Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears
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Web Sites

Drakensberg Tourism Association
The Drakensberg Tourism Association promotes tourism in the Central and Northern Drakensberg region of South Africa.

“Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears” – SouthAfrica.info
This site provides an overview of the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Drakensberg Mountains.

“uKhalamba / Drakensberg Park” – UNESCO World Heritage Centre
The uKhalamba Drakensberg Park was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2000, both for its exceptional natural beauty and remarkable collection of San rock art.

Books and Print

Bristow, David. Best Walks of the Drakensberg. Struik, 2003.

Hilliard, Olive Mary and Linda S. Davis. Grasses, Sedges, Restiads & Rushes of the Natal Drakensberg. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press, 1987.

Lewis-Williams, J. David. Images of Mystery: Rock Art of the Drakensberg. Double Storey, 2003.

Liebenberg, Doyle P. The Drakensberg of Natal. Cape Town: Cape and Transvaal, 1972.

Opperman, H. The Later Stone Age of the Drakensberg Range and Its Foothills. B.A.R., 1987.

Vinnicombe, Patricia. People of the Eland: Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg Bushmen as a Reflection of Their Life and Thought. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press, 1976.

Willcox, A. R. Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg, Natal and Griqualand East. M. Parrish, 1956.

  • Michael

    I loved Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears. Does anyone know how to get the music from the show?

  • melane hotz

    I missed the program!. is it to be repeated ever, or is a DVD or video available for sale?

  • Virginia

    Same questions as #1 and #2. The music added greatly to enjoyment of the show. Availability?

  • Andrea Lawrence-Stuart

    After the program Barrier of Spears they gave a phone number where I could order this. If it is not available they shouldn’t say it is.

  • hal

    My family enjoyed the show very much. I too would like to find the music if it is available.

  • hal

    The website http://www.isingizi.net has music from the artists, dont know if its the same tracks from the tv show.

  • hal

    if that link doesnt work, try keyword search ‘isingizi’

  • Kurt Adametz

    Thank you for your interest in the Drakensberg-music!
    I produced the soundtrack in cooperation with the famous artists “Insingizi”. Working together was an outstanding, great challenge and finally a big success. The soundtrack is soon available at iTunes-store, please serach for “Kurt Adametz”.
    If you have any questions or need help check out http://www.soundtracks.at or http://www.adametz.info – you are welcome!

  • Davis

    What species of ants and aphids were those?

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