Interactive Timeline: Rhinos Past and Present

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  • Haley

    The Timeline si amzing. Its so bad how they are becoming extinct.

  • Dadan DS

    This is a beautiful timeline. I think I should have this program to highlight only for Indonesian rhinos since I work for the Rhino Foundation of Indonesia. So many things happen with the javan and sumatran rhinos. May I know what program you use to make this?

    Thank you for sharing with me.


    Dadan D. Subrata

  • kevin bewick

    very interesting info.

  • http://dddd-ztgbxcjgds-dsdsd.net Gabrielle Jacek

    Just talked to a guy on the phone at one of Angstrom Engineering’s Reps listed in the link you provided. (No, I’m not color blind but I am stubborn when I think I’m right)
    Anyway, the gloves aren’t used while the box is under vacuum. The box is pumped down to remove oxygen and then refilled with inert gas to atmospheric pressure before using the gloves. The gloves would balloon and burst otherwise.
    Call any one of the reps and they’ll tell you the same thing.

  • francesca

    Ive experienced the horror in south africa please donate even 2 euro xx
    for these poor rhinos its worth it

  • Yvette Co

    Thank your for the timeline! Its great work!

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