Cracking the Koala Code
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Follow individual koalas from a small social group on an Australian island to learn just how a koala manages to survive and thrive on a diet poisonous to almost all other herbivorous mammals. From the miracle of marsupial birth to tender moments of discovery between mother and newborn joey, encounters with threatening forest creatures, battles between rival males and the complex chorus of bellows and grunts that have become so important to science — join leading scientists as they unravel just what a forest needs to support a healthy population of koalas by listening to these marsupials themselves and cracking the koala code. Buy the DVD. This episode premiered May 16, 2012. (Video limited to US & Territories).

  • Feisal

    These beasts are not cuddly at all…they are truly a nasty piece of work…

  • Barry

    Since koalas sleep 19 hours/day and need to feed the other 5 hours daily because of the poor nutrition content of their leaf diet, I am puzzled over how the traveling males can get enough calories to support the energy they spend traveling. Since they obviously are doing the traveling, what did I get wrong?

  • Klane

    Left a thank you to the editors of Cracking The Koala Code “Nature” episode on my blog today. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this program. Thank You for your masterpiece editing job!-

  • dan didonna

    i had no idea koala bears were such mean animals! cuddly? not

  • A. Bhattacharya

    Interesting program. Learned things about Koalas. 19 hours sleep, 5 hours daily eating & 4 days digestion does sound puzzling. Baby koalas eat mom’s turds; alpha male Koalas; Venereal Disease such as Chlamydia among them. Educational program.

  • Jam Jacob J.

    This video suprosed me. I never knew koalas were so mean!!!! I thought they were only sleepers, eaters, and nuturers. This is a true don’t judge a book by its cover moment!

  • Lisa Osborn

    I agree with all the previous comments, and that is why I voted this show my favorite of this Season 30. See my comment at that Nature page and vote your favorite show for this season, Season 30!

  • Line Théberge

    Good Afternoon,
    I am trying to view Jungle Eagle and it says that “the requested video is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience”. I would like to know why and what can I do to visit Nature. It’s the best program of it’s kind.
    Is it just available in the US?
    Thank you, Line

  • Ryan Baker

    Some amazing things here, showing both adaptability and the great difficulty associated with adaptation to the effects of human activity.

    To the commenters surprised by the conflicts between Koala’s over territory and mating, I believe it would be a stretch to call them “mean”. Remember the few conflicts shown occurred over a fairly long time span and the statistic given early in the program that 99% of all potential conflicts are resolved without physical aggression. I’m not sure humans do so well in comparison.

  • Sharon Oates

    I am a koala rescuer they are not mean at all. I wasn’t able to view the video but I can tell you that they are only aggressive when frightened.

  • Natalie

    koalas are not bears, nor should you refer to them as “koala bears”

  • Ernieb

    The screen picture for my episode I am watching ias about as large as a postage Card, How can I make a full screen picture

  • fultonk

    Hi Ernieb,
    Try clicking the small, square icon in the bottom right corner of the video player to watch in full screen.

  • T

    the video wont let me watch anything just a black screen

  • Dave

    “Cracking the Koala Code” is purely a masterpiece of marsupial research set within cinematograpy.
    My only advice is to enjoy this PBS film study and to accept koala life as it’s always been and always will be.
    I am fascinated by the individual koala personalities and their definitive behaviors. Just enjoy them.

  • Diane

    They are so cute especially the way they walk. I pray us humans do not destroy their world.

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