Dogs That Changed the World

NATURE’s two-part special Dogs That Changed the World tells the epic story of the wolf’s evolution, how “man’s best friend” changed human society and how we in turn have radically transformed dogs.

From the tiniest Chihuahua to the powerful and massive English Mastiff, modern domesticated dogs come in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes, with an equally diverse range of temperaments and behaviors. And yet, according to genetics, all dogs evolved from the savage and wild wolf — in a transformation that occurred just 15,000 years ago.

In Part One, “The Rise of the Dog,” you’ll learn about how the domestication of dogs might have taken place, including the theory of biologist Raymond Coppinger that it was the animals themselves — and human trash — that inspired the transformation. The genetic analysis of Peter Savolainen of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden has placed the origins of domesticated dogs — and those of the first dog — in East Asia. You’ll also discover 14 dog breeds that controversial genetic studies show are the most ancient — and the best living representatives of the ancestors to all living dogs.

Preview Part Two: Dogs by Design

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Over 400 breeds of dog are recognized around the world, each unique for its personality, habits, and form. Most of these breeds exploded onto the scene over the past 150 years, spurred by the Victorian-era passion for the “dog fancy” — the selective breeding of dogs to enhance particular characteristics. By tinkering with its genetics, humans made the dog the most varied animal species on the planet — and also created a host of hereditary health problems.

Despite the plethora of new shapes and sizes, dogs have retained the instincts bred into their ancestors by thousands of years of work: the urge to herd or hunt, to dig and to guard. In Part Two, “Dogs by Design,” you’ll discover how these hard-wired behaviors help different types of dogs, from hounds to herders, excel at different tasks (and why it can sometimes be so difficult to train them to do otherwise). You’ll also learn how dogs’ finely tuned senses are serving humans and saving lives. Buy the DVD. This film premiered April 2007.

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  • Student

    I think that the dogs here were very clever on how they changed the world. Us humans would have never made it through the world without them. I work at the humane society in illinois. I love dogs, cats, rats, mice, bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and pretty much all animals that walk the earth. So i wish i could contain a special and secret cabin for them so they would live healthy, and happy forever. :-)

    Student from a illinois middle school

  • Nicholeprom

    The dog is very UGLY

  • Natalie

    I find it amazing how this breed changed some people like the blind or can go to the hospital and make people happy and when you are sad they will be there for you I find it right that they have earned the name “Man’s best friend” beacuse thats what they are.We should think of not torchoring our dogs like we do at the rate we do now so do me a fav and make your dogs happy and that will give them a little smile on the inside.
    6 grader from SA

  • paul rice

    Remember dogs love you unconditionly as their name spelled backwards does.Thank him.

  • husky


  • Metis :)

    O my god !!!!!!!!!!! I adore dogssss….and I think they realy can cheange the world. I download DOgs That Changed the World but I don’t know where can i find subtitle. Does any-body know??? Please…

  • brandon pike

    dogs are not ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jeff

    Dogs are fantastic and very lovable, so much so that many humans obsessed with dogs would come to the rescue of a dog before they would come to the rescue of another human. Don’t lose site of the humanity, afterall, Its why we have such a relationship with these animals in the first place.

  • Maureen Koplow

    The show may be very informative, but I disagree with the phrase “all dogs evolved from the savage and wild wolf”. I thought we had progressed past the stereotype of the “big, bad wolf.” Sure, wolves are not tame and gentle with people, but they are extremely gentle with their pack and show all the finest character traits of modern dogs. They are loyal and nurturing, and have a complex social structure. The negative use of words like “savage” are the reason that some people believe they should be killed and exterminated. Scientific studies and anecdotal observation has shown that they are not savages. There is so much about wolves that is admirable from a human point of view, and they are magnificent animals who deserve our respect and protection.

  • dumel

    a have a alaskan malimute

  • kassi

    I my opinion anyone can deny the importance of dogs in our life,for different reasons:
    First of all,dog is like humain being a god creature.
    In this way they have the same right like us to survie.
    secondly,they are very useful for us when they are previously tamed.thus they can be our guide, our protector against murder, and also sense.
    for example,bind peoples use dogs to direct them.police men use also dog to investigate or looking for a drug among gang in USA neiberhood.
    in short dog are the complement of humain being.

  • Ella

    I luv dogs!!! I luv this picture!!!

  • Princess

    Awwwww!!!! This picture is so cute!!!!! I luv it!!!!!
    Dogs help encourage me!!!

  • april

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  • Elsa

    I honestly wish that some of you would proofread and edit your posts before submitting. The level of literacy evident throughout the responses to this fabulous and informative program is lamentable. Let’s try to educate ourselves enough to leave our opinion in a dignified and accurate manner.

  • English Teacher

    Hey Elsa,
    Why don’t you LAY OFF! Many of the comments written here are by CHILDREN. We should be thankful they are interested in educational programing. So why don’t you quit insulting a bunch of KIDS! They ARE trying to get an education, but, unfortunately, the educational system is one of the numerous problems in this country today. Until we’ve made great strides to remedy the deplorable state of our schools, please quit scolding children for their poor grammar and spelling and look for a more positive way that you can impact the situation.

  • Elsa

    Maybe ‘Englishteacher’ needs to do a bit more work? A bit more impact? As an ‘Englishteacher’ myself, I can tall you that I wouldn’t praise my kids for mediocre or subpar performance. I would take this as an an opportunity for learning and advancement. In fact, I guide them toward excellence. But, that’s actually beyond the point – you know as well as I do that people posting here are adults. Kids are on Facebook, not on PBS.

  • Elsa

    Yes, I realize I misspelled a couple of words:) Edit function would be nice – as English teachers, we know writing is a process, not a product, right:)

  • Keitha

    Thanks Elsa. Where did these people go to school? And did they pay attention? If they are children, turn off the TV and learn to spell better. If they are adults, take a night class. I think I saw one of the “children” was a 6th grader. I knew how to spell at that age. So, I’m in agreement with Elsa. Please proofread, or get an adult who does know how to spell, to help you. The program was great. I can’t wait for part 2.

  • Almeda

    Great program. I breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks occassionally and have discussed the make up of behaviour and personality many times with potential puppy owners. In those talks, the research with the black fox has been an example i hve used to explain genetic/breeding selection for temperment.
    Thank you for educating the public. All breeds have been created with certain charateristics “hard wired” into their behaviour pattern.
    So as a dog owner,
    Please do not expect your Border Collie to lie quietly at your feet!! Or your Jack Russel not to dig holes in the garden.
    It is their nature. Add a dog to the family with the
    understanding of the type of lifestyle each breed requires, and if it does not fit with your lifestyle,
    Do Not get a dog!

  • Patty M

    One of the biggest problems today with dog owners is they go out and obtain dogs that gain popularity by their presence in a movie or commercial. These dogs unfortunately end up in shelters because the owners didn’t do their homework and research the dogs intended use. It’s so important to know what the dog was bred to do before making the decision to own it. We’ve become a society that believes anything is disposable if it becomes a burden to our own lifestyle. PBS thanks for the excellent programs!!!!!

  • Mary A. Chalk

    I would like to order Part I and Part IIof Dogs that changed the world

  • katie m

    I love puppy wuppy dogs!!!

  • Whoa

    For those of you with the unnecessarily harsh comments, this world really isn’t in need of more critics…..we have enough. How about posting a comment that aims to help out a bit as oppose to a slamming others from different circumstances and with varying abilities? To imply that everyone should be proofreading their contributions is ridiculous! This is an informal blog. A number of kids do actually enjoy PBS and have posted comments. Get off your high horse and give us a break! While our educational system and values are worthy of attention, one benefits from being humble! Your tone is reminiscent of someone who gets kicks out of putting other people down……not what I expected at this site.

  • kristen r.

    i hate dogs =]

  • Deb Harrison

    Agree with the comments about the positivity in making potential dog owners aware of the black fox program – I have never, nor would I ever, own a dog whose genetic propensities would make them an unsuitable fit for my lifestyle.

    Looking forward to viewing the 2nd part in this series

  • Ann

    Just reading these posts…now I know why I communicte better with dogs..LOL!!! But a dog hater is a person in need of help whos Mama never loved’em. TRUST!

  • Jay Harrison

    Fantastic program, as always Nature engages, educates and entertains. As dog lover and owner most of my life I was mesmerized by the things that I didn’t know.
    Educational value:10
    Entertainment value:10
    Production value: 10 (the dobers in the field w/kids)

    What else can I say..Well Done,Bravo

  • lacaurra

    my commet is:I think this is a nice vedieo and I think this is a historacal ficshon and a noun fickshon vedieo and I hope you like my complment

  • Heather

    I just watched this. It’s very true,If dogs were never born in the world man kind would be lost forever. We need these dogs, If they were never created what would be sledding? What about people who can’t see? Everything! We need these dogs.
    And that Why there here. have you seen people from back? they thought dogs were why people lived. They have special powers. They have powers to help the world. We need dogs.
    Have you ever seen a dog hater? There are many, If you have they just have never been loved. They need a friend.

    Thanks Nature, you got brain!
    Animal Lover GO NATURE!

  • robert moser sr.

    i’ve ,love dogs since childhood,never been without at least 1 or 2;ithink it’s very interresting to learn of the history of them,and the reasons for their selective breeding processes,why we would breed combinations to suite certain needs,need being the mother of invention,how dare we fool with natuers plan vs. our fancies,yet look at the multitude & diversity of our acheivments .it truely is amazing!!look forward to more such viewing thank you;robert a. moser sr. fla.

  • Dr. Eyesenck

    Mrs. Koplow,
    i can understand your feelings about the use of the word savage, as you are completely correct about the consequences if that is the intent of the word to use it for the negative connotations carried with the word savage. However, please allow me to suggest something that I feel is more likely.

    You are interpreting that they are using savage with the definition of something unthinkingly violent and simply cruel. This is a valid interpretation and one extremely close to the one I am about to suggest. What I would like to put to your consideration is that they are not saying the wolf in general is a savage beast. Instead that perhaps it is that the wolf when it hunts can be savage. I have watched them hunt in the wild before. I was at a safe and respectful distance of course; and savage would definantly apply to the course of action they took.

    I do not produce the show, but I have had the privilege of viewing (multiple times) Nature’s “Valley of the Wolves” episode and do not believe they would ever intentionally mean to demean or slander wolves.

    Now, truth be told I have not had the oppurtunity to thoroughly look over this article. At first glance, and if it holds true to the quality Nature has brought thus far it will be very enjoyable. But as I have not gone through it thoroughly, I cannot know the entire context of the quote in question. All I am saying is please consider it in full context; and that they are not saying savagery defines the wolf entirely; merely, that it is a part of the wolf the same as every carnivore has a bit of savagery in it.

  • Anne Margaret Mayberry

    Ray Coppinger has one of the greatest understandings of canine development. Tamar Gellar has also studied the complex relationship of dog vs. wolf. Even my own bichon frise still remains a small bit of her wolf spirit. I enjoyed the program and look forward to the second half.

  • Juana

    Dogs are never ugly it all, they are smart. I adopted 3 of different kind from a shelter. And I would watching more , I want to know more because they all 3 have different skills and different knowledge, They are incredible unique in their ways.

  • Mike C

    The swedish doctor had an all-black dog… does anyone know what kind it was? chow, spitz?

  • OMAR M

    They ask you ( Muhammed S.A.W ) as to what is allowed to them. Say: The good things are allowed to you, and what you have taught the beasts and birds of prey, training them to hunt– you teach them of what Allah has taught you– so eat of that which they catch for you and mention the name of Allah over it; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is swift in reckoning.

  • OMAR M

    [5.4] (Qu’ran)

  • Johnnie

    this is a video that is important for viewers to see if they love animals!

  • Shannon

    i am trying to figure out the breed of the larger of the two cancer sbiffibg dogs. It lloked like a Rhodesian Ridgeback only much shorter. Does anyone know?

  • Dorin Robinson

    A most informative program re:Dogs – - As usual as a result of your excellent programming I learned a lot about dogs – - Now I understand more about why they behave the way they do – - also why some people should never own one
    How do I order the parts 1 & 2 on DVD – - somehow I missed the 800 number!

  • roger takeh

    I love dogs and i think we can study some amazing things about dis eath dat we live into if we can just place close attention to them.:)

  • 8th grader Joey

    I can see where all the different dogs come from. My top 4 favorite animals are these:wolf, dog, fox, & coyote. I was having difficulties watching part 1, cause it had no pause botton. If only I have a dog. Yes, i’m in school. Does anyone know anything else about dogs that weren’t in the video?

  • Elizabeth V.

    Loved this program! It is intelligent, honest, and eye opening. Being a dog owner all my life, I am empowered to continue sharing my life with them with respect and appreciation for all their unique talents and connections to mother Earth. I am purchasing this video to share with my third grade students in Watts, California so that they too can be aware of nature’s unique balance as a portal to unique discoveries our world has to offer.

  • Anne Margaret Mayberry

    I loved part 2 as much as part 1… I believe there could even be a part 3. What a wonderful and educational series. I enjoy seeing what makes my canines tick.

  • 8th grader Joey

    Only one problem, I might miss it. I think i’ll have to record it.

  • kk

    i think dogs are the best thing created in this world. they help us and ther our best friends.. jus so many words to describe how i feel about dogs they are my life my world my everything. my whole point in life is to help 14 now but im havin my goal of helping them all , rehabilitating them and that. i have 4 dogs now and i hope to never lose them.. dogs are the thing that makes many people happy. i watched both episodes and it made me smile cuz dogs are amazing creation.. jus idk wat to say ther everything and they sure did change my world my everything. all i want in life is dogs and there is no such thing as a bad dog. dogs are amazing creature they are so smart and helpful im happy to have them..and they deserve the best

  • David

    The possibility that instead of humans domesticating dogs, that dogs (or wolves) were domesticating us is fascinating.

    Perhaps a similar thesis should be explored with milk-giving animals like cattle, (water) buffalo, goats and even sheep. Giving milk is not an involuntary act, but an expression of love. Perhaps domestication happened because these animals had the capacity to love humans and see them as surrogate young in need of being fed was central to the process and no less (or more) planned out than on the human side. This may be difficult to see in the U.S. where cows are kept under factory-like, highly rationalized arrangements, but it becomes clearer with subsistence farmers that keep a “family cow” that is can be seen to be bound to the family by affection as well as practical considerations. Perhaps it was as profound an intellectual breakthrough for these animals to generalize the notion of creatures needing nurturance from their own species to humans as it was for humans to understand in a cultural sense that their fellow creatures could be useful in other capacities besides sources of meat.

  • Patrick

    Part I of this series was fascinating to both me and my labrador puppy. I watched the whole thing. She watched mostly whenever there was a dog noise coming from the T.V. Sorry we missed part II. I wonder if anyone has thought of breeding a dog from wolves which would be similar to the early dog breeds?

  • raghav

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  • brawn man

    i have a border colie red healer mix does that mean 2 dogs were put in danger

  • Sarah

    I love all dogs no matter what shape, size weather big or small, fat or skinny, I think they are all beautiful,Intelligent Creatures that walk this earth today.

  • kaykay

    goodmovies you have there

  • roseanne Dubois

    this show was great. It shaowed how they breeaded diffrent dogs together to get the on that they wanted. for example how if they wanted a small dog with long hair then they would breead a chiwawa with a shitzu and it would be a small dog with long hait. or the pitbull they would take a small stubby dog and bread it with ont that has a muscular body and it would come out to that. the one part that i dinit like about that was in the how dogs changed the world part 2, was how the small chinese dogs were sloughtered but the soldiers who destroyed the princesses home in the twain dinasty but at lest a few of these beautiful dogs were saved and now the breead is back to where it is suppost to in a protected aer where no body will beable to kill them. that is the ony part i dinit like. but the show was awsome. a big thumbs up.

  • Lestationwagon

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  • Donna Rogers

    I love all Dogs. I am dedicated though to the chinese crested breed. Dogs do not care if you didnt put makeup on, they love us unconditionally. I didnt get to see this show, but if dish network has the channel, hopefully I will be able to find it.

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  • Luke

    There are lots of theories about where dogs came from. I personally think that wolves somehow decreased in size and changed into different breeds.

  • Evolution or Creation? – Page 13 – BuckeyePlanet Ohio State Forums

    [...] from the wolf. Here’s an interesting episode of Nature that aired on PBS in 2007 on the subject: Dogs That Changed the World – Introduction – Dog Breeds | Nature [...]

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  • JJ

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  • PeterDragon

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  • MidnightSoul1992

    I am doing a course in england on animals, i love dogs – i own 2 bloodhounds and to be quite honest i do not know what i would do without them….they are so important to me and my family that i do not think anyone who hurts them can be stable. All animals keep the world going around….and we shouldnt forget….we are animals just like dogs. We all evolved from a speck of bacteria, which I beleive that god made happen, therefore we should place ourselves any higher up than the rest of the animal kingdom.

    I also think everyone should realise is that thisa page is not for slandering off others for their level of ability in literature. We are all equal.


  • Paul Nunley

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  • raven

    Dogs are ugly

  • Whats it to ya

    There are 2 things that I find wrong
    number one, DOGS ARE NOT UGLY!
    Number two, we did not “Evolve” From a spek of bacteria. we were created by the one true God. I am a Christian and we believe we were created by God.

  • Rya

    Near the begining of the first episode they show a set of 4 puppies and ask people to pick their favorite… does anyone know for sure what breed those puppies are? How cute can you get!!

  • josh

    the video is awsome the biggingis awsome

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    i loved the video adout the dogs it realy touched me but made you should have put more facts about muts and thins like that but other than that i loved looking and learning about so of the facts. @rriel

  • ashley

    theres way too many comments on this page. heres one more.

  • darling sapphire

    I feel so sorry for dogs, in that humans never have
    respected them enough to keep them as they were,but
    wanted to change them to their suitability. How ugly
    of the human. Most humans are not nice. The most
    beautiful dog in the world is the wolf, and he is not
    pulled around by his neck, or nuzzle locked, or
    chained or put in a cage for hours while humans at
    HORRIBLE HUMAN. Humans modified dogs to their want
    and with this came a number of terrible health
    problems, but do the humans care how the dog suffers -

  • lewis Walker

    my dog only has 1 leg but he is awsome

  • Scott

    I absolutely love dogs. Too bad my wife hates them. :-(

  • May

    I love dogs!!! I especially love herding breeds. I have worked in rescue of Aussies and breeds alike and am working toward a degree in psychology and MA in animal behaviour, so I can continue to work with dogs. I bought this video because it’s a great intro for anyone and everyone interested in dogs/dog behaviour/dog history!

  • Amber

    i love dogs too!!! =D at home i have a husky/wolf/dingo mix!!! and i love her to death

  • dog eat dog

    wow, i can’t believe people bashing at each other just because of some poor grammar, looking down at those people with bad grammar makes you feel greater doesn’t it? pathetic…

    and those who hate dogs, what makes you think they like you? so what if you hate dogs? you’re no different from these animals, or better yet dogs are way above you haters…

    i love dogs, my dogs love me just as much, poor people who haven’t had a great friend like dogs, i wonder if you have human friends at all…

  • 6th Grade Student- Moody Middle School

    Dogs are beautiful. So are all animals, no matter how they look on the outside. Who cares about what’s on the outside? People may say that you are ugly, but does it matter to you? Just for feelings, maybe. But you eventually get over it. As the same with dogs. They will always love you, for rich or for poor, for better or worse, in sickne….. WAIT! YOU’RE NOT GETTING MARRIED! My dog at home loves me and I love him. Why can’t everyone appreciate animals and all they do for us?

  • Manic

    The wolves are so cool! rock on :)

  • Keith

    Just watched the first show on “How Dogs Changed the World”. It was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been a dog lover all my life and felt I knew a lot about them. I’m looking forward to the second part. It took this show to educate and convice me I needed to learn more. At 60 now, my education still goes on. Thanks PBS……………we love you. Keep it up!

  • a

    That show was magical! I like dogs much more now. Thank you pbs for excellent shows.

  • Leslie Jenkins

    What? I can’t believe reading some bad reactions. Dogs are also God’s creation and they are man’s bestfriend. I always have fun with them. How come only a few loves them. :-( btw, I would like to introduce a site that helped me create a good content for a sites exposure. Here:

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and I hope that their Labor Day is going great! I

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and I hope that their Labor Day is going great! I love dogs!

  • Charlotte

    I love dogs and have had one or more most of my adult life. Now have a cute Pom/Chi mix from a shelter that is loving, fun, and a non-lethal watchdog(barks, but kisses). I have a beef about people (1) breeding dogs with genetic problems including those with too large heads (births require C-sections), extremely flattened faces(difficulty breathing), etc., and (2) tail and ear cropping to suit show standards (dewclaws are another matter as removing them after birth can prevent later injury). In general, dogs should be left in their natural state. Also, I think those poodle show cuts are just ridiculous- what’s wrong with a simple puppy/kennel cut? I think the AKC and other kennel clubs ought to completely revise their breed and show standards for the good of the dogs.

  • Frank

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  • Mike

    If the Russian experiments shows that breeding for tameness results in dogs in 10 years of selective breeding, why is that all domestic dogs have come from wolves and none have come from foxes?. If those wolves with smaller flight distance evolved into dogs, why didn’t those foxes with smaller distances also evolve into dogs as the Russian experiment suggests?

    Also, has anyone tried to repeat the Russian fox experiment, but use wolves instead to prove the theory that wolves with shorter flight distance (tamer wolves) evolved into dogs? Until this is done, it seems the conclusion that wolf evolution proceeded the same way as the fox experiment suggests is overly speculative.

  • FlufferFreeZone

    What is the name of the breed in the show that’s essentially a dog-fox hybrid? I missed the name and cannot find the details here on PBS or elsewhere on the web. I LOVED those little guys. The ones in the show were mostly black, and it was during the segment that also discussed how melatonin is linked to the tame disposition, etc. Anyone know what that dog-fox breed is called?

  • FlufferFreeZone

    Duh, I think I just found the info I was looking for — it’s the domesticated silver fox breeding program in Russia —

  • Sancisco

    Could someone tell me when part 2 will show? Is this a Sunday night thing?

    Thank you,


  • Barbara Monteith

    It takes lots of faith to believe that wolves, on their own, decided to breed out agressive traits, to get to dogs. What’s wrong with an intelligent designer deciding Man needed a helper? Barbara Monteith

  • Linda

    Some good books that I have found on wolves and dogs include: The Wolf by Francesco Cesoni and Giovani Fassoli; The Encylopedia of the Dog – The Definitive Visual Guide by Dr. Bruce Fogle; and The Original Dog Bible – The Definitive Source For All things Dog edited by Kristin Mehus Roe (BowTie Press). Each has some explanation of the evolution of wolves. I like the Encyclopedia of the Dog best for this purpose, plus, for those of you wanting to know what a certain breed was that you saw in the program this book and The Dog Bible are great sources. For those wolf lovers, The Wolf has beautiful pictures and good information, including the efforts regarding the preservation of wolves. Can you tell I’m a wolf and dog lover?

  • Victoria

    “Sancisco” part 2 will air 9/19/2010. Time, 7:00 or 8:00, depending on where you live. In the preview they talk about certain breeds being in danger (probably from inbreeding to get the desired look) and they show a Pekingese. That makes me sad because I got a Peke who was rescued from a puppy mill and I adore her. I was always more of a cat person but from now on I’m a toy dog breed all the way. Would love a large dog but in a one bedroom apartment that would be cruel. Anyway, I can’t wait to get home each day to my sweet Peke. She makes me feel so good when that tail wags and she “talks” (not barking) to me. She isn’t the lap dog I hoped for, I guess she still has trust issues from being in the puppy mill for about 6 years, but I still love her like crazy. Puppy mill owners should rot in jail forever!
    Dogs rule!

  • Zaposlitev

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  • Javier Vansyckle

    Jake the guinea pig was apparently under the impression that I’d abandoned him forever. He is clinging and crying.

  • Laurie Evora

    Michael is a sleepy guinea pig.

  • Amy

    disregard loving dogs or not, the evolution of dogs have changed the human lives. This episode should be included in science course for all grade levels!

  • Nathan

    Wow, either things must really be slow at Nature or it’s an awful sign of how degraded our natural world has truly become if they’re doing TWO shows in a row about DOGS for Gosh Sakes! If I want to see dogs, I can just take a stroll around the block. Your series is supposed to be about WILD animals and/or WILD places, Nature! And keep humans to a minimum if you can too.

    P.S. I totally love dogs folks. Its just that this is the equivalent of watching an episode about flies or sparrows or chickens. Deadly dull.

  • Taya

    As a professional dog trainer and behaviorists, I thought this was a great program. I wish they would have spent a little time on puppy mills. I would love to see more shows on this dispicable practice since this is still such a huge problem in the U.S and Canada.
    Anyway, getting back on the topic, I have been a student of the dog for many years and was surprised to learn some things I have not heard of before. Interesting program. A little suprised by some of the negative comments such as “dogs are ugly” and “I hate dogs”. If this is the case then why did you watch the show?

    Don’t shop, ADOPT!

  • Vince F

    Your show about how dogs changed the world was Just Great!!! I’m a lover, and am always amazed at what they do for us, and the fabulous creatures they are. I met someone who has seizures from a horse riding accident, and they told me the Shilo Shepherd they got started alerting her on It’s Own when a seizure was coming so she can take her meds ahead of time. They Are, Man’s Best Friend..

  • James Simon
  • Matt

    Offered great insight into the dog’s history. I always watch Nature. It’s been one of my favorite shows for years.

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  • rob mackey

    Pit bulls are a fighting dog and are pecieved as such in the public eye. They are known to be vicious and most that purchase them dont realise there personality or temperament is this.. They are tough cookies. ^ As said above its all in the way that they are raised by the owners. Treated with respect and love the dog will show the same back but treated in the way that is bad or poorly does not bode well for the dog. Vicious dog symdrome.

    Pet the dog love the dog, but do not abuse and provoke the dog because ive seen on take its owners fingers off because he goaded the dog constantly. Admitedely his own fault and he has changed his ways.. Its certainly the fact that these dogs are animals and are such unpredicatable.

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    Fascinating stuff, thanks for sharing.

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    On the other hand, I am rather astonished by the low level of literacy of all too many of those commenting here. This is not to mention the rank commercialism of those seeking free advertising. How about you business folks give a little donation to PBS?!

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    Delta Dog is a wonderful animal. Trained as a puppy to predict seizures from juvenile diabetes in its owner, it is a true miracle.

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    This was a very informative and entertaining show. I thought that the history of the Pekingese was especially interesting. Another spectacular job, Nature!

  • Marilyn Pilarski

    During the show, the narrator was speaking about dogs being “hard-wired” in specific ways, and owners should realize they can’t change the dog’s ways. He mentioned going to and finding out how each breed is hard-wired. I am most interested, but cannot find the place at Can you help?

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