, call and demand safe haven for these horses before it is too late. Americans Against Horse Slaughter!

  • Janneen

    Too beautiful – and sad for words. Shame on our government.

  • Linda

    There is no more wild. Good for Ginger trying to capture it for awhile. The spirit of Cloud will live.

  • Rose

    I saw the story of cloud just two nights ago (Oct., 09)and can’t seem to get it out of my head…it filled my dreams last night – a nightmare where I was fighting to save Cloud and kept insisting that he belonged to me….Back to reality…Where is Cloud and his family now…I am distressed about this…the documentary said he and his family were captured, a couple of foals were sold, but did not mention Cloud and the rest of the horses…where are they?! This left me hanging and, now, dreaming about it. Also, I may have missed it, but a list of organizations that help to protect Cloud and other wild horses at the end of the documentary would have been helpful…I will support if I know the best way!

  • J. Casper

    How very wonderful to see the ongoing saga of Cloud and his herd and others. How amazing of Ginger to continue this effort. How SAD to know he and his family, etc., are captured only to wonder their fate. PLEASE, PLEASE keep us informed. I was speechless just watching their daily existence unfold. J.

  • M.Stocker

    I am a horse owner and I love to watch your videos of the wild horses. I am always excited to look over the next hill or valley with you to see if Cloud is there.Now if Flint or stormy.I wish I could experience what you do.I will keep watching and maybe one day check out Montana myself.You do a wonderful job looking after these beautiful horses.Thank you.

  • Kylie j

    my name is kylie.i have also loved horses all my life and i now work at a farm for retired draft horses and i am only 15.but i love how this woman has captured the grace of the wild horses.i wish the farms would understand that where there was a boot pirt there was a hoof pint.dont kill the very animals that help built this very the horses.

  • patty

    I have been around horses my whole life. They mean the world to me and i don’t want them to ever be feared.I am the person that likes to talk to them because i feel that they understand me and that they wouldnt try to hurt me that they would try to help me if i ever needed it.I have a horse of my own.His name is smoke and he means the world to me.He got hurt last weekend and i spent the whole weekend out in the cold with him. That is how an owner should be like.I think you should be happy that you have a horse. not many people have them and they think that they have to do what is right. That would be TO CARE FOR HORSES NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. IM ONLY 14 AND I WILL SPEAK MY MIND!!!!!! SAVE THE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!

  • won_wizzle

    I have road a horse twice my 16 years of living and they are very interresting to me so patty your right babygirl people should care for them alot more!

  • marie lawton

    my grandma taped the first one on cloud, but now i cant find it, did she make anymore after the 3ed one

  • Anna

    When i was 15 i used to watch this show every day and i would tape it. Then i would go and ride my horse and pretend we were looking for wild horses. I owned a wild mustang for a while, it was one of the best horses i have ever had.

  • Gabe

    I am a horse owner and own two Arabian but i would like to own a mustang!

  • Heather

    Cloud’s legacy is cool I watch it over and over (much to my family’s annoyance) I wish I could understand my horse’s as well.

  • Shirley

    Oh,Patty,you are so right,we need to save our wild horses as they’re such magnificent beautiful animals that have done nothing wrong ever,all they’ve wanted was to left alone and roam free and thrieve and have lots of foals and raise their families as God so intended them to do forever and ever.The horses definitely do not need the BLM to manage them at all.All they are is mean and cruel and heartless to these wonderful horses.God made preditors and prey in all the animals,and between the weather during all the seasons and the mountain lions and all the preditors out there they pretty much regulate the sizes of the bands.they don’t need the BLM giving the mares shots of PZP so they won’t be bred and they don’t need neutering the stallions either.They just need to leave them alone and turn all those they have in holding pens and etc .and give them back the land they’ve taken away from them and let them live and roam free forever.we need to tell our President to quit paying the BLM with our taxpayers money and send the BLM down the road as we don’yt need them managing anything.

  • heather larson

    some ppl say that the mustang r just a breed of the horses but i now that they r the spirt of America they have the same spirt as the for fathers had before us so i say lets pretect them.

  • jackie

    Is cloud still alive?

  • Tabitha

    I currently was gave a wild horse by someone who was unable to deal with her she is a Palomino Mare I have named her Phoenix. She is a handful and once i found out her acting up was due to being wild on Caret island a area near my home town of Goldsboro NC where wild horses live. I was upset that she had been takein from her home and sold. I have sense became very protective of her. However she is currently on a farm where she is not geting the care she needs. Not due to me but due to the owner of the farm. He owns 14 others and thay stay in the same area with my horse. It is inposable to feed her with out other attacking her for her feed. The others live off Bread yes you heard me right BREAD like we eat, Hay, and what ever thay can find. Thay have never seen a vet, Near had there feet looked at and yet this guy saddles and rides them on assphalt. 7 of his horses died in June of 2010 due to a posion plant in the field from where he was not keeping it up like he should and what sis he do to the dead animals throw them in the near by land field and went on with his day. I feel bad for the horses there are three I have takeing two. One is mine, Another is a yearling named A.J. he has one blue eye and one brown eye and is a red and white paint colt. And the other is one that was born the end of May 2010 a Bay Fily. All stay in the same area with the others. The mares are breeded and haveing foals everytime I turn around. And this is where abused horses in my area go. How it this right. From on abuser to another. I love Phoenix with all my heart but she would have been better off in the wild then where she is now. Do thay not screen who gets horses that are what thay call “Saved” and found “Better” homes. I do not see anything BETTER about the home thay had found for her and as soon as the guy gives me the paper work I will be moveing her somewhere else I only wish I could take A.J and the fily with her.

  • poor horses!!!!!!

    sorry but can some one please tell me where i can find a movie called the silver brumby/the silver stallion

  • Jader Barbalho

    I have road a horse twice my 16 years of living and they are very interresting to me so patty your right babygirl people should care for them alot more!

  • Abbey

    Hello,i love Cloud.He’s sooo handsom.Im nine,and my
    family thinks that we need to save the wild horses.what
    can we do to help?please respond soon.

  • zea

    go onto a website and you can donate money to keep them in the wild. on a horse subject has eny of you guys herd of secrateriat, seabuiscut, or ruffian if youv herd of ruffian isnt it so sad but atleest they tried to save her. hi am zea and i have a horse barn in tennesee i own 2 racehorses and 5 out of the 12 that are bording in my barn i have 2 thouroughbreds 1 hanoverian 1 mustang 1buckskin also a little fat shetland pony

  • barncreature

    Too bad all the wild horses are going to be killed off by our government (BLM).

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone’s Sunday was great and I hope that they have a great week! I also hope that they have a Merry Christmas next Saturday!

  • Erika

    I don’t see why the BLM has to do all those things to the wild horses. They are beautiful animals and deserve to live free and not be punished by the government. they live and breathe like us and are amazing. one bet that if they went out to where the horses were, and just watch them for a few months, they would understand the beauty that they behold. its not right what they are doing and we should put a stop to it as soon as possible.

  • claude pardo

    why is internet video on past episodes ” restricted ” in my area??
    why can I not show my children a past 2-3 yr old episode of this wonderful show??
    do I have to pay somebody??

  • Monika Courtney

    Witnessing the aggressive round up of Cloud’s family changed my life forever. Not only did I learn the horrific plight of the mustangs, I learned the depth of corruption within an agency that was assigned to protect the wild horses and burros, yet uses the same old propaganda of “range deterioration” which are myths. Outdated science, misleading numbers of HMA’s, unnecessary and cruel helicopter stampedes… Read my story on this round up of Cloud’s herd :

    After Bob Abbey, Director BLM, announced at the Slaughter Summit in Las Vegas yesterday, that slaughter of mustangs is not an option, I wonder what other ideas Bob Abbey would promote to restore / protect America’s mustangs – maybe return the approx. 20 million acres, on which the wild horses and burros roamed at the time of passage of the 1971 Act, for which loss of range BLM has yet to provide adequate justification ? Or protect the natural resources on the range by reducing the livestock grazing permittees ? Or end scapegoating the mustangs and burros for hamburger and gasoline ? Or reintroduce natural predators to fulfill their age old ecological role ? Or establish equal water rights instead of letting ranchers and developers monopolize them ? Since Western ranges seem to sustain the millions of cattle who graze on it just fine, reducing the subsidized cattle leases would only make sense to maintain the thriving natural ecological balance for mustangs, as it was meant to be by the 1971 Act. Ecotourism focused on wild horses in their original federally protected habitat would not only boost the economy, but also not require the enormous subsidies as is currently the case in the public land’s livestock industry. Or is it to finally apply real science to conduct true and realistic range land health assessements instead of speculative conclusions such as Wallis resorts to ? Or is it to end the inhumane round ups (plenty of evidence footage available) and the broken range management system that favors ranchers and other commercial interests ? These mustangs are the people’s horses and they must remain wild and free. Stop auctioning off our public lands to foreign owned companies for cattle and fossil fuel drilling – spend our tax dollars on an “in-the-wild” management program, not removals. Assess our public lands independently and stop the propaganda.

  • Colleen Paine

    I watched this video last year and was so captivated, I have been around horses for a very long time, training showing and educating people on horses. I recomend this to anyone who wants a horse I cried I laughed and most of all I was inspired to encourage all to take note on how much we could learn from these magnificent animals. Great Work

  • mdison

    Is cloud still alive? Because he is such a beautiful horse and so is his herd.

  • Bailey

    Please keep up the Cloud shows. I love them I wish you would make it a serious and show one every night. Show his whole life. Out of all the nature shows Cloud’s are my favorite. I love to learn about the lives of the wild horses especially Cloud and his band.I also like the ones about lions and elephants.

  • Bailey

    I also love the zebra shows. Really i love them all…

  • Monica

    I just love Cloud’s legacy. The frst time I saw it I almost cried. It was such a heart warming story. If I ever do anything with horses, I know now what that is. For an eleven year old in a world surounded by kids who really need a thing that they call “entertainment”. Me on the other hand, I think that this is one of the best show that I have ever seen on nature.

  • Rita

    I am so loving this show about Cloud and his family! Never thought I would be glued to a program about horses, but I caught an episode a few months back, and found it to be heartwarming, touching, and totally captivating. Last night’s episode was no different, and now I cant wait to see what Cloud’s little grandson will be up to! Please keep airing this wonderful program.

  • Devin

    what happened to cloud? has he been adopted? is he still wild?
    i ride a mustang from twin peaks, he’s the most amazing horse i’ve ever met. I’m 17 and i hope someday i can be out there working with wild horses, defending them and helping them live on as the spirit of the american west

  • Jess

    I agree with you Monica, I’m only eleven but I want to be a naturalist and work to save animals like Cloud and his band. This is why I help out at a rescue yard called The Flicka Foundation, saving horses, ponies and donkeys going for slaughter. Why can’t people recognise humans are just another animal and animals feel the same pain as we do? How would they like to be forced out of their homes and stand in a truck for days on end, not knowing what was happening? People need to know that just because animals can’t talk as we can, that doesn’t make them any less important.

  • emmie

    Oh, Cloud is sooooo beautiful. He looks a bit like my mom’s horse and that pretty mare Velvet looks like my horse coinsidence there)! I too wish to someday visit the wild horses when I have moved to Canada. Peace horse lovers!

  • Rae Gut

    Can i use this feature with my nook color? If so, then how?

  • Lorriane Vanruiten

    Beautiful heart thank you for sharing the pattern.

  • cynthia

    Ginger, I love all 3 shows that you have filmed. Will you be making another one soon? I hope so. People need to see how Cloud and his family are doing in spite of these roundups. All of these horses need to be left on there home range and left to them selves. To roem free as God intended for them to. Please, you and Madeleine Pickens must continue your fight to save all wild horses and burros.

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  • Frank

    I wish Cloud is still alive and well. Too bad the government wont let that happen to these wild horses. The video was just awesome! Cloud’s legacy will live on!

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  • Coco

    I love cloud and so does my mom but we wish that we could watch him on tv

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  • Suzanne Hurst

    At a local art fair, I purchased a beautiful bromoil of Cloud from a Billings, Montana photographer. I love it! It has a prominent place on my “horse wall.” What a truly free spirit Cloud is!

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