Is That Skunk?
Do Skunks Make Good Pets?

Deborah Cipriani of Skunk Haven, Inc. with some of her black and white charges.

After watching Is That Skunk? viewers may wonder: do skunks really make good pets? In the case of wild skunks the answer is no. But domesticated skunks, which have been bred in captivity for over 60 years, are known to be quite docile and loving.  Still, keeping a domesticated skunk happy and healthy is a lot of work, and so is acquiring a pet skunk in the first place. It is currently legal to own domesticated skunks in only 17 states: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. In most states where it is legal to own a pet skunk there are additional rules and regulations, and some require a special permit.

The most notable difference between wild and domestic skunks is the lack of scent glands. Domesticated skunks are descented when they are between two and five weeks of age, and grow up “unarmed.” While a relatively simple procedure, there is some debate as to whether or not descenting skunks is humane. Some argue that a descented skunk has unfairly been stripped of its natural defenses.

If a pet skunk is let out of the house or escapes, it may be in grave danger. Skunks can travel several miles a day, and unless found, a lost pet skunk is in trouble. Unlike cats and dogs, domesticated skunks lack homing instincts to find their way back. In addition, only skunks born in the wild learn the skills necessary to forage and hunt. Finally, without scent glands, domesticated skunks have no way to protect themselves from predators. Still, their biggest threat is the same as that facing wild skunks — cars. Motor vehicles are responsible for more skunk deaths each year than any other factor including disease, persecution by humans, and the rabies virus.

Though the myth persists that wild skunks have a disproportionately high rate of carrying rabies, unvaccinated domestic cats and dogs can contract the virus much more easily than skunks for the simple reason that most creatures, including rabid animals, avoid skunks and their stinky spray. Most of the laws prohibiting skunk ownership were put in place because of the fear that skunks are prone to rabies.

Skunks can be demanding eaters. Their natural diet is quite eclectic. Wild skunks eat anything from insects and snakes to fruits and veggies. Some skunks also have a taste for garbage. A pet skunk’s diet should include lean protein (chicken or fish), vegetables, some fruits, and cooked grains—all fresh. Skunks have trouble digesting processed foods.

In the wild, skunks are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. Pet skunks can be trained to sleep during the night and be active during the day. When not sleeping, skunks need lots of love and attention. They are very playful, and require lots of stimulation. If left alone all day, they can get mischievous and even destructive. All skunks have long claws used for digging up worms, insects, and grubs. When raised in a house, pet skunks put their claws to use opening doors, cabinets, drawers, and even refrigerators. The house must be “skunk-proofed,” limiting access to the curious creatures. Pet skunks are also known to steal blankets, towels, sweaters, and other soft items that they bring to their sleeping den.

As seen in Is That Skunk? some skunk owners simply cannot take care of their pet and end up abandoning it.  Domesticated skunks are unique and sometimes rewarding pets, but they require a lot of specialized care. As with any pet, prospective skunk owners should think long and hard about whether or not they have the time and the resources to properly care for a skunk before purchasing or adopting one.

Photo: Cici Clark / ©

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  • A

    I see colored skunks in the picture too, that`s neat

  • Julie

    I have been to Skunk Haven before. It’s such an amazing thing to see the love and commitment that Debbie has for the skunks she cares for. I think it is wonderful that PBS decided to do a documentary on skunks, they are so misunderstood! I hope that this program will bring to light just how rewarding it can be to have a skunk as a pet :-)

  • christine Ramunni

    I have to say I think skunks make wonderful pets. I have six of them. Yes they are more work than a dog or cat, and are not for every one, but neither are dogs or cats for that matter. I can’t imagine my home without them. Most people that come to my home are actually amazed that 6 of them live here. They all expect the house to smell like skunk. They are actually one of the least odorous animals I have ever owned. If any one is interested in owning one, I urge them to do their homework, and visit with someone that already has them as a pet. They are a commitment like any other animal you would bring into your home.

  • Paul Wade

    My hobby is raising domestic skunks and selling the babies, kits. I just love their personalities and dispositions. Skunks make unusual pets for many people and they are adored by those who have them. Everyone who gets a skunk kit from me gets a large brochure that Skunk Haven puts out about their care and feeding. If a person reads this thoroughly there is not much they won’t know about raising their own skunk for a pet. The booklet is very thorough and well thought out. We must be USDA licensed in order to raise and sell domestic skunks. This insures that they are kept humanely and in a clean environment as breeders are subject to spontaneous inspections anytime by the USDA inspector. It is easy to loose your license if you don’t comply. Since I also raise fennec foxes and sugar gliders the inspector has a lot to do when he gets here as they are all covered by the USDA rules and regulations.

  • Sherry

    This picture of Deb amidst a gaggle of skunks is very typical as she has dedicated her life to the rescue and care of domestic skunks. Deb is available 24/7 to answer calls for help. She works non-stop to raise awareness so that people think long and hard before purchasing a skunk as a pet, about what should and shouldn’t be included in their diet, natural ways to keep them healthy and prevent illness, and what to do when a skunk gets sick or prolapses. Without Deb’s help, my skunk would have died. Becuase of her, I am well versed in skunk care and am positively sure that without her, there would be a lot less healthy skunks out there. Thanks to Deb for dedicating her life, her time, and every square inch of her house to skunks!

  • Carlene Ridenour

    Yes, I love skunks even the wild ones. I am now enjoying my seond domestic skunk and yes I believe they do make good pets. It takes someone with a lot of understanding as there are a few problems with them like potty training, but in the right hands and with the skunkhaven site it will guide you right through it in an easy to understand manner. No one should ever get a skunk without reading all about them at the site. Then you can’t help but know if skunks are the right pet for you.

  • SusanL

    In assisting my daughter’s friend as to whether she should purchase a skunk, I sent her directly to Skunk Haven’s website. There is a plethora of information available and a welcoming atmosphere. My hat goes off to Deb and all rescuers who endlessly devote their time & energy to save and care for the fur-kids.

  • Holly

    I have owned three skunks now – and they require dedication and patience – though not the pet for everyone – they are the best pet for me – I could not imagine not having one in my life

  • Nancy

    I owned my 1st skunk 30 years ago and loved her very much. After she passed away I had a family and my children always heard stories about the skunks that we owned before they were born. I started my new batch of skunks about 8-9 years ago when my youngest was in high school and they thought skunks were the greatest pets but if you ask any of my 3 children today if they would own a skunk they would all say NO!!!! After seeing all of the work they are, all of the care they require and the damage they can do to your home they have decided they do not have the time or patience to own their own skunk!! They do come over my house on a regular basis to play and cuddle with my fur babies! They are definitely not for everybody but I cannot imagine my life without them! Thanks to Deb, Kevin and Skunkhaven for all your help!!

  • Renee

    For the right person a skunk can be a wonderful and rewarding pet. They take more care and attention than the dogs or cats, especially when they are very young. I have several, my first bought from a breeder and the rest are rescues. I love every one of them dearly. Some are very playful and some like to cuddle. Most of them sleep in bed with me and the cats.

    They are incredibly smart and I have one that figures if there’s a will there’s a way. He has moved kitty condos to get up to places that would otherwise be inexcessable. I love watching the thought processes they go through to figure things out.

    I would suggest to anyone that is thinking of getting a pet skunk to go to and read up about the care and any other information about them. It is also a good idea to talk to other skunk owners and Deb and Kevin of Skunk Haven are always on call to help. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me be a good skunk mommy!

  • Cynthia O’Brien-Walker

    I got my first domestic skunk in 1987. At the time there was no where to get information on diet, illnesses, weight. I lost her to kidney failure at a relatively young age. When I decided to get another one, I was lucky enough to find the Skunkhaven website. Deb has done so much toward improving the health of our babies. It is an evolution type process, with new medicines, procedures, diet information all the time. Are skunks for everyone? NO! What makes a skunk a good pet? An informed loving owner. Someone willing to accept them for what they are, and love them. I can’t imagine my life without them. Cindy

  • Hennie from Holland

    I live in Holland and I own skunks for nine years now.
    I run a shelter, a foundation and a website. Thanks to Skunkhaven I learned a lot about skunks when I became a first-skunk owner.Hopefully people learn and realize skunks can by great pets when owned by people who respect and love them the way they are.

  • Susan Stainback

    A skunk is like any other living species. You have to decide which ones you want to live with. Well, I live with a number of species, although none of them are human. Of my prefered species is the skunk. Currently two of our family members are skunks and I cannot believe we could be as happy as we are together if these two members were not among us. Skunks are fantastic family members, but like any living being they require love, attention and care. Just like adopting a dog, bird or even a baby, a family must make a committment to learn about, love, care for and respect these beautiful, gentle creatures.

  • Cody Hildebrand ( Wild Brother Animal Behavior Study)

    I have worked and lived with skunks for over thirty years now. I have had the extreme happiness of knowing thirty nine domestic skunks who all lived out thier lives with me. We presently have six domestic skunks living with us , a Hedgehog, Water turtle, and a Fennec Fox. With our night research of wild skunks, I have also had the oppertunity to follow and get to know personally a study group of wild skunks. I am always in awe of the gentleness and willingness to get along well with the other wildlife, and people who visit the two State Parks we work in. We could all take a lesson from the skunk, in regards to how we interact with each other. As for Domestic Skunks making good pets. You bet they do. But Domestic Skunks are not just a family pet, they are a family member, with all the involement that it implies. Domestic Skunk, need to belong, feel loved and wanted, with good quality time and interaction given thier needs. Skunks given your time and love, will give it generously back to you. We must always remember, (They do not live in our world, we live in thiers) What a fantastic world that is. Thier is no other place that I would wish to be. If the Quarter horse, is America,s Horse. Then the Domestic Skunk, is truely America,s Pet.

  • Sebastian Miller

    If you need to have a companion animal that is ‘out of the ordinary’ Skunks are one of the very few ‘exotic’ animals that can make really rewarding pets. Like with all animals, it is necessary to get all the information that you can first , before going out to buy. Skunks by character are very different from many other animals, and it is best if you can meet a Domestic Skunk first, to make sure that it is the animal of your dreams.
    Most Skunk owners would agree that a well socialised Skunky is the most delightful animal that you could ever keep. Most love to snuggle up to their keepers, and they have one of the most beautiful furs in the world.
    If you are tempted, check out

  • Laura knight

    A pet skunk is not for everyone, a lot of thought and research is needed before getting a pet skunk. A pet skunk needs a lot of time and care given to it, so before you decide to get a skunk make sure you are doing the right thing. But if you do get a pet skunk, I am sure you wont be disapointed.

  • katye mckissock

    Laura is right, a skunk is not a pet for everyone. They are much more complex than a puppy or a kitten, but if they’re the right “fit” for you, there’s no better companion in the world!!

  • Ace

    Hey Deb, you look very happy surrounded by all those cute wiggly (happy) skunkies!!!!

  • Deborah Cipriani (Skunk Haven Inc)

    I have to say I am very proud of my skunk fur kids taken part in this film of “ Is This Skunk?”
    The picture shown has skunks the ages of 7 to 9 years of age. There are Albino’s, Smoke, Chocolate, Champagne and of course the common black and white in this picture.

    All these are DOMESTIC skunks born in captivity for pets by breeders. These genetically reared colors are not observed in the wild. Thru the years of breeding has bred out the black and white colors there fore the genes of domestic skunks could be different than the Wild skunks. We’d need sophisticated genetic studies to show which genes have changed. But any one can see these are domestic raised skunks. Please refer to the old pigeon literature and varieties cited by Darwin in his comments on artificial selection). Melanin is the pigment behind the range of colors observed in our skunks, and there is now good literature on melanin-biosynthetic genes in animals. Maybe some one can help us prove the gene difference in wild and domestic skunks. We would like more people and states to recognize the difference between DOMESTIC and WILD skunks. And more states legal so people can own these beautiful animals.

  • Evonne Vey

    Deb is a wonderful educator and should be commended for the fine work she does with and for the skunks.
    It was a lucky day for the skunks when Deb came into their lives.

  • Katrina Owens

    I have domestic skunks and have for years now. They are not for every one. My three children are grown and also know there is a lot of time and patience that have to be put in with a skunk. Especially the rescues I bring in. They are a different type of pet and research needs to be done before owning one. I take in different ones that others could not handle. Mainly due to lack of proper information. I could not imagine my life with out skunks. I have 9 that roam my home. They each have different personalities and come to sit with me on my couch every day. They enjoy sleeping with me and playing with cat toys. Each is lovable in their own way. They give you unconditional love back. Plus a nice warm fur blanket at night.

  • Doug P

    Almost 3 years ago, my girlfriend and I saw some baby skunks in a pet store, and she said “lets get one.” I gave her a really funny look. But we came home and I did a lot of research for a week, and then we got Harley. I am glad beyond words that we did, yes they do take some extra care but I would not trade him for the world now. He’s fun to have around, and comes to me when I least expect him. He litter trained fairly easily, and is not destructive-as long as I have my cabinets secured. He comes up and lays on me when I go to bed every night. They are not for everyone, but he is certainly great for me.

  • Paula Reynolds

    I believe skunks do make wonderful pets for the right person. There is a lot of commitment involved with the care of a domesticated skunk. Proper nutrition is very important. I got my first skunk in May of 2008 and sadly he passed away January 5th 2009 from an unknown illness. I miss him dearly. Hopefully if all goes well I will be adopting another very soon. From what I learned from not only having Peppi, but from researching, and visiting Skunk Haven’s web page, skunks are very loving animals and are a wonderful pet. I would not recommend them for anyone with very young children though, unless the children were old enough to understand to treat them gently. Rough-housing is a definate no-no.

  • Dolores Lindvall

    Do skunks make good pets? I don’t think that Miss Sammi thinks of herself as a “pet.” And I don’t, either. She is my honest to God baby!

    She has never missed her potty box even one time! I’m not going to say that this is absolutely true for ALL skunks, but it sure is for her. I use the puppy pads in a plastic storage box with one end cut out so she can just walk in, turn around, and do her business. However, if one does miss the potty box, you won’t find it out in the middle of the room anywhere. They are by nature, “corner poopers.” :-)

    I have a ramp up to the one side of my bed, and Sammi uses that to get into and out of bed with me. It is so neat! She comes up the ramp, and then stops for a minute to get her nightly “scratch” before nosing her way under the covers. She usually ends up down by my feet now that it is cold winter time.

    Sammi comes when I call her by name. She is such a playful little girl … a full nine months old now. She will come charging at me, and then turn and show her butt. That is my clue to pat her butt and say “Gonna get your buttski!” Then she will run in under the bed. Pretty soon, she comes peeeeeking out from under the bed, charges again, and the game goes on!

    She comes to me when I’m sitting at the puter and wants up for some petting and massaging. When I bring her up to my shoulder, she gives a couple big sighs, and then I hear the lip smacking noise that means she is content and all is right in her world. And it makes me feel that MY world is good. :-)

    Skunks are very curious little creatures! They are playful as all get out. They are clean. She grooms herself all over, and it is a HOOT to watch her. She is a regular contortionist in being able to get to every part of her cute body.

    If you are thinking about a domestic skunk as a “critter companion”, I would suggest that you do lots of research and ask lots of questions of people who do share their homes with these beautiful creatures. You need to throw your dog and cat mentality out the door! I entered the Skunk World in 2000, and I cannot imagine life without Skunky Love!

  • Judy Slade

    Skunks make wonderful pets, however, some people don’t make good skunk owners. Don’t get a skunk if you expect it to act like a dog or cat. Don’t get a skunk if you plan to keep in in a cage as skunks need space to roam around. Don’t get a pet skunk if you live in a state where they are illegal to have as pets. Don’t take a skunk out of the wild to have as a pet. Only get a skunk as a pet after you have read and studied about them, and know one will fit into your lifestyle. And only get a skunk if you want your heart to be forever owned by one of these cute, curious, cuddly, captivating, loving little creatures. Beware though, once you decide to get one, skunks are somewhat like potato chips. You probably won’t have just one.

  • Cheryl

    My husband and I have owned; or rather, BEEN owned by; domestic skunks for the last 20 years. They are affectionate, friendly, entertaining and rewarding pets, but they are not for everyone. They are fragile animals that require a specialized diet, and humans that can adjust to skunk behavior and habits. Your skunk will show you where they want their litter boxes and how many they want. The skunks will decide where they want to sleep, and will change spots often (much like meerkats). They will choose their favorite playthings, and their waking and sleeping habits. They require(and deserve) love, affection and attention in order to be pleasant, loving pets. I would never want to be without a domestic pet skunk. They get along wonderfully with our cat and 2 golden retrievers. We have had many colors and patterns of skunks; silver back, chip, swirl, and traditional; black and white, smoke, lavender, apricot and albino. No matter the color or the pattern, they are terrific as pets for the right people.

  • Cam Seigal

    Fortunately I live in a legal state. I would move if I didn’t. I’ve been owned by skunks since 2000. I can’t imagine not having them in my life and in my home. Research is essential, pryor to getting one for a pet, that is basically true with any animal, or should be. Once you’ve given your heart to a skunk, it’s gone forever. It’s amazing to me how quickly they consume your life. I’ve always had cats, dogs, birds, etc. I will always have animals in my life, but the skunks will forever be #1. When I’m old enough to retire, I know I will never be one of those people that get bored. Between my family and skunks, I won’t have the time. I look forward to that. Everyone before me has said the important facts needed to be a responsible and good skunk owner. I don’t need to repeat it all again, except to say that they are all correct. For the happiness and safety of the skunks and people, please do your research. Then, if you find they fit your lifestyle, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. You’ll also know, you’ll never be without them in your life again.

  • .Dolores Lindvall

    It’s a good thing that I do live in a legal state for domestic skunks because if I didn’t, I’d have to move! I have been the recipient of Skunky Love now since 2000, and I cannot see myself ever being without it. Like many others, I have always had a close association with critters of many species. At the present time, I have dogs, cats, and rabbits. I’ve had others, also, in the past, but The Skunk has captured the Number 1 spot in my heart. After you’ve done your research and asked tons of questions, you’re going to know if a domestic skunk is going to fit the lifestyle of you and your family. OR if you are willing to make any changes that may be needed. If the answer is Yes, you are in for the Love of your Life. Sammi, my nine month old skunkette actually answers to her name and comes when I call to her. She does not miss her potty box. Now these are two things that are not guaranteed with skunks, so I’m pretty happy about this. I have a ramp up to the one side of “my” bed and she utilizes this to get into and out of bed. She does sleep with me every night. Yes, I know that skunks are nocturnal, but with the domestic skunk, even napping during the day, they will sleep all night in bed. I just have to grin every morning when she comes crawling out from under the covers … with her eyes still sleepy … when the alarm goes off. No matter what the rest of the day holds, the day has started well.

  • Is that skunk – theBubbler

    [...] where viewers can comment about owning pet skunk. Skunk Owners please go and say good things at: Is That Skunk? – Do Skunks Make Good Pets? | Nature JMHO ~ YES! Skunks make Wonderful Pets…… __________________ Carol Pet Sitter [...]

  • Linda

    Skunks are the greatest pets, but there’s one drawback. We don’t have an APPROVED rabies vaccine for them. Our fur babies share our lives in danger every day due to lack of that very important shot.
    If you’re thinking of getting a pet skunk, first find a vet that will treat them. A good vet is very hard to find in any area. I have to drive over an hour for our vet. Thankfully he’s the best and knows all about skunks.
    Diets are the most discussed options, ranging from raw to veggies. Pet skunks have sensitive systems and have certain requirements.
    Once you have a pet skunk, you’ll be suprised how gentle and sweet they really are. Cuddling with a skunk is pure heaven.
    I look to watching the show and hope it has many insights for our beloved pets.

  • Robert Hoyt

    I raised skunks for many years up in Massachusetts. They make fantastic pets, They don’t scratch, poop under your couch or scratch your furniture, They are easy to train and are exceptionally loveable.
    They eat everything, and are very playful.

  • Hannah

    I do not know what it would be like having a skunk as a pet, but it looks fun if you put it that way you put it. Keep up the good work guys,and I love the skunk show
    P.S. Could you do a show about hermit crabs?

  • Colin Crew

    Skunks certainly CAN make good pets, but they require the right type of training, plus lots of understanding and patience. Here in the UK, skunks are still very rare as pets – there are probably less than 500 – but there are no regulations preventing them being kept.

    My skunk girl Saffie is coming up for four years old now and is an absolute delight. There is no doubt she is a challenge sometimes, but she is worth the effort.

    Long live pet skunks!!

  • Crystal & Robert Allen

    Hello, Deb I love the pic of you with all the skunks. We live in PA and have 2 skunks 1 male and 1 female qith 4 cats and they are the best pets in the world. We tell everyone they are our babies and they run the house and are in charge. We want to come to skunkfest this year it looks like fun. I loved the show on PBS and was full of so much information. We are always will to open our home and hearts to skunks who needs a home. Please let us know if you ever have any that need a home full of love.
    Talk to some time soon on yahoo or maybe at skunk fest.

  • Tabatha Palmer

    is there anything we can do to get them legal in other states. i live in Ga and i really want to get more skunks i have 1 and he can get lonly

  • Lisa

    I was thinking of getting a skunk one day. I have thought of it for many years, after seeing skunks for sale in a pet store in Arizona about 1995, and meeting a neighbors pet skunk back then, I have owned many animal species over the years, and curently have Ruby, a ferret. i was wondering how similar to ferrets skunks are? are their play behaviors similar? do they poop alot & often like ferrets do? are they ‘trainable’- meaning, can i let a skunk have free roam of my house, as one would let a cat or dog? or does it need to have a den area and be caged in it at night? any info would be helpfull. can one reccomend a good educational skunk book to me? thanks

  • Stevie Leonard

    I would like a skunk but if it sprays i will stink and it can go back in the wild

  • Jane Kart

    I have a question may sound silly I was told that Skunks hang out alot at bird feeders. I also heard they will eat bird poop when they have to. If any one can respond to this question I would appreciate it very much been on line searching 4 an hour. I was told this by someone and she said where she lived they banned bird feeders for a while cause they were attracting to many skunks…. Please Help Me
    Lost and don’t know where else to look.

  • Brenda

    My husband and I became skunk owners almost 4 years ago now and can’t imagine life without owning a skunk. If we had known about owning a skunk a long time ago we would never have gotten into raising parrots as owning a pet skunk is so much better.

    We first saw a woman at our local Petsmart with a pet skunk and after doing a extensive research, including talking to people from the skunk rescues, and after obtaining our permit, we took the plunge. Our first skunk was purchased from a reputable pet shop and the rest of our skunks were obtained through the Florida Skunk Rescue. If I had to choose again where to start, I would start by rescuing a skunk because like puppies, baby skunks are high energy and most aren’t as cuddly as an older skunk as they want to be off exploring the house. Our skunk purchased from the pet shopt didn’t become real loveable until he reached 2-1/2 years old. I have found them to be less destructive than a puppy as mine are not chewers and do not chew electrical cords, etc. They are diggers but since I don’t have carpet and don’t keep potted plants in the house we don’t have to worry about that. The only thing they have gotten into was they tore thin lining covering the bottom of the box springs to our mattress and this was curtailed by putting a thing board under the box springs.

    We have a total of 7 skunks now and everyone has their own individual personality. It’s a hoot to watch them run around the house exploring, playing, and stomping the dogs and each other. I recommend owning a skunk after extensive research because as mentioned above not everyone is meant to own a pet skunk. Two of my skunks were obtained because the owners no longer wanted them and abandoned them on a neighbors doorstep when they moved. I find them to be less work than owning a dog and feeding several skunks is easier than just one as you can prepare a several day batch of food with less waste.

    If you live in a state where skunk ownership is outlawed, I urge you to contact your legislators and tell them to get their heads our the dark ages about pet skunk ownership as you really don’t know what you are missing.

  • denise

    Where do you purchas a skunk if you live in PA? Please send e-mail address. Live near Pittsburg PA.

  • cindy kennedy

    i just purchased a skunk from skunkhaven my parents bought him from rogers ohio well i live in pa and i’m having trouble getting a permit to have him because he was purchased in ohio please help me i love my skunk

  • Pat

    I just purchased a male un-neutered male skunk approx. 6 months old. He was busy but not mean at the their place. I held and petted him for awhile. When I got home he became a different animal completely, couldn’t catch him and he bit my fingers fiercely enough to cause me a lot of pain and bleeding while ripping with his teeth. I was wearing leather gloves for precaution and he still bit and ripped hard enough to do that. Do you think he will come around and tame down. He did not have much attention where he was and was let run at times and kept in a dog kennel the rest of the time.

  • Deborah Cipriani

    To Cindy Kennedy we do not sell skunks at Rogers Ohio (flea markets) , What you got was a 20 pg skunk care brochure in which many dealers, breeders, pet stores get from us to hand out to people who buy skunks. Sorry you thought it was from us. It’s illegal to bring a skunk to PA from OH. To Pat and any one else if you have any problems please call us for help.

    Skunk Haven Inc

  • dedsetmad

    Please don’t “descent” them…it’s like cutting off a dog’s tail…it’s unnatural..and for the skunk it is just plain dangerous. Read the article above. Besides, if a skunk is comfortable around you, it won’t spray.

  • sharon mccloud

    oh how i wish i could have one of your skunks….i now live in an apartment complex, and not allowed one…i have had many over the years, with elsa being my largest, she was 50 pounds when she was actually stolen from us..sadly by a neighbor we had suspected, and we later learned he had sold her as breeder…i still miss her…i was deeply touched by your story on nature. i have been sprayed in the face many times until we had our others de-skunked…yet i had 3 wild skunks i fed daily, and never attempted to spray me…good luck in your continuing adventures with skunks, and hope all who adopt them, really love them..our elsa especially loved to go to mcdonalds, she loved chicken mcnuggets….thanks again, i envy you….sharon mccloud

  • john doe

    Wild animals are exactly that. Wild. You can’t tell me they are tamed. They are trained not tamed. You cannot “TAME ” a wild animal in a few years. Doesn’t those attacks in Florida by that Orca or the attack by that white tiger in Las Vegas teach any of you people anything. Wild life should be left alone and not made into a plaything.

  • Jeff Botzko

    In my parent’s house there lived a skunk that did not have the sent spraying ability removed. It was a very nice, playful pet. It only sprayed the dog once because the dog ran near it quite quickly. We put a fan in an open window and ran it on the highest speed for about 40 minutes to send the odor outside. It wasn’t any problem at all. One of my sisters had the skunk given to her when it was a baby because someone ran over the nest when mowing and they didn’t know what else to do with it. I have had the chance to catch young ones but feel they are best left outside to find a friend like themselves. When i accidentally walk up on one and startle it, I just speak softly to it and slowly back up. This has worked well for me and the skunks several times, with no odor release.

  • Vyper3000

    My wife and I owned a brown and white skunk many years ago when we were first married and he was a great pet and had a wonderful personality. I recently looked into the possibility of getting another one and discovered that the short sighted politicians we have in Georgia have in the intervening years outlawed skunks as pets. I can only hope they will change the law back -

  • ashley

    hey… i just found 2 baby skunks abandoned on a gravel road, they still have their eves closed and i have been bottlefeeding them. we cant keep them and r having trouble finding someone to take them, there so sweet and i want them to go to a good home, if your interested or know someone who is could you please get back to me!!!

  • Joseph

    Hello… I am currently looking into getting a skunk as a pet and have been trouble locating a breeder. If anyone can help with this, it will be most appreciative. I am currently living in Albuquerque, NM and it is legal to have a skunk as a pet in this state. The only problem I have is finding one. I have thought about it for quite some time and will be fully committed to having and caring for a skunk.

  • stephanie muilenburg

    hello im looking how to get a license so i can own a pet skunk but im having trouble figuring out how to get a license. i live in south dakota so it is legal, i am also fully commited to take care of one so if you could help that would be great

  • robot menager

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  • Kristyn

    I’ve always had a lot of different animals but never a skunk. I’ve been doing a ton of research & think i’d be a great skunk mom. However i travel and tent camp and i haven’t read anything about how well they travel. I take my dog and cat when we go… no one gets left behind. Do skunks stress easily? or is that more of an individual characteristic? Also I was wondering if skunks can be potty trained like a dog? I live where i work so i’m always home with the animals, but when i go… they go with me….hopefully this is a good lifestyle to bring a skunk into? any input would be great! Thanx

  • cindy

    I need to find someone to them sprayer taken out (desented) in lawton ok

  • Asher

    Skunks are awesome !!!

  • Stephanie Agnew

    My husband and I are crazy for our skunks! They have totally different personalities. One is curled right at my side wanting to snuggle all the time and chirps when we love on her. She loves giving kisses and when I came home from the hospital she was like my nurse. Always grabbing my face and cleaning my mouth and nose. I couldn’t pull away until she felt she was done. She didn’t hurt me but she wouldn’t stop sniffing in my face until she did her job. Now that I am better we have gone back to normal kisses on the cheek. My black girl is a mommas girl and only wants me. Cant explain that one when my husband wants to love on her so bad and she runs to me.
    I love them both the same! I am a stay at home wife and I am fortunate to be able to sit up late nights with my girls. They do require a lot of learning and food preparation. But its worth every second and I do all my feedings with pure love. Keep up with all the supplements and calcium. They are so important and Deb has really helped me get out of a hole dealing with the things my older girl didn’t get when she was younger before we got her.
    Its so important to learn everything you can. Im tired of hearing these horror stories. Most I feel could have been prevented. One day I would devote my home to rescue. I would now but my husband will not let me. He loves them though!
    The crazy skunk lady from Florida!

  • Gigi

    Those r skunks. They must of toke the sprayer off

  • KAtiria


  • Mikie

    Years ago (about 25), I had a chocolate & cream big boy named Rambo, who was such a sweet baby ! We would play tag ( he looked like a furry bowl of jello when he ran ) , and he would sneak up on my cats and nip their tails trying to get them to play with him and our lab would play with him also. Just to let you know how sensitive these animals can be when they bond with their owners, I raised and bred Ferrets too , one night while Rambo was playing in our gazebo, I found Jibber , one of our 1st ferrets ( of 55 ) had pasted away. After I had cleaned out his cage, I laid down on the floor of the gazebo and cried. That sweet big baby of mine, came over to me and laid down next to my chest and kept licking my tears away until I was done mourning , with his soft velvet tongue . Not once did he move away from me during that time. It was as if he knew of my sorrow and was trying to soften my grief the best way that he knew how. I was so surprised that this animal had sensed my grief and reacted that way towards me. That’s when I knew that we were really bonded to each other especially since he was already 4 yrs old when I got him as a birthday present from my then- husband. I want to get another one soon, as they are legal here in MI., hopefully some one will tell me where I can get another one and what the cost would be ( $50 for Rambo). Rambo was one of the best pets that I have been so lucky to share my life with. I miss him more than anyone could know!

  • Marline Perini

    Could be your … Could be your muscles are increasing in size, which means your skin would stretch a bit. Do the stretch marks itch? That’’s a tell tell sign that the skin is stretching. Only thing I know to do is maybe mix some vitamin E oil with some shea butter of cocoa butter, and apply it to the area twice a day; when gettin gout of the shower when the skin is moist, or before bed. Hope I helped a bit. God bless.

  • Krista Jelley

    Hello Deb…you can honestly see the passion and love you have for your babies (skunks). I have wanted a skunk for years and have finally decided it is time. I live in Pennsylvania and the law requires I purchase one within the state…any ideas on where I can purchase one in PA? Thank you so much!!

    P.S. I did notice that Crystal on Robert Allen made a comment in 2009 on here and they lived in PA too.

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  • Mike Brandt

    I was working in my garage one day about a year ago and kept sensing something was in the garage with me. I’d see shadows moving back and forth and thought it was just the tree branches moving in the wind. I happened to turn around to go outside and right in front of me was a large black and white skunk browsing through boxes and going from one side to the other looking into everything. It stopped a few times and looked at me then kept on browsing. After a few minutes it turned, looked at me again then turned its back toward me, I thought ” Oh sh!#
    here it comes!” but it just slowly walked away. What a beautiful animal. Too bad I live in Minnesota!

  • jackie

    I love the skunk and really want one i work 40 hours a week but after that my life is my pets I want to make sure it is right for me befor i get on I am a dog groomer and so i spend literally 24/7 with animals

  • Rika

    Wild skunks, just as “wild” cats or dogs, can be tamed fairly easily and quickly. It does not take very long for a wild skunk to start showing affection toward you. Just as cats and dogs, they like to sleep near/on you when they nap. It isn’t even necessary to remove the scent glands, once your skunk is tame it will rarely, if ever, spray (unless if gets very scared/startled). Even in the event that you do get sprayed, all that is needed to remove the smell is a shower using any soap that cleans grease. . No tomato baths or any other popular idiotic myths.

    Skunks are not dangerous at all. They have teeth and claws that are not very sharp at all. They can maybe can break the skin, but they cannot do any major harm to a human. So as long as you’re sure the skunk is free of disease, you are basically safer owning a skunk than a pet cat.

    If a skunk eats food, it more that likely DOES NOT HAVE RABIES.

    Skunks are so misunderstood, raccoon too. If people just gave them more of a chance, and they weren’t illegal to own is most states, they could become as common a pet as a cat, dog, rabbit, or hamster.

  • Aurélie

    Bonjour, je suis éleveuse de mouffette en France et je cherche des nouveaux reproducteur pour avoir du nouveau “sang”.
    Je cherche également des couleurs qu’on ne trouve pas en Europe.
    Pouvez vous m’aidez ?

    Hello, I am a breeder of skunk in France and I look new for breeder to have some new “blood”.
    I also look for colors which we do not find in Europe.
    You can help me?

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