Obsession with Orchids

NATURE explores why many creatures — humans included — seem to have an Obsession with Orchids.

No flowering plant has captured the attention of humans, or stirred their passions, in quite the way that orchids have. In past ages, orchids — in all their 20,000 or so wild varieties — have been hunted and collected in almost every part of the world. Today, millions of people remain devoted to the plant and its exotically beautiful “faces.” NATURE looks at the human fascination with these strangely compelling flowers in Obsession with Orchids.

The program was filmed in such diverse locations as Thailand, Majorca, Central America, the Caribbean, England, and the United States, and at the 1999 World Orchid Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, where enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered under the spell of an astonishing variety of the flowers from nearly every part of the planet.

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Online content for Obsession with Orchids was originally posted April 2000.

  • Diane Hedlund

    I am looking for a “Bletilla Striata” orchid plant, any suggestions where I can find one?

  • Andrew

    Park seed carries the standard striata as well as striata alba (the white version) you can also try orchids.com, andys orchids, or good ole fashioned ebay.


    Is it possible to find calypso orchid growing in the wilds in Scotland ? writing a screenplay about a mans obsession with this flower. Thanks, Drew

  • Anna George

    your ideas are really very nice

  • Steve

    This episode is great. I based on my reading I thought that the only orchid types (my reference) were epiphytes and terestrials, but the “obsession with orchids” taught me so much more. Thanks so much for creating it!

  • mosharraf hossain

    what is the most important diffrence beetwin PLANT & ORCHID

  • Bill Reno

    I just found a nice page with some orchid photos. Unlike most pages, the orchids are labeled a have a species description. Small collection, but nice.

  • Wholwsales Flowers

    Yes agree with u that orchids beauty attract the people are in high demand. wholesale flowers

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