Moment of Impact
Video: Preview Part 2 – Jungle

The jungle’s layers are peeled back to dissect more amazing moments of impact. Stealth and ambush reign in the jungle and survival depends on highly tuned senses and ingenious defenses. From ninja ants to flying snakes, cameras dive underwater, sail through trees and penetrate fur, feathers, skin and bone to reveal the science of some amazing animal engineering hidden deep in the jungle.

Part 2 – Jungle premieres Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 8pm ET (check local listings).

  • Isaiah

    This is an amazing series

  • Dennis Mark

    Just saw this on tv. Wow! Wish there were more shows like this on tv.

    PBS please make a blu ray for this series!

  • israel

    this show is awsome we need more shows like this

  • Tazo

    Awhh i wish i could download it i want to use it for my science project ! please make it downloadable!

  • Mary

    I can watch your programs over and over as they are so interesting. I am going to introduce them to my grand children who are only 3 and 4 years old.

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