In the Valley of the Wolves
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The Druids are the most celebrated wolf pack in North America. For almost a decade, they have held the Lamar Valley in northern Yellowstone. The valley is prime winter grazing for thousands of elk and thus the most coveted wolf country in all the Park. Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Bob Landis has chronicled the adventures of the Druids since their very beginnings and in this, his third film on the wolves, the Druids find themselves in trouble for the very first time. After reaching the astonishing number of 37 members, the largest wolf-pack on record, the Druids begin to decline. Their leaders are failing with age and new packs are crossing their borders looking to claim the valley. This is the three year story of the fall and rise of the most famous wolves in America, their battles against rival wolves to hold on to their beautiful range, the dramatic twists in fortune that banish them from their valley, and the perseverance and devotion that bring them home at last. Buy the DVD. This film premiered November 2007.

  • Cindy

    What a Wonderful show. Brought tears to my eyes just knowing what is happening now since 2007. I pray for these Beautiful animals to succeed in their survival among humans and the environment.

  • Barbara West

    Best nature show I have ever viewed. Amazing photography. A great demonstration of the interdependency of all species in the wild, and a graphic example why man should not upset the balance of nature.

  • Bob Taylor

    Wonderful show. Photography is excellent. We watched and found it both entertaining and educational. Been to Yellowstone twice but never in winter.

  • Carolee

    What a beautiful program!
    As always with Nature, you’ve combined spectacular photography with wonderful music and narration to tell a story that is much more than just a compilation of pretty pictures. This program was not only extremely well researched, educational and entertaining, but moving as well.
    There’s a great life lesson in the story of a wolf who is an outsider, rejected by the elders of a pack, who ends up helping to save that same pack through his tenacity and eventual acceptance.
    Way to go, Casanova!
    Way to go, PBS!

  • Shane DeRizzo

    Incredible show , thank you, im on my third view in two days. i’ve been to Yellowstone once, and it was summer, im now planning a winter trip.Ihave been living in Alaska for Twenty years and love its beauty, but Yellowstone surpasses it in it’s uniqueness, thanks PBS!!!!!

  • Sean Brandt

    This show was an amazing combination of storytelling and photography. Nature in HD is a great way for an urban-dweller such as myself to feel connected to the natural world. It’s programming like this that make me proud to be a supporter of public television.

  • Ron Cisar

    An excellent program about the importance of keeping the intricate ecological balance intact. The wolf is indeed a keystone species critical to a healthy Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In 2002, I spent time in the Lamar Valley with friend and colleague Dr. James Halfpenny. Along with my wife and son, we made plaster casts of various wolf tracks along the Lamar River. Upon taking a number of quantitative measurements of the tracks, Dr. Halfpenny proceeded to plot the data on a graph. One of our tracks had been made by Alpha Male #21. Without saying, this wolf became a very special wolf to our family representing all that was good about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone. As a college biology and environmental science instructor, I value and support the existence of Canis lupus and its ecological niche to the Rocky Mountain West. As long as there is compensation for any wolf-killed livestock to the ranchers of the region, I feel that the wolf will continue to play a monumental predatory role as the last great piece of the biological puzzle in the Yellowstone web of life. I commend PBS on its excellent nature programs and continue to use a variety of Nature and Nova programs to enhance the ecological curriculum for my college students.

  • Ray Rivera

    Great program. The cinematography was professional and the choice of shots and narration was superb. I hope to see much more of the team behind this program.

  • sal vargas

    i saw it yesterdayon tv. it it amazing but i tried to buy it i couldn’t but thanx for share al this beatyful thing with al the people in thisthat watch pbs.

  • Fred

    execellent photography. You ought to do a show to show how they filmed the show. I bet the photographer had to put up with a lot of adverse weather.

  • Linda Burns

    I have the great privilege of living near Yellowstone and knowing Bob Landis. This program is pure true depiction of Yellowstone and the wolves. The cast of characters that play within the whole of YNP make each day a treasure to watch. The pasion and devotion of Landis to tell the real story is very evident. I bet to say that all the footage was captured by Landis, there is no “they”. Thanks to PBS for showing this great program to the nation.

  • Aaron

    Indeed an awesome film Mr. Landis, educational and artful. This one is top on my list.

  • kozzm0

    I wish they would have explained just how the Delta pack lost most of its numbers after having more than 30 wolves. If they were vulnerable, maybe they should have allowed 302 to join. I guess 21 could tell that 302 was leader material and would have ended up displacing him.

  • Heather Jones

    What a masterpiece! It appears that those who participated in this filming captured the soul and essence of my brother, the Wolf. I am Wolf Clan and Eagle Clan and raised full blood Wolves for about 35 years. I had the honor of their companionship as well as their magnificent spirit and being. This documentary, for me, is a tribute to these beings that I wish I had done years ago. I envy those film makers that participated in it!! The photography was unbelievable and I want to thank you.

  • Jill Olson

    Thank you for sharing this marvelous program. I have long loved and admired wolves and watched this sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to see what happened next and wanting it never to end.

  • Mar

    Awesome program. It lets us live with a Yellowstone wolfpack – and a few other animals – for a year and go through all their ups and downs, and all their interactions with each other and how they survive in a tough environment. Kudos to the film crew for all the work.

  • Sarah B.

    I loved it. Watched it 2 times in the past 2 days. I love wolves. they’re my favorite animal. This program has touched my heart, and boosted my love for these amazing creatures. The filming is stunning. A while ago, I saw a documentary on how people hunt wolves. It brought tears to my eyes. This show has brought me fresh hope for them. I loved it.

  • Gerhard Borck

    the most bautiful photography I have ever seen,thanks

  • clark

    Awesome nature video, i would like to watch (if you have any or new nature video) “Who is the most endangered Eagle of the world” Thank you for your time.

  • Dustin Schrank

    What an amazing animal and awesome Documentary. I loved how the eagle stold the meat from the coyote, I’ve never even imagined that was possible. Thank you PBS for educating me and giving me a chance to experience something I would have never thought possible.

  • Muxie

    wow…just wow, I’ve seen it three times, but still wow!^^ That would make an awesome disney movie!!!! really!!! man I’m goin g to write a script based on this story!^^

  • yoean david

    i like this program very much and it is imformational i wish more station would follow this pattern.

  • moonchild

    Beautiful, Stunning!!

  • Zak

    This was a great show. Long live the druids

  • Kumu Haseku

    Best documentary. I love the part where the cubs hide at the back of their mother.

  • Aaron Clausman

    Best documentary i have ever seen! You are amazing Mr. Landis, and thank you Nature/PBS for putting in on air! Such beautiful and intelligent animals for sure! More wolves please, thank you.

  • miss.Gazibo

    I think this video is education to my students!

  • jon b

    anybody know any other wolf documentaries like this one worth checking out??

  • Perla

    I loved this show! The amazing scenery took my breath away in each and every shot. And the pups where extremely cute. It’s unbelievable how smart they where, i loved when the little red fox jumped inside the snow like 3 ft down to catch food. I loved it all. Bravo!

  • Chritters Chris Sadler

    What an awesome documentry I cant beleive I actually sat long enough on the computer without being bored to watch this video and it was well worth my time!!

  • Evelyn H

    Spectacular photography and very challenging for the photographer getting so close to nature.Im going to be visiting Yellowstone park in the summer 2009 with my American fiance and im very excited to go after seeing this short film.Once again excellent viewing, just had to download the wolf onto my computer after that!Fantastic!

  • Tiff

    Thank you for reinforcing every negative thing I have ever thought about wolves to be true, : Malicious, merciless, cruel and cold blooded killers.

  • Azn Boi

    First how could u juz let the male coyote die like that second yay druids

  • Baz

    Straight up Gangsters!!! Now I know where the Blood & Creeps learned. Seriously though this is one of the best nature docs. I have ever seen Awsome A+++++

  • Beth

    cool i love this vid its the best

  • brittany blanks

    wonderful wonderful movie thank yooh i llove it soooooo much expecially the mating sceene

  • kara

    this vid is

  • Amy

    Absolutely stunning and intriguing. I still feel bad about the poor male coyote, but it appears his mate rebounded and at least his legacy goes on.

    Loved the Casanova/302 story about saving the Druid pack–but I just can’t get “This is Spinal Tap” quotes out of my head now.

  • Tiffany

    Being a person that luvs wolves I found the program fascinating.

  • ann

    Wow, Loved the Casanova this show was fascinating.

  • Anup

    What a wonderful story and a great documentary. We were there just two days ago and were fascinated to see the Druids go on a hunt. We heard from the ‘researchers’ on the ground that they have noticed 13 adults and 8 pups.
    Keep on the wonderful work and look forward to more from Nature.

  • Emma

    I can not believe that someone gave this episode a 4 out of 5

  • Luciea Pettit

    OMG! WHAT A WONDERFUL VIDEO. THE PHOTOGRAPHY AND AUDIO AND EVERYTHING!!!! Just LOVED it! Thank You for having this on the net for all Wolf Lovers and other wildlife lovers to enjoy!!!! Sincerely, Luciea

  • dhev

    I love all episode on NATURE. I’m always looking for the show to air at 8pm. I am the biggest fan of all sort of animals except for sharks. I love the filming, audio, commentator voice, and the angles on these animal movements. The information are amazing, keep up the good work on the success.

  • Moonchild

    I just returned from the Lamar Vally. WOW..I had watched this before, then to come home and wntch this and think I have gone there.. I saw the Wolves..I wonder if they were the Durids..omg!

  • moonchild

    I stayed in Silvergate, and was 1/2 mile from the Lamar Vally..WOW..Yellowstone is so BEAUTIFUL, I will return next fall..

  • Jessika

    I love wolves. They are so amazing! Reminds me of a game I like to play called Wolf Quest (

  • chelsie

    cant wait till i am out of school i want to follow the packs of yellowstone.

  • Jacquelynn

    ever sence i’ve known about wolves i wanted to know more and i have fallen in love with them, but after i’m finished with all my schooling i’m going to get all of my own equipment and go follow the wolf packs of yellowstone, i have always wanted to go to yellowstone it is so beautiful there,thats why i can’t wait to get out of school.It was sad the male coyote died but felt wonderful for the druids.I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!

  • Lisa

    In response to Tiff – “Thank you for reinforcing every negative thing I have ever thought about wolves to be true, : Malicious, merciless, cruel and cold blooded killers.”
    This just shows how ignorant you and others are about nature, wildlife, and the ecosystem. Animals do what they have to do to survive. They can’t go to Wal-mart for groceries and supplies.
    I would love to see what you would resort to if you were placed in an unforgiving environment and had to survive on your own. Human beings are the ones who possess all the characteristics you applied to the wolf. We are all those things because of greed, arrogance, and self-rightousness.

  • 3 Hawks

    Yes, if only humans could do so well to keep nature in a balanced state…wolves do this quite well without our intrusion. We mess things up…nature keeps things in check as it should be. There is a saying, and it may be Cree, but goes something like this. ‘Only when the last tree has been cut down…only when the last river has been poisoned…only when the last fish has been caught….only then will you realize your money cannot be eaten.’ Wolves are a beautiful and necessary part of all that is. One day…perhaps one day…humans will truly understand that we are part of nature…not apart from. Great comments here…great documentary…keep up the great work!!!!!!

  • manny

    What an amazing film! Loved every second, WONDERFUL JOB to everyone at the nature show! keep up the great work, thanks soooo much.

  • sarah

    wonderful documentary! where can I learn more about the breeding and releasing of the Druids into the valley. How many generations were captive before being released?
    Many thanks

  • Dat

    I love this film so much. Can’t wait to watch another video of Nature.

  • Zhinshi

    the first time i’ve watched this in nat geo wild…i was so crying….especially the moment they come home after 3 years….that is just heart warming…Nature is so wonderful they are a lot of things more to discover…and to Lisa….i agree with you…today…people views wild animals as cruel, blood thirsty, and wild…yes….because they have to be tough in order to survive…Nature is a battle ground of survival…not like us humans…where you can live as long as you don’t care about others but in the wild life…if you are not too careful, you can die…many animals you share are a lot tougher, more vicious and merciless. Isn’t it funny..this animals behave like this since they need to live…we, human…we can act far more vicious than this animals…and sometimes…we don’t even need a reason to do it…someone can kill someone just because he annoys that..If i was to ask, who are you most scared of??? I’d say..i am more scared to humans than the creatures of Nature….I love this story…can you imagine how a diminished pack of wolves were able to survived, multiply and come back to their native land…yes…their land..that is awesome…not all human would be willing to go back to their native land after they found another one…
    Live long…spirits of Nature….

  • george mc grath

    what can i say simply awesome

  • J. D. Karam

    Nice, but over produced. Too much “story-telly” music. Nature films are best when the natural sounds are preserved.

  • rachel

    Amazing, beautiful documentary. Such a good story, as if it was scripted out for a movie. I cried so much when the male coyote died, and the female was left alone. It was bittersweet that because of this she had his pups in a safe place away from the disease … The Druid’s return to glory was amazing, and I love the fact that it was led by Casanova.
    Memorable documentary I won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.


    ıt’s amazing.

  • Anthony

    That was awesome!

  • Farkas Atila

    great stuf

  • Seasons

    This is a beautiful movie. I was privileged enough to be in Yellowstone during the tumultuous time of the Druid Peak Pack in the winter of 2007. In fact, I was there when 302M, aka Casanova, was severely injured and wasn’t expected to survive the winter. But we came to learn that 302M was indefatigable and tenacious; much to many wolf watchers’ surpise, he not only survived, but went on to later become the alpha of the Blacktail pack until his death in October 2009. May the wolves run wild and free and may their howls echo from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys. RIP 302M.

  • geoff

    A wonderful program! Shows the importance of healthy wolf populations in the Rocky Mountain regions.
    Thank you so much. Let’s get this to government officials in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska.

  • Brad

    My wife and I have been to Yellowstone several times, we have met Mr Landis, we have seen his films,and we have enjoyed every minute. In Yellowstone we have watched wolves, Grizzlies, Eagles, and everything in between and it’s just nice to know there’s still a stronghold for these wild animals. And I think it’s safe to say that PBS is one of the leaders in wildlife programs.

  • Darrin

    Great video! I’ve been to Yellowstone NP a number of times during the summer and have yet to see the wolves. Very cool to watch this wonderful episode.

    Around 29:45 the narrator mentions the mountain bluebirds feasting on caddis flies. The flies appear to be a small black stonefly that usually show up early in the year vs. caddis flies that show up a little later.

  • Leslie A

    I don’t enjoy watching predators kill in these films, but nevertheless, they are all so beautiful. The story of the Slough pack was very interesting. They came into the valley to oust our heros, yes, but they were so full of conquest and confidence and life. Then, in the heart of wolf paradise, where they should have lived long and happily, their pups were dying. The last of their joy was taken from them when their surviving pups starved in the den they could not protect from the invading wolves. The Druids had left running and fighting, but the Sloughs were completely broken-spirited by the time the Druids returned. It was heart-breaking to see them so heart-broken, and just so strange how the temporary invasion of that mysterious pack put the final, fateful touch on the downfall of the Sloughs, making it so easy for the Druids to reclaim Lamar. It was as if the land itself wanted the Druids back. Interesting how apparent misfortune allowed both the coyote and the Druid clan pups to survive, while the land of elk and honey brought tragedy to the Sloughs.

  • Veronica

    I really enjoyed this program.

  • Wanda Sewell

    This was such an amazing and beautiful story. I also cried when the male coyote was killed but that is the circle of life. I am so glad mom got away and had her pups in a safe place. Wolves and coyotes are amazing creatures. I have been watching, listening and photographing a family of coyotes now for three years. What an amazing site they are. Keep the the superb work!!!

  • Mike

    Quite simply the best nature story I have ever seen. Brought to tears with the emotions of happiness for the survival of a species and sadness for those that perished in their wake. Makes me proud of the beauty and majestry of Yellowstone and the last frontiers of the wild and free.

  • Jeff

    One of the best nature shows. Helped me appreciate a narrative of the survival of these beautiful animals.

  • Robin

    I live at the base of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State and have elk, wolf and a ton of coyote around all the time. Watching this gave me an insight to what is is they all are up to. Really liked this a lot!

  • sandy

    Thank you PBS , for this doc. series on our National parks. I especially enjoyed Yosemite with the highlighit of John Muir. Thank you for your excellent programming and the opening of our viewer eyes on the frogotten mysteries of the wild.

  • Saya

    Beautiful portrayal of a wolfpack called the Druids. Loved the storyline about struggle and the shift of power among wolves. One of my favorite documentaries ever.

  • n.t.

    A big fan of Nature here. I love birds. I never liked wolves that much. But this episode has completely changed my mind.
    I never thoughts wolves were this fascinating! “But then, nothing worth having is easy to own” You spoke like a real champ, which you really are… Ever thought of making it in 3-D? Haha…

  • Tami

    Fantastic!! Brutal, but real. I think people could learn from wolves if the would just take the time to not fear but look and listen. Informative and such a wonderful story line. I moved me beyond words. Thank you so much for that insight on something most of us would never see.

  • d.g.

    The scenery is spectacular, but I found myself troubled by what looked like anthropomorhism. The druids were displayed as the rightful owners of the valley and the slews as interlopers, dare I say evil? As the slews decline and the druids return the soundtrack is like a movie telling us that good has triumphed over evil. These animals are simply trying to do what is best for them. I believe that it is wrong to assign motive, explicit or implied. This was a great chance to show us the drama of nature, but instead human issues were imposed.

  • Jonathan

    It is nice to see the wolves thriving in Yelllowstone! So many complex relationships, thank you for sharing!

  • kfgflynn

    This season alone you have featured no less than three episodes about the wolves of Yellowstone…so enough already with the wolves and with Yellowstone! Every time I turn on a nature program its on either Yellowstone &/or the wolves from it. There’s a lot of places, flora and fauna out there people have never heard of or seen. I’m getting tired of the excess coverage paid to “celebrity” species like wolves and tigers. Yes their plight is perilous but so are a plethora of other species that people have little if any awareness of.

    I much prefer to see you use your talents to either reveal something amazing few had ever known before (Wild Balkans), or taken something ordinary (Hummingbirds or Ravens) and show how extraordinary it can be.

  • jean

    I was given the dvd for christmas. i can’t and won’t tell you how many times i’ve watched it because i have lost count and i’m embarrassed to admit it. the last time i watched it was last night. all i can say is that the 50 minutes moves me to total acceptance and gratitude. it’s a spiritual event. no question.

  • troy

    Needs closed caption. Hows a deaf person suppose to enjoy this show. I really want to watch the whole thing but needs closed caption. Should offer a feature where theres an choice to place close caption with the show. It would be appreciated.

  • Tony Funches

    I am 63 yrs old. I remember when Mutual Of Omaha was THE only choice.
    This EXCELLENT film had BETTER get an Emmy.
    I only ended up here on this web page because I’m looking to BUY this DVD to give to my Grandson … beware of Tea-Birthers that will end funding for these … & please remember Black Elk, Chief Joseph and the elders of The Ancient Ones. I will join them after a certain time … as will we all.

  • Fred NYC

    Incredible Show. Having been to Yellowstone 6 times, this film made me feel like I was right there. Congrats to the photographers and to PBS for bringing this to us. There is nothing like our National parks.

  • joseph

    Ugh – no closed captioning! When will PBS wake up and begin adhering to its commitment to education by making its products accessible to all?

  • skylar

    this is an incredible and gorgeous story! anyone who truly honors all life as an interconnected web, even if you dont necessarily love wolves, surely (I hope) can appreciate how all is needed in the eco system to keep it balanced and healthy. The leading alpha pair look identical to a pair of wolf mates I have at my licensed wolf center in canada, I couln’t get over how uncanny the resemblance was. Unlike these guys however though the wolves at my center, even though well cared for , and given all they could ever want and need, still their purpose has been stolen. Whenever something is captured and held , or even born in captivity for whatever reason, the facts are it’s purpose is taken…and it matters not how good of a life they may have it, I can see when I go out to watch the wild wolves locally how more and more over the years all I think is that, captivity has changed my own and all wildlife that is held, a part of their spirit and soul becomes dormant. I teach kids in the classrooms that yes it is a HARD life in the wild (disease, encroachment/ displacement, lack of food at times,competing for territory, and pure survival at all times on the edge. ) BUT, it is never for another animal such as the human animal to decide another animals purpose in life, and to cross a line of dishonor, even if the human thinks it is love. I am just glad I also teach kids to keep wild …wild, and when found injured or needing our assistance , to play their part to do so till they are better to be able to go home again. Wildlife rehab is playing a part to help just as we help our own kind when trouble hits.

  • Monty

    Wouldn’t it be great to work on a team that works as half as good as a wolf pack. Think of how much better your work day would be? I hope all of you have watch the episode The wolf that changed America. Just as touching as this episode. The evolution of the wolf continues and to be able to have this brought into our livingrooms is just plain awesome. BRAVO PBS. Encore, Encore, Encore. I hope all of you that follow the wolf are aware of what is going on in Wisconsin. It’s a shame, the state will have to put it back on the endangered species list again. I have seen many a wolf whhile hunting in norhtern Wisconsin. They are truely an incredible animal. Long live the wolf, polititians leave them alone, you have way to many other things to worry about.

  • Taylor

    I love the show Nature!!!Its freaking awesome!!Its ROCKS!!

  • PCF

    I grew up out west , And all i can say is “”AWESOME”"

  • Anthony

    Great program. One of the best if not the best wildlife programs I have ever seen. Well done.

  • Mike

    I really liked this nature show.Wolves are the greats animal on the earth. I voluntee at a wolf preservation society in S.E. Wisconsin it’s great working with animals and telling others about them.

  • cindy reynolds

    I love this program. Would like to have more like it. I still think the Federal Goverment should keep them on the endangered list. There are people in this world that will destroy any wild life that gets in their way. We take over their living space and if they don’t move on we kill them.

  • V

    I love this film so much,the druids are sadly fading away now after being hit with some bad mange they’re down to one wolf. RIP druid pack,you captured the heart of america and hopefully sent a message about the true nature of the wolf. :)

  • Albert Lopez

    Great Story !!! We Enjoyed It Very Much,Love PBS,,But I Wonder If The Virus That Were Killing The Wolfs Are Men Made By The Ranchers That Live Nearby!!! Ranchers Are Not Friends To The Wolfs You Know!!!Hope Not This Are Majestic Animals!!

  • Chuck

    What beautiful creatures Montana’s wolves are. I can’t wait to kill one next hunting season.

  • Ben

    Chuck, can I ask you a very serious question-

    What compels you to hunt and kill such an intelligent and unique creature such as a wolf? What compels anyone to kill an animal that taught US hunting techniques? I’ve read about it, but I want to ask you first hand. I’ll open this up to anyone that hunts wolves- out of all creatures you can hunt, why hunt wolves? I’m very interested in your response

  • Mary

    I love all nature shows but I think that In the Valley of the Wolves is my favorite. Ever since I saw the episode I have been searching the web to try to find out what happened to 302/casanova after the film ended. I am going to go to Yellowstone in the summer of 2011 and I am really hoping that I get to go to Lamar Valley and see the wolves for my self.

  • David

    Too bad today the Druid is now down to one lone dying female. The latest news is she has lost hair and starving. The rest of pack has died of disease and warring with other packs. This great legacy is now in its closing.

  • Mary

    Does anyone know what wolf pack lives in Lamar Valley today?

  • Alex Wallach

    The best nature program I have ever seen! Someday I will surely visit Lamar Vallaey and get to view Yellowstone’s Big 5:
    1. Grizzly Bear
    2. Gray Wolf
    3. Bison
    4. Moose
    5. Elk

  • Elizabeth

    Beautiful, and moving film. I am very touched by this, and hope for the best of those great animals and that in the future they can thrive again.

  • Quyen Tran

    It’s an amazing show….Wonderful !! This show inspired me to take an action for wolf’

  • Jeff Schwartz

    Each year – for their birthday – my 3 daughters each give $100 to help save an animal of their choosing! My daughters are 13 years old, (she saves American Eagles) and 10 year old twins (They save American Wolf and Beluga Whales) I call it our 3 prong attack – by land (wolf), sea (whale) and air (eagle)!!!;-) They have been doing this since their birth in 1996 and 1999 – to let them know that we are ALL responsible to help the animals – we are all on spaceship Earth together – and we MUST all survive together or we will surely parish alone. I desperately want my daughters’ daughter’s to be able to see these wonderful creatures – ALIVE and in their natural habitat – not behind the bars of a zoo – as the last of their species!!

    It is so wonderful to see what these gifts over the years have been doing to help the American Wolves as well as the Beluga whales and Bald Eagles (American Eagles are FINALLY off the endangered list!!! YEAH!!! But how sad that 2 Beluga Whales died at the Atlanta Aquarium last year – and they do not know why!!!). We are making progress and sometimes it is very sad – but it is progress. They watch these documentaries MANY times!! They are making a difference and they know it!!!! It has become very important to them!!!

    I have just one problem: Can someone make a nonpolitical film explaining why Governor Sarah Palin (while governor of Alaska) allowed wolves to be hunted from airplanes and helicopters in Alaska – during winter when they are EASILY SPOTTED FROM THE AIR?? And please tell me why Governor Palin has asked that Alaska Fish and Game locate wolf dens in spring (during the birthing season) and have gas thrown into the dens – followed by a match – to suffocate/burn both mother wolves and her wolf pups to death? Also, I’ll need for someone to explain this to me – why we allow this insane slaughter of these wonderful creatures in Alaska and we are asked to send money to help preserve them in Yellowstone??!! You must admit – it is a bit confusin – I sometimes feel as if our donations to help save these animals – end up buying bullets to kill them later!!!!!!:-( Is Governor Palin really afraid of the big bad wolf???

    I really need some help here, because I am not sure that I understand it myself!!! I Thank You and my daughters thank you, and I am sure the American Wolves thank you!!!

  • caitlyn

    i have watched this thing 8 times (9 counting this watch) i cry over how mean the sloughs are in my eyes

  • Reality

    Jeff S It looks to me like your one of the disnifed people that have an unrealistic view of this animal…….anyone with any knowledge of the wolf knows why Alaska has population control from the air of the non-endangered non-threatened killer. The Humane Society of America and Defenders of Wildlife will love your money……They are sure to make good money on disnifed people in the years to come & spend a little on litigation to stir up more $rev! and Holler SAVE the WOLVES!!! Hey, a novel Idea would be to give it to the RMEF or other groups like them and designate your donation for habitat…and habitat protection. Sportsman have been doing it for decades.

  • Doua

    I watched this movie for my AP ES, it was very interesting, although strange it pretty hooked me!

  • Gabe S

    Its so sad how the druid peak pack is fading away and is down to its last member :’ (

  • Karin Grawe

    They are so lovely! Please look also on this site and please sign petitions:

  • Joanne

    This was beautiful. Wolves are like humans, slaughtering them is like killing your own dog because dogs are descendants of wolves. Without wolves, dogs wouldn’t be alive today. Wolves are beautiful, meaningful creatures who are a part of nature and help bring out the animal spirits inside us. My favorite Druid pack wolf was #42, and I was so sad when she died. This video was absolutely wonderful, amazing, and well done. I watch it repeatedly and I never get tired of it. :)

  • Bill Christiansen

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