Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic
Interactive: Dogsledding 101

What type of dog makes the best sled dog? What commands does a musher use? What equipment is required to race? In Dogsledding 101, you can learn all this and more.

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  • david

    Best dogs for sledding – huskies. (arctic)
    Inuit cammands – totally diffren.
    Eqipments needed for race – Not sure never involve have dogs for diffren used.

  • jesse daniels

    this was the dumist thing i ever done in my life

  • Mrs. D

    I hope my sixth graders have visited this super site to learn about dog sledding gear!

  • randomm

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  • H2O POLO

    WOW….no affence but it was a waste of my time :(

  • momo

    I am learning about sled dogs in school and we had to pick a musher and i picked Ramey Smith and he came in 9th place and dogs are so cute especialy baby huskys!

  • Kora

    i picked wade marrs ;) for the iditarod winner but he didnt win :(

  • Keith

    Yo Im a gamer! #1 in the Nation at this game. Oh yeah! Golly

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  • avni

    dog sledding is horrible! people are hurting the poor doggies!! think about it! dont they ever get tired?

  • AHH!

    i disagree avni. your a meanie. the dogs like it. so be quiet.

  • Anonymous

    I would hardly call this a game. This is for educational purposes only, and good for school curriculum.

  • Person123

    I used to think that the dogs were being tortured through this, but then I found out that they actually like it. (BTW I had to read this for a school project, that’s why I read it.)

  • cj

    i think that sledding is the best game in the world because you can see so much when you are sledding and you are arond dogs all the time

  • kila

    this inspired me sooo much this is wat i want to do later on in life!!!!!:)

  • bekah+bentley=forevabutneva

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  • Mrs. Mitchell

    Excellent for a beginning look at dog sledding. Although it is just a quick look, it is a way to spark interest in the subject in front of the class at the beginning of a unit on the Gold Rush or Call of the Wild. Thank you!

  • Mrs. Parker

    I think the info is good, but I am not sure how to play the game.

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  • Dalton Hansen

    This is a good way to learn about mushing


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  • bobbythe3rd

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  • dudebobguy

    no fun at all but i did learn some stuff

  • bob

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    oh mi gosh! its a click-n-read!

  • Hal turner

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  • someyone

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  • christine

    This was a great tool for kids to click and read the tidbits of info! We love the dogsledding world!


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  • Julia…

    I learned alot about mushers, sled dogs ect. It is cool how the musher has commands like
    Kissing Sound and Hike. I think thats awesome.

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  • camerin

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  • every-body-who-replys-to-this-drives-me-crazy

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  • MiMi

    Dog sledding looks so cool but i kinda feel bad for the dogs. But the are SUPER CUTE!!!! i love them soooooo much

  • kakes_lover

    i think dog sledding is so cool and awsome, I LOVE IT!!! i think it’s amazing how these mushers endure the cold and harsh conditions. i wanna go see it!

  • MiMi_Skater girl

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  • Gabby Loves Wolves

    Dog sledding is NOT mean. The dogs are not doing all the work. And the dogs LOVE it. Believe it or not that actually REALLY enjoy it. They were bred for working. We have to keep their traits. The dogs love nothing more than to pull the sled through the snow and to please their owner. It is fun for both the musher and the dogs.

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