Season 30 Preview

Get a sneak peek at what’s coming up on NATURE. Season 30 begins Fall of 2011.

  • MARK


  • Derek

    I certainly DOES!!! I am glad somebody has finally said something about it. Good for you, Mark.

    I hope I am not embarrasing myself, but I assume you are referring to the links? They don’t take you where they are claiming they will. For months I would click on something/anything and wind up on the “Wolves” video. Now it seems the catch-all is “Birds of the Gods,” or? It isn’t difficult to set up the links properly. Isn’t anybody checking or proofreading?

  • robinp

    my life as a turkey is going to be GREAT! & the lives of whales and dolphins….thank you for giving us such great shows for viewing…love you!

  • charity

    im excited about the new season, although i didnt know this was going to be the 30th…wow. now im going to be checking out the older seasons. new to this series but i already love it…shows like this bring awareness to the public and help show we are not the alpha mammals we think we are. thank you pbs. <3

  • Justin

    Wow, absalutly amazing, I have been watching nature since i was six, I can honestly say I have never seen a bad or boreing episode. I thank you PBS from the bottom of my heart for giving us the knowledge about nature, life, and the world we live in. This season is going to be great. Thanks

  • DodgerZ

    I just watch the new trailer. It looks great but I wanted to know what episodes are going to be rebroadcast of BBC nature? I know BBC is going to air the Turkey episode today so I won’t want to be watching it again unless there is new material I don’t know about.

  • Peter Mullen

    A crushing weight of sadness comes from deep inside me when I see all the magnificent species we’ve seen together in thirty years. That sadness is for our fellow travelers on this blue ball in the immensity of space. There is none like it anywhere to be found. I will soon pass away like George Page, Charles Darwin, and John Muir. “That I can bare.” Knowing that human beings in their incredible ruthlessness, and ignorance are causing another mass extinction is unbearable. The intense beauty of this planet that has nurtured us for millions of years has been raped by stupidity. I hope parallel universes do exist. I hope we can all step into one with such etherial beauty again someday. Pete Mullen

  • C. Joe WALKER SR.

    I am so sorry that some of thh viewers out there can read well enough to follow simple Direct.s and have missed out on all the wonderful information that has been provided for them to learn more about this great planet of ours. As far as the destroying of what is and has been on earth GOD destroyed most of that once and what HE wanted to stay here did. He will get the rest any day now so all they have to worry about is if they belong to GOD or saten!!! Keep up the great work.

  • Claire

    I’m super excited about the new Nature season! I’m a devoted watcher so having something other than re-runs on the T. V. sounds awesome. I can’t wait to start learning more!!!!! :)

  • Marisa

    Awesome! really cool. I can wait for it. I was go to be a vet when I grow up. This could be helpful. :)

  • shea lovinn hym

    whyy point do the people got to post rude comments ? i mean , whats the point ? atleast the info . on here is true unlike some other things that are posted on these web sights . show some respect please :) i might be a kid and yall might be grown but atleast i aint postin rude and disrespectful things on here ! all these people on here was trying to do was try to give us information that we can rely on :) thanks :))
    # lovin hym a.k.s trey <3

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  • genaro


  • f. sponseller

    Love this preview and have seen two of the episodes, Radioactive Wolves being one of them. Such heart and beauty.

  • Katie

    What about clouds legacy?

  • zach

    hahahahahahahahahaha you are all stupid.

  • emily

    wow that was awsome i always admired nature i loved the way wild animals act i wounder if cloud is alive

  • lily

    zack u are stupid we like nature so right back at u

  • Audi Bernal

    I missed “My Life as a Turkey”. :( When will it air again.

  • bobtheborg

    Blackened Wild Turkey Alfredo

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    2 Tbsp olive oil
    2 tsp blackened redfish seasoning
    8 ounces dried mostaccioli (2-2/3 cups)
    2 cups broccoli florets
    1 cup halved, packaged peeled baby carrots
    1 10-ounce container refrigerated Alfredo pasta sauce
    ½ tsp blackened redfish seasoning

    Preheat grill. In a resealable plastic bag place the wild turkey, oil, and the 2 tsp blackened seasoning. Turn bag to coat chicken. Grill turkey until no longer pink, turning once. Cut wild turkey into ½-inch cubes; set aside. Meanwhile, cook pasta according to the package directions, except add the broccoli and carrots for the last 8 minutes of cooking. Drain; return to pan. Stir in grilled turkey, Alfredo sauce, and the ½ tsp blackened seasoning. Heat through. Makes 4 servings.

  • Dorf Kaffl

    When will My Life as a Turkey be aired again….as I only got to view part of it today…and it was incredible!

  • james hammie

    I really liked that turkey show..That guy was really not fighting fair against that turkey,however… I felt so sorry for that turkey who attacked him!!! He wacked that poor turkey accross his head with a big stick. I bet if that turkey was black,a hate crime would have been filed against him…He would have gotten 30 years,easy… could have warned him…. “turkeys don’t play” …word up dude….the ACLU will be knocking on your door as soon as any Democrat finds your address….!!!!

  • Andrew Poole

    REALLY! guys just because PBS does not have the BEST link ever give it a 10 out of 10 for its great episodes and vids THANK YOU PBS! =D Im bored at home what would i do without it

  • hanna

    this nature is amazing!!

  • Helen ( age 10 )

    I love this show my favs are the clouds i just love horses and ever time i play with toy horses i name them cloud
    i even imagin in the car when the radio is on ther are pegasus and they sing and have names like cloud and red ravein and snomky and honey dew and so many oters the clouds have made me so happy so so so long now thank you for makeing this wonderfull show. bye! ^.^

  • Barefoot

    MARK and Derek wrote in June 2011 that your Nature links are screwed up. That apparently is true, but maybe just with Internet Explorer. I have IE8. And yes the links are screwed up. I also have Mozilla Firefox 16.0.2 and the links work fine.

  • Larry

    For all the yappers about links not working. Put your money where your mouth is. If everyone donated their share, those links will work correctly.

  • Greg

    I just watched “Christmas in Yellowstone”. The cinematography is simply amazing, from the frosted trees, red fox in daylight and to the dawn and evening horizon shots. You’d miss a lot if you even blinked.
    Every “Nature” episode is spectacular. The storyline and the narrators are always entertaining. I liked Linda Hunt in Yellowstone. Thank you PBS. You’re still the best network.

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