The Dragon Chronicles

As a young boy, renowned reptile expert and conservationist Romulus Whitaker dreamed of finding dragons. Years later, the successful herpetologist decided to set out to discover the real-life origins of these mythical monsters.

Premiered January 11, 2009

The Wolf That Changed America

In 1893, a bounty hunter named Ernest Thompson Seton journeyed to the untamed canyons of New Mexico on a mission to kill a dangerous outlaw. Feared by ranchers throughout the region, the outlaw wasn’t a pistol-packing cowboy or train-robbing bandit. The outlaw was a wolf.

Premiered November 22, 2008

American Eagle

It soars the skies with an effortless elegance. It can catch falling prey mid-flight and even dive-bomb into rivers to snag wriggling salmon. There is no question about it: the American bald eagle is a highly specialized predator, and its incredible physiology, built for life near the water, is literally millions of years in the making.

Premiered November 27, 2011