The Venom Cure

NATURE’s The Venom Cure reveals poisonous creatures that may one day save your life.

You know those beautiful little tropical frogs with electric blue or orange markings? A single touch of their skin could kill you.

Have you ever seen an elegant cone snail shell lying on the beach? Well, beware! It hides a poison harpoon that is deadly.

And watch out! Those snakes and lizards could be armed with venom and toxic saliva.

Amazingly, they may also hold cures to many human diseases. Scientists have discovered that natural poisons, toxins, and venoms contain chemicals that can be used to create an array of drugs for treating everything from chronic pain to cancer. For instance, the cone shell’s venom, packed with nerve-debilitating conotoxins, provides the basis for a new painkiller. Contortrostatin, a component found in copperhead venom, is being used to attack breast cancer cells and to prevent cancer from spreading.

Call it the poison paradox — or The Venom Cure.

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Online content for The Venom Cure was originally posted April 2005.

  • charley

    i was so sorry for that man and that wouman i am sorry for that man so much when he got bite by that snake.

  • Bruce

    I have a friend with brain cancer. He needs the venom cure if possible.

  • serena

    This show really grabed my attention, because my father is really sick too. He has cancer in his brain in two different areas and I was wondering if there is more information on this…so I can show him….

  • noob

    ahahahah losers

  • Sara

    I hope people start respecting animals now. It’s bull that you have to get something from them first though. Stop kill innocent snakes, just leave them be.

  • Anthony

    Hopefully this is just the first step for letting people truly apprectiate every being on the planet. Instead of hearing horror stories of how spiders and snakes are killing people, maybe we can hear some stories of how they are saving lives instead.\

  • annie

    so much curious of the sea snakes coz we captured 1 at samal island,philippines. we called it stripes as our pet but when my mother transferred it to another container she was bitten by the sea snake. what cure could be applied to prevent severe sickness? please answer back to my address
    tnx very much!

  • felicity

    it truly upsets me that most “modernized” nations need to find instrumental value in other living creatures before seeing them as worth seeing. This anthropocentric worldview MUST change, and soon. We need to begin valuing animals for their INTRINSIC value, not what they can do to help us.
    Very good film, at any rate.

  • shanah rachel john

    well annie….thats soo sad that ur mom was bitten by a sea snake…i suggest that you ought to get ur mum treated as soon as possible because sea snakes are one of the deadliest snakes in our planet.infact more deadlier than the land one’s…if u know the species of the snake ,then u got to get mum treated with a monovalent antinenom or if you are not specific or not sure about the kind that bit ur mum then get her treated with a polyvalent antivenom….that will do annie…dont panic…ur mum will be fine….

  • shanah rachel john

    well annie….thats soo sad that ur mom was bitten by a sea snake…i suggest that you ought to get your mum treated as soon as possible because sea snakes are one of the deadliest snakes in our planet.infact more deadlier than the land one’s…if u know the species of the snake ,then u got to get mum treated with a monovalent antivenom or if you are not specific or not sure about the kind that bit ur mum then get her treated with a polyvalent antivenom….that will do annie…dont panic…ur mum will be fine….

  • Carlos

    What a challenge for sciences. There is so much out there we humans don’t know about. Our survival depends on the survival of all living creatures.

  • Larken

    I guess God protects crazy people. I got bit 6 times by a big water moccasin in my front yard on Black lake 2-9-09. I told my LMD about it a week later and he couldn’t believe that I survived without medical treatment until I showed him the bits. What ya’ll think of that.

  • tabitha

    its not god its your immun system

  • Richie

    I have reasearched this topic and promise that I understand what i’m talking about. This paragraph above doesn’t understand at all how much can be done with venoms, I think I might have figured out a way to compleatly cure many types of cancer.

  • Devon

    ok if it cures something why are people concerned about killing snakes ….honestly you breed them in captivity its not like they grow as slow as humans …..

  • Cookie

    I am currently in an environmental class and was shock to find how nature protects and someday may cure the toxins we have allowed to enter within. I will from now on reserve and think twice of destroying the environment.

  • Goutham

    I am looking forward if some more information is provided to me regarding venom efficacy to cure human diseases and i am interested in working with effect of indian venomous snakes venom to cure any one disease..can any one give me some guidelines for me

  • Chandan

    i had been in touch with some friends of mine who have found a perfect treatment for snake bite and are doing final trials.

  • kenzie

    ok this is for “Devon” its the whole life triangle thing, u kill one thing that effects others and others and others and so on, and then it could come back to us-humans- later on(just thot id at that for selfish ppl like you.) plus if you breeed something in captivity enough it will domesticate, and eventually it may become addapted to not needing the venom and eventualy we’d loose that cure- this proccess will take hundreds of years but why start now?

  • kenzie

    its evolution

  • Dean & Pat Finchem

    We watched your nature program on our local TV channel 10 PBS in Flint Michigan on Monday June 7, 2010 at the noon hour on venom cures for several types of brain cancers. Our daughter who has numerous inoperable cancerous tumors in her head has exhausted all avenues of treatment. Her last treatment was Ciber Knife. However, her scans have revealed the tomors are back and are growing in size as well as numbers. Her doctors have told her they have no plan for further treatment, and that she should be making herself farmilar with the hospice people.
    Is there some way that we could find out who to contact to see if her cancer is one that may respond to one of these venom cures? As parents, we would do just about anything to find someone or something that may help her. We have no idea what your responce policy is to “Leave a Reply”, but we’re hoping to hear from you.Thank you.
    Dean & Pat Finchem

  • James Fraley

    I will pray to take all her pain away. I will take all the pain. Give it to me. She’s in GODS hands now.

    God Bless!

  • Casey

    My name is Casey Bush and i’m 12 yrs. old and I would like too know the different types of toxins???Things like neuro toxins like in snake venom.

  • William

    When was this made?

  • Charise

    How can something that could kill you, end up curing you?

  • ssryder1


    if you knew anything about venomous snakes you would know that 9 times out of 10 north american snakes will not inject venom. Venom is to precious to the snake and when they use it it takes time to re-supply it. If your to big for it to eat, it usually will not waste it on you. The water moccasin isnt that toxic of a venom either.

  • RJ

    Can venom b used one day to stablelize or maybe even cure aids one day

  • Terry

    God has cures for every disease known to man. Chemo is 50 years old and where are we today with treatments for cancers and other diseases. My brother is dying as I type with mantle cell lymphoma, a rare but the deadliest form of cancer. There is no known treatment for this type cancer. Orthodox doctors can’t treat outside of what they’ve been taught in Med. School. So, if there is a snake out there that will keep my brother alive, then get me a gun! POW! God put those vicious vipers here for a reason. Let’s go snake hunting. Oh, by the way, I was bitten by a recluse spide that rotted a large portion of my backside off. I was so sick that my kidneys were shutting down which landed me in the hospital with surgery. Needless to say, I hate these flesh eating monsters. If the venom of any snake or spider can cure any disease, then by golly by all means, use the heck out of them….DEAD or ALIVE.

  • Cindy

    Terry, your thoughts are my thoughts exactly. I’m so sick with America’s ideas of treating cancer. If we as Americans do not start questioning our research industries and demand them show us where all the monies are being used, there will never be a cure for cancer in this country. The ‘fat cats’ are getting it to maintain their healthy lifestyles along with the FDA, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals. If there is a promising drug or venom from snakes, spiders, or any creature that will benefit in finding a cure for cancer, then bring it on.

  • Jade

    I was diagnosed with cervical cancer Summer 2011 two weeks prior to my surgery date to remove my ‘parts’ I was bitten by a Mojave rattlesnake with severe reactions that kept me in ICU for four days. Longggg story short, after my month in recovery, I went in to have my operation and the cancer was GONE* Today i am 8 months pregant due to snake medicine**** This is a short but true story~

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  • Scooter

    This not funny. I think ashton kutcher is trying to punk america

  • Felicia

    Richie email with reearch to discuss

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  • Oncozul

    A simple, natural and efficient method to fight against cancer.
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  • Desperate to help

    To Dean and Pat Finchem, I’m so sorry about your child. There’s not a more painful or distressful emotion than dealing with a sick child of your own. If you ever want a cure for your little girl, don’t rely on anything in America to heal her. Go on line and find out about all the cures Germany has to fight different cancers….even brain cancer. Our FDA and all the vicious circle of “fat cats” stop any promising drug coming to this country from any other country because of the monies they’ll lose. They won’t allow anything to stand in their way of living like kings. Just as breast cancer, there will never be a cure as long as we sit back and allow our FDA to be in control. When I see commercials on t.v. about all the huge fundraisers being held across America and the 10-20 mile walks for breast cancer, it makes me ill. There are already cures and all the monies raised in the name of RESEARCH, will help to find a cure, as it hasn’t in the past 50 years. CHEMO, the biggest joke for curing cancer, is the only thing the U.S. has given its cancer victims for the last 50 years. Why find a cure for cancer when it’s the biggest money maker in this country today? America is greedy. It’s all about the almighty dollar. All I’m saying is look outside the American relm for your cures. One of the most promising treatments for cancer is mixing ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP and aluminum-free BAKING SODA. Look it up on Internet. Read the story about Dr. Jim and his cures. What do you have to lose? My heart and prayers are with you both. Good luck.

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