Katrina's Animal Rescue

Experts are calling it the largest animal rescue operation in history. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana, the city’s human residents weren’t the only ones trying to cope with flooded and devastated homes. More than 250,000 pets — from cats and dogs to parrots and fish — were left stranded by the storm’s destruction. Owners, expecting to return a few days later, left food and water for their pets. But days turned into weeks, and pets had to struggle to survive without supplies or the love and care of their owners.

NATURE’s Katrina’s Animal Rescue tells the remarkable and heart-wrenching story of those who came to the aid of these abandoned animals. Rescue workers venture into polluted floodwaters and break into abandoned homes to rescue dehydrated, starving dogs. Vets work nonstop to provide medical treatment to rescued animals. At shelters, volunteers help families comb through thousands of cages. Will there be a happy reunion?

Follow volunteers on NATURE’s Katrina’s Animal Rescue as they rescue animal survivors and reunite them with their families.

To order a copy of Katrina’s Animal Rescue, please visit the NATURE Shop.

Web content originally posted on November 20th, 2005.

  • kim

    like to adopt a dog under 20 lbs

  • Luis D santiago

    The Weith of my dog adopted is 35 lbs

  • grace

    omg i have an american fox hound female and even if there was a storm i would not leave them at home i would take her and my cat with me

  • Milo

    same here grace… i have a great dane and a black cat…

  • Kelly

    I am watching this show and I cannot believe that people would be so selfish that they would keep pets that are not theirs even when owners come for their dogs. These people have lost their homes, their neighbors, the lives they knew. And now there are these overindulged people who keep these animals from those who have lost more than they (the overindulged) can ever imagine. I hope that these people are all reunited with their pets.

  • Wesweigle

    I just saw the Katrina pet rescue story and I it makes me sick, and also cannot believe the selfishness of some of these people who are keeping animals that owners are waiting and wanting them back. I applaud and the few that are willing to respect and understand that their rightful family is out their wanting their family member back and have the backbone to do whats right. I hope the show put some pressure on those that have other peoples dogs, and the organizations that placed these dogs to do the right thing.

  • Lindsay

    It was great. I have a rescue dog from Katrina who is the most incredible animal on this planet. You can tell she’s been through hell- she knows it too and couldn’t be more affectionate and kind because of it. Thanks for shedding light on this topic.

  • Tom

    My bride thinks our rescue is a Katrina dog. I think he’s just scared of thunder.

  • Angela

    We adopted a little black and white mixed breed we named Molly. We were told she was rescued out of the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. We have sent photos of her to CNN and The Times Picayune with a request they publish her photo to let her original owners know she survived, was rescued, currently has a wonderful home and that we are more than willing to return her to her original owners if they are now back on their feet and want her returned. We believe she had just had puppies before Katrina hit as her nipples were well extended. She loves to have her tummy rubbed. She loves to retrieve any toys we throw for her. She is a tuff little dog with a strong survivor nature. Molly terrifies our cat. She sleeps in an upholstered chair in the master bedroom each night and plays with Maggie, our Lhasa Apso, during the daylight hours. I cook chicken, beef and pork roast for the dogs each week and serve her plate with dry dog food and green peas.

    If you are looking for a female, adult Shiz Tsu, you may have her back…..if you can identify her markings and promise to take good care of her.

  • nefas

    animals should be treated as part of the family. i have a rescued dog myself , not from katrina though, but if i could travel over there i would so…


  • ss fashions

    is so sad about all the animals that got abanded in katrina and i adopted a dog that was abanded and she died beacuse of heartworm.

  • mullinobud

    are there still animals rescued during Katrina that are available for adoption?

  • B-girl

    It’s terrible how those poor little animals get left alone. I love animals and I say that theres no need to care about just yourself. Animals look up to us to care for them. I hate people who ony care about themselves in them situations. If they were animals they wouldnt want there owners just ditching them to protect themselves.

  • Cutie

    OMG !! Poor pets ! hope they found new home’s

  • Alyssa

    …. if it was to dangerous for them to stay why did they think it was okay to leave their pets…..?

  • http://www.clearh2osol.com Jimmy

    Thanks, this is grand work.

  • http://0wowgold.insanejournal.com/ Cleo Croasmun

    Highly beneficial appreciate it. It is my opinion your current audience may very well want even more posts similar to this continue the excellent hard work.

  • Jennifer

    I was so devistated about this avent and I wish i was their to help I have animals of my own and if I was in that situation that I may never see my pets again it brought a tear to my eye. :)

  • Micah

    You know I probably wouldn’t give the animals back either. At least until those people have homes and jobs and can take care of the animal. They were selfish enough to leave it behind in the first place. So don’t call the people who are keeping them selfish.

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