Filmmaker Bio

Following an early interest in wildlife, John Downer studied Zoology at Swansea University. He combined this knowledge with a passion for photography. He started his professional career in the BBC Natural History Unit in 1981. Many of the innovative and award-winning programmes he made at that time pioneered many of the techniques that are now used in Natural History programmes today. He made his name with the ground-breaking film “In-flight Movie” which invented many revolutionary ways ...

Crocodile Mom Scoops Up Babies in Mouth

In Uganda, a Nile crocodile comes ashore to gather her babies. Despite having the most powerful bite in nature, she carefully gathers them in a throat pouch beneath her deadly teeth and shepherds them to the water. An animatronic 'spy croc' tags along for the ride.

Chimp Makes Orphaned Genet Cat His Pet

'Spy Bushbaby', an animatronic camera, is helping document a unique event. A chimp has adopted an abandoned baby genet cat and is keeping it for a pet. He treats it gently, mindful not to hurt it.