In the Valley of the Wolves

In 1995, the first gray wolves were transported from Alberta, Canada to Yellowstone National Park, to repopulate the sprawling landscape with the species, absent for more than 70 years. The following year, a second wave of wolves was brought to the park from British Columbia, Canada; five of them were released together, and they were named the Druid Peak pack. Since the arrival of those first immigrants, wolves have thrived in Yellowstone — and none more dramatically than the Druids.

The epic history of the Druids, one of more than a dozen packs now occupying the 2.2 million acres of Yellowstone, is documented in NATURE’s In the Valley of the Wolves, was produced and shot in High Definition by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Bob Landis.

On the Web site for In the Valley of the Wolves, you’ll learn how the successful reintroduction of Yellowstone’s apex predator has changed the entire ecosystem of the park, and about the threats that these majestic animals continue to face on their road to recovery.

Watch an online-exclusive video. In this video, Emmy Award-winning wildlife cinematographer Bob Landis discusses the making of the film, including the ideal circumstances for filming a predation scene; the importance of spending a vast amount of time in the field; the uniqueness of Yellowstone’s Druid wolf pack, and more.

To order a copy of In the Valley of the Wolves, visit the NATURE Shop.

Online content for In the Valley of the Wolves was originally posted November 2007.

  • Mark

    This was simply outstanding. Thank you nature for this program.

  • Rachel

    Come on Nature, put this full episode online next! This is the one I want to see!

  • Alan

    Beautifully filmed and a fantastic story of these beautiful animals. Programming like this should be watched by every american.

  • bob

    hi i’m bob. I love wolves. i would love to see the full episode. could u please play it on TV again soon? Thanks!

  • Robyn Monaco

    How can I purchase this episode?

  • Zoe

    I would love to either see this on PBS soon, or have it in my D.V.D. collection. Where and when will I be able to purchase this episode?

  • NATURE Online

    To purchase this and other NATURE DVDs, click the “shop” link near the top of the site.

  • Clare

    I have been a Nature fan for a long time and this is a superb example of TV at its best.

  • Katrina

    This video needs to be one of the online videos to watch.

  • connor

    that looks awsome thas the one that i want to see

  • Connor

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  • Jack

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    Oh and Sunny, Siberian Huskies don’t have wolf blood in them, they are pure dogs, just like any other breed or dogs, except they look similar to a wolf ;)

  • Dalilah

    Wow this nature show is the best ever!
    I really hope nature plays it on T.V. again!

  • connor

    i love nature when are you gonna
    make another one if you do it has to
    be the best one ever!

  • connor

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  • connor

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  • marion lee

    the killing of the fox was terrible- and you showed his terrible pain- the pain he suffered- i was traumatized very traumatized- any my children were traumatized- please don’t show that stuff- the rest was ok

  • R.k.Sharpe

    I don’t think it was a fox that was killed by the wolves but a coyote.Most the times they are not welcomed to the kill.It’s the chance they take when hunger is overpowering.They take the risk.That seen,I think.that my children would not fully understood the whole picture of things.I loved the episode.

  • jim

    the killing of the coyote was part of nature. I think it is good to see real natural events on tv like this. Try explaining it to your kids instead of shielding it from them.

  • jim

    When will this episode be shown again? I travel to Lamar every summer to see the wolves and have seen them kill elk and it is the most wonderful experience-to see raw nature-predation in the wild. Never are you more at touch with nature.

  • R.k.Sharpe

    You are right,Jim.Children need to see the whole experience.It happens in the oceans,on land,and in the sky.Thank you.

  • trevor boutilier

    i believe if our young we’re shown what wild animals and nature are really like there would be alot more respect instilled in them. however why stop there,if children were showns the dangers of all things such as drugs,speed driving,and fire instead of hidden from the truth we may actually create a world of respect.

  • michelle

    hi Nature. I’m 16 years old and I just have to say that this was amazing. Such a fantastic piece of film and documentary. I would love to see this full episode online soon. I’ve seen the clips and missed the tv showing. So let’s go! ^_^

  • david

    The only good wolf is a dead one.

  • Pete

    It’s one of the best episodes that Nature has ever produced. It is nice to see these Canadians are doing well in Yellowstone. A PBS viewer from the north of the 49th parallel.

  • Gail

    We visit the Lamar in Yelowstone every year. This was an outstanding film! I am amazed at the footage! Is this going to be shown again on PBS and when?

  • Jake

    I just rented this on DVD from my library. What a great show. From just a cinematography standpoint this film was amazing. It looks amazing on and HD set. Great story as I have always been fond of wolves. There were parts I didn’t like such as when the wolves killed the coyote and when the pups were left in the den being blocked by the other wolves so no food could be brought in. But I guess that’s just life so it shouldn’t feel so sad. Anyway, overall great work done on this film.

  • Shane

    I got this for a presant it is my favorite nature show! it had great fotage. i think they should make a folow up on it. I would love to see more wolves at Yellow stone!

  • lakeiya owens

    i love wolfs

  • peter

    reely great!

  • austin

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  • kadee gullickson

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  • Asier Eskibel

    I from Basque country in the north of Spain.I go every years to Yellowstone,I like and love very much the wolfs and the Yellowstone wildlife.

  • James Brancheau

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  • sarah

    I love the Valley Of The Wolves Nature show!! thank you sooooo much for filming it!!!!!!!! i love wolves, and i really LOVE the druid wolf pack! <3

  • Joey Charles

    In The Valley Of The Wolves is a stunning cinematic beautifully shot work that really shows the world of wolves and coyotes and many other awesome animals in the wild….

  • Jeniece

    This show made me cry, laugh, and tugged at my heart strings. Even more than this it gave a unique insight into life of wolves at Yellowstone. I learned a lot not just about wolves, but also the creatures around them.

  • ROCK

    I got my 1st HI-Def TV in December. This one show made the whole investment worth it. In addition to the breathtaking photography, the content was excellent and informative. Thanks a lot PBS!

  • jeff

    i felt sorry for the coyotes lol

  • Shirley

    Hats off to cinematographer Bob Landis for his capturing the beauty of Yellowstone, and the fabulous footage of the wolves’ lives.

  • Katie

    We watched this program last night. We missed the beginning and the very end, but found what we did see really fascinating. We visited Yellowstone in 2004 and did not get to see any wolves, but we are really anxious to go back and have another chance at spotting a pack – hopefully the Druids! Thanks for the great program.

  • ramone

    i hated when the wolves surrounded and killed the male coyote. it was very cruel and unnecessary.
    i have been shown a different side to wolves, and it was used to remind me about how we humans are becoming.

    may God bless you all and keep you safe!

  • Aaron

    Its the way nature works, the way nature runs is in fact necessary. We have to stop looking at wolves through the “holy” or “evil” theory, instead, take it for what it is, a magnificent keystone predator. Wolves are very territorial, and the coyote took a risk at taking what was the wolf’s property. Animals eat animals, its inevitable. That doesn’t make the wolf a bad animal in any way. You can either hate nature or except it. I spend a lot of time researching wolves, and the issue surrounding them is very controversial. I found this film an extraordinary piece of footage, its amazing how much detail there is in this film. A direct view into the lives of wolves, and the most intensively studied wolf pack in North America, the Druids. Its one of Natures best, we need more like this!

  • rks

    Coyotes are not welcomed to a kill when wolves are present.The fox didn’t stay knowing it wouldn’t be a good time to catch something to eat.Hunger and being in winter makes them take chances.

  • Jim D. Kelley JR.

    To commenter #30 who said

    “The only good wolf is a dead one.”

    You are truly a sad human being…

  • Kerry

    Best Nature program I’ve ever seen. Amazing and extraordinary glimpse into the lives of these magnificent predators. Thank You to Nature & PBS

  • Trevor

    My kids and I totally enjoyed watching this.
    Thank you! They totally understood the role of the ‘mother’. FINALLY!

  • Linda Bonner

    Exceptional documentary! My family held captive to the TV for the hour and wanted more!I pray that people speak up for the wolves and wildlife in general because as humans we have a lot to answer for when we meet our maker!

  • Nancy Rynes

    What a spectacular film! Mr. Landis – you and the crew produced an amazing piece that is more than just a documentary – it is truly art. From this wildlife painter to you and your crew – thank you for this gorgeous, artful portrayal of my favorite place (and animal) on earth.

  • Phil York

    Wolf combat is so intense…
    Nature, Thanks for bringing the action of the Wild to my TV!

  • Aaron

    Research from Denali National Park finds that in a wolf fight between packs, death will usually be caused by puncture through the skull, and most times the alphas are the ones to die. They lead the charge.

  • Denise

    In the Valley of the Wolves was riveting. My husband, who usually is bored by documentaries watched with interest. Of course it was hard to watch the killing of the coyote, but that’s nature. All creatures experience pain and death. It’s inevitable for all of us. I really didn’t know much about wolf packs before watching this. In fact I admit I am rather fearful of them because of all the myths you hear about them. It was so awesome to see them in their natural environment. The wolf is an incredible animal. It’s made me want to learn more. Excellent work, Nature!

  • Stephenie

    Thank you so much for this outstanding documentary. It was absolutely riveting, and captivating from beginning to end. Laughed, tears, and fear. It was a thrill ride.

  • JODI

    I LOVED the Druid wolves. I was so pleased they were able to rebuild with Casanova and his brother. I would love to see more information on wolves of the world being broadcated. This documentary was wonderfully done.

  • Steven

    In response to commenter # 30 – The wolf has never killed a human being in all of recorded history. The wolf is truly one of natures most efficient, socially superior and enduring animal in all of the animal kingdom. Thank you Nature for your totally entertaining documentary. Keep up the good work!!

  • Shree_from Singapore

    This has been the most exquisite documentary on wolves i have ever seen.The team who worked on this film has truely captured the beauty of these wolves .Wolfs are magnificent creatures and their extremes and weaknesses have been portrayed with so much care and respect in this documentary. It not only showed the relationships between wolfs and packs it gave so much insight to learning about ourselves,as humans. I wish the best for nature Channel and the experts involved in projects like this. keep up with educating more and more mass towards respecting and protecting our earth and our co-inhabitants.And the best way to do that is in a way we as humans, can relate.And most likely that might have been a key factor for this phenomenal success to the valley of the wolves.I urge Nature to bring forth more quality programs like this in the future.Fantastic job Valleyofthewolves Pack!!

  • david ball

    i like Nature in the Valley of the Wolves becuse the Wolves say in side the park bounders if they left the park they will be shot by hunners agin i like wolves 6;00 am i saw the Roose Creek pack Drudies peack Fight and one Die doing the Fight

  • Kendall Eisert

    Absolutely beautiful. As a member of Defenders of Wildlife I am always glad to see programs so uplifting like this particular one. But it is a shame that President Bush lifted the protection on the wolfs in this area as well as Idaho and other. Sarah Palin in another one that needs to be taken out of office due to her inhumane treatment of the helpless innocent wolfs………….

    Again I just wanted to say that this is truly a beautiful program and I would love to see more like this in the future. Keep doing a fantastic job on Nature.

    Many Thanks

  • Jillian

    I myself love wolves,they are the most beautiful
    creatures in the world!!!I also think that it is very important that we as humans protect the animals in need of protection.We need to make sure that us humans do are part to clean,our Earth so animals like the gray wolf don’t become extint.Nature is doing a great gob of teaching people about animals and how to protect them to make sure no more kinds of animals die because of us.My brother and me watch Nature every time it comes on.I love to learn about adifferent animal every time.
    Love the vidos keep up the great gob!!!!

  • Michael

    My son and I met Mr. Landis in the winter of 2008 when we took a Pete Bengeyfield photo course offered through The Yellowstone Association. Little did we know when we set out on our trip that we would have the opportunity to meet the guy who created this amazing film. We were privileged to be invited to his home with a group of people to preview some of his then current work. Thank you, Bob, for an incredible film and the opportunity to meet and visit with you.

  • Rafe W, Thomas

    I missed “wolves” due to schedule change in my area, any way you could reshow? thanks.

    #2 why do you tend to have the same shows rerun? any way you could run some older shows,back when George was producer? He was the master.!

  • Luke

    Excellent Program

  • tabitha

    response to #30 how could anyone say the only good wolf is a dead one that’s not right wolfs are beautiful and graceful animals!!!!!!

  • Cahill

    Beutiful graceful cold blooded killer

  • Jake

    The wolves are the most beutiful animals in the world that they should not be shot at or killed because wolves can be mystirous to people thats the way i see it.

  • MrDude

    Was the part where the guanacos live
    Torres del Paine in Chile?

  • Fu-Rubin

    You will be as saddened as I was by an obituary written about Wolf 527, one of Yellowstone National Park’s beloved wolves. After we watch PBS “In the Valley of the Wolves” We spend time at Yellow Stone Park this summer. It was a really sad news today to learn Wolf 527 death. So many people work so hard to bring the circle of life back to the park. PLEASE help save the wolves!

  • KR

    I just saw this episode last night, it was incredible, I was glued to the tv. I love Nature!

  • WolfSaver

    I Loved the episode In the valley of the wolves. It was the best. It has inspired me to be a wildlife biologist and I want to study wolves as my first study. My goal is to try and stop the arial slaughter of Alaska’s wolves. I thought it was awesome when the coyote was carrying the peace of meat and the eagle swoops down and grabs the peace of meat right out of its mouth. I think that was the best part. I loved the ending when the druids got the valley back after the other wolves took that away from them. You got to love nature.

  • Mike


  • Shayla

    LOVED this show. I usually HATE documentaries but this was amazing. You should try to make a series out of this, I for one would watch it daily. =)


  • Norma

    Is Jim Dutcher to be mentioned?. He was one of the first to bring wolves back to Yellowstone. There is a documentary of his work in Yellowstone and how he had to work with ranchers and state government to get permission and educate them to co-exist. I used this film with my Gifted Talented students in an ecology unit I designed in the early 90’s.

  • megan

    this is like a scarry movie but it makes me want to get a wolf and a coyote.and by the way im seven.their beutiful.their names sound visius but their not.the only reason they attack is cause other animals come on their territory or their hungry.

  • Erydiam

    Obviously, What a beautiful documentary, let me thank to PBS for keeping alive the legend of Druids, even though people with prejudices think is a threat, these animals have kept the natural cycle of wilderness, besides wolves have been facing the worst conditions as winter, but now ignorant people are harming the nature’s balance. Druids…under the wintermoon…forever.

  • Erydiam

    Thanks for keeping the legend of Druids alive, wolves just keep the balance over the wilderness facing the worst conditions even the human presence, we have to respect their boundaries, wolves as animals just are keeping the natural cicle of natural life…

  • Kay

    All domestic dogs are descended from the wolf.
    One of our human ancestors carried a wolf pup back to his cave. That single act changed human history forever. That first domesticated wolf became a loyal sentinal, protector and hunting partner. His human master gained an enormous advantage in the struggle for survival.

  • G-Man

    Seeing this documentary is like looking at ourselves unfettered. 302, what a suprise. Our close knit social groups behave the same way.

  • Christopher

    I have to agree. This was AWESOME! Casanova finally redeemed the family that mocked him. Wow, great show. Better than the Discovery action. KUDOS!!!

  • Catherine

    What a magnificent show! I am so glad PBS ran it again – I have the dvd and still watched it – everything about this episode was amazing – Wolved area such a vital part of Yellowstone Park – and of the wild – the footage shown was some of the best wildlife filmaking I have ever watched. The narration was again top notch – he is quite a story teller – and with teh background supplied, I was able to do research on the Druids going back to the 1995 Wolf reintroduction – bought that dvd, too! I love wolves – what a beautiful animal – long may they roam what is left of the wild.

  • Jessica

    Just amazing.I love Wolves

  • Reality

    One of the greatest threats to this non-endangered non-threatened animal is the disnification of people with unrealistic view of the wolf. There is growing resentment towards this animal every time it kills someone’s dog , eats their lively hood, or ravages a game herd! People need to understand its limitation and their effects on the habitat. Their was a reason that our grand parents and great grand parent had a bounty on them……and it’s not because they were naive like some of the readers on this blog! There is going to be tons and tons of money spent in litigation for this animal in the next decade…… If only it could be spent on improving and protecting habitat…..and not forcing the animal into marginal habitat where it creates animosity.

  • Morgan

    Some people jest don’t understand wolves. They hunt them because they think that they are evil. We must stand up for wolves!

  • Evan

    Morgan you spelt just wrong.

  • Belle

    @Reality, just because some rancher puts a bunch of cows on their land, does not mean they have the right to kill every other species in the area to protect them. How pig-headed your family has been in their thinking for a hundred years…

    If you don’t want your livestock eaten by wolves, either put up a protective fence all round, or accept that you will have losses, like most other businesses in this world. Or maybe go into another kind of business?

    Stop whining, and stop killing wolves. They are here for a reason…

  • Leslie

    I’m watching the show right now on public TV. I have loved wolves through the years…..followed the Dutchers’ Sawtooth pack as well….shed tears……..I had to turn the channel when I saw that the pack that had taken over the Druids were going to kill the male coyote. I also had to turn the channel during the battle of the wolf packs, as I didn’t want to see any fight to the death and hear the squeals…… I turned the channel back, hoping the coyote incident was over, and saw the female looking back for her life-long mate that would not be coming, and yipping and howling such a mournful sound, while the pack was around her dead mate. It was SO sad, her having to go off by herself. Why did that have to happen? I know it’s nature, but I can’t take that stuff. I just wanted to comment, and I’ll go back to watching……From what other comments have said, it sounds as if there will be a happy ending. I just get too emotional about the sad parts.

  • kj

    Outstanding show!!! Way to go PBS – keepem comin!!!!

  • sean haacke

    i really like this program i wana be a zoologest when im older and this really makes me feel good and learn more maybe its just me but i love wolfs

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  • Celena Mosteller

    What a fantastic idea! And a great use for the carrots that are little past their best by date!

  • Ron

    It is wonderful to see Bob still doing this. I loved it when he would show us his photos and films in class back in the 1980s. Of course I didn’t learn one bit about calculus and failed the class, but I learned to love nature photography.

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  • Larry Barfert

    Pretty twisted they let these killers back in the wild! Doesn’t seem very Christian to me to let what has proven to be a dangerous species run free. Hopefully people will come to their senses soon.

  • caitlin

    i need wolfs to survive and why you ask because i like wolfs and i need to know about them so i can write about because i love wolfs they are my favrite

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