The Dolphin Defender

Join Hardy Jones in his crusade to protect dolphins in NATURE’s The Dolphin Defender.

Nearly three decades ago, filmmaker Hardy Jones became fascinated by wild dolphins. Even though many said it couldn’t be done, he set out to film these sleek sea mammals in the open ocean. Along the way, he became closely involved with his subjects and came to appreciate dolphins as highly intelligent creatures worthy of careful protection.

Eventually, Jones turned his camera into a tool for conservation. He filmed dramatic dolphin hunts, and the documentary footage made headlines and sparked international protests. Jones also discovered the effects of chemical pollution on dolphins and orcas, the largest species of dolphin. He came to realize that threats to these marine mammals were threats to the ocean itself, and to us all.

Now, in NATURE’s The Dolphin Defender, Jones shares some of his most dramatic and beautiful images, and tells the moving personal story of his journey into the world of dolphins. It is a memorable voyage revealed with the energy and elegance of the dolphins themselves.

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Online content for The Dolphin Defender was originally posted May 2005.

  • alefiya

    the dolfin for u

  • jason

    We miss the full intro to Nature. I realize that the embedded “commercials” are necessary (Toyota, and now, SC Jonson). But don’t detract from the opening; it is so beautifully created; it is the trademark of Nature to so many fans.

  • Ali

    It is always amazing to me how ‘humans’ have destroyed everything around them… from earliest times… and we are still doing it. Very humbling documentary! Brings up the question as to why we need zoos and aquatic parks in this day and age… If someone really wants to see other life.. isnt it best to see them in THEIR own environment rather then in a zoo!

  • Linda

    What an amazing documentary showing one man’s dedication to the dolphins, how he has made such a difference in their conservation, and how he has gotten such well-deserved personal satisfaction in getting to interact with them. Thank you!

  • Greg B.

    A great thank you to Hardy Jones for his conservation efforts through the years. A great and inspiring documentary that I could not stop watching.

  • Chrisann

    Kudos to Hardy Jones for the fabulous document of dolphin danger. A documentary I could keep watching for the protection of dolphins.

  • Chentelle

    Loved every second of it. Definitely felt the same passion and am inspired. Thank you Mr. Jones!

  • Kristen

    Stunning and educational. Thanks for defending the dolphins! How do I buy a copy of this documentary?

  • Mario

    To Mister Hardy Jones. I saw the documentary hours ago and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for bringing awareness of the need to protect God’s creation such as the lovely dolphins. We could only do much to save dolphins, but there is hope. The prophecy recorded at Revelation 11:18 provides hope. It foretells the coming of God’s appointed time to execute judgment on people who are ruining the earth. Ask the people who knocks on your door how and when this prophecy will be fulfilled. We Jehovah’s Witnesses will be very happy to share this goodnews with you.

  • Robin

    Loved it! Thank you for sharing this footage and important information. Please re-run this episode in the evenings as I have co-workers that would love to watch it.

  • Lauren

    I am very greatful for what he has done for the dolphins, They truly are the most amazing and beautiful things int he ocean. As humans, im sure they do not like being hunted. This documentary made me cry as i felt the pain and suffering they went thru. Needlessly. One day we, the humans will also we hunted. So think about that before you decided to kill for fun or for game.

  • Frank Portalatin

    Excellent Episode!!! Can I buy this Episode on DVD???

  • Amy

    Yes you can buy this dvd at

    Thank you Hardy Jones for getting people’s attention!

    Please go here and fill out the form to help appeal the dolphin slaughter.

  • Sam

    It was sad in the end when the narrator said “orca (killer whales) are now treated as toxic waste”.

  • katie

    cool….. that is so cool

  • Lisa

    I agree with jason, the Nature theme song is one of my favorite parts of the Nature series. When I hear it, it makes me feel inspired.

  • Dora

    This was a great documentary. I think PBS should run it more often to educate the public about what is really going on with these dolphins in other countries. The more it gets out there the better.
    A great place to get more info is on:

    Great Job Hardy Jones and Thank You.

  • Emery Packe

    Mr.Hardy Jones God bless you for your work and dedication for saving the Dolphins and Whales. I have two of your DVD”s 20 years with the Dolphin and Dolphin-Defender both are great. Again thank you and your team. Have been a member of Bluevoice for over two years…

  • roseanne dubois

    well i just love dolphins and i watch this show every sunday at 8:00pm and every time another episode comes on i just have to watch it thats how interesting the shaow is and it attracts all viewers and it is so fasinating to watch it is really good for the little ones because they get to see what us people are doing to their land and their enviornment and yes i know that it is hurting the wildlife but we people need to stand up for what is wright and protect the animals habitats like some people are doing now. Like withe the gorrilas, people are treying to stop against poaching and killing these beautiful creatures so why should they die for our own resources? so this stuff better stop NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jade lepord

    oh, get over yourselves!!!! you should be worried about lepords, not a fat blubber whale!

  • Logan air jordan Cline

    dolphins should not get sloterred!!! are killed thats just mean wa if that happend 2 u do u want people 2 not care!!

  • armilhon

    Thank’s for your film, i’ve juste seen it, how can human being pray for god ? thanks again it open our mind.

  • Marielena

    I love dolphins. I enjoy swimming with them in the wild…thanks for doing this work. The world have to know!

  • krazy

    Jade if you don’t care about the Dolphins and Whales why are you even on here???? I hope somone stops the Teenagers in Denmark that are killing Dolphins to prove their manhood – figures- some men are so insecure they have to kill an animal to prove theirselves – simple minded!!! I love all animals-cannot stand anything to be tortured or abused – for the joy and amusement of stupid men.

  • Heike Houck

    Thanks for all the information and the great work that you are doing.
    The killing needs to be stoped and I hope that we can do it in our live time.

  • neishe

    i believe that the japanese have no good reason to kill these beautiful animals.

  • im thinking

    i think its awesome and we should improve and breed the population if the japanease are “studying” these animals they must have made great progress with all them killed and sold on the black market they can be much better study tools to us alive not dead

  • Anne Karin Kolnes

    God Bless you (writing through my tears).

  • Anne Kolnes

    GOD BLESS YOU! I am writing through my tears and with a heavy heart. Thank you for being the one you are.

  • Anne Karin Kolnes

    Dear krazy: People like Jade are not worth responding to. As long as we burn for something we cannot force anyone else to think the same. But – we can FEEL SORRY for and PITY such close-minded people. It’s their loss to not know and love these beautiful creatures. God bless you to for you love of dolphins.

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