Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts lives among the nomads of Mongolia and discovers their special relationship with the wild horse.

Mongolia is home to the only true wild horses known to still exist. Julia Roberts, who shares a passion for horses with the Mongolian people, went there to sample life as a nomad on the steppes of central Asia and learn first hand why the wild horse has been an integral part of existence there for millennia.

Roberts spent several weeks with a nomadic family, living exactly as the family does — in a one-room transportable “ger,” with no bathroom, no running water, and no heat. Roberts is quickly absorbed into the daily routine of nomadic life. When she isn’t playing with the children, the family chats with her continually. Though they don’t understand each other’s language, messages get through with smiles and universal gestures.

Ms. Roberts’s rapport with her Mongolian hosts is fostered in part by two potent factors: her love of children, which is amply demonstrated in her interaction with the family, and her passion and skill with respect to horses. The horse plays many vital roles for the nomads of Mongolia — from the fermented mare’s milk that is a primary food staple, to transportation and to the races that are central to the nation’s culture and religious festivals.

Join Roberts in her discovery of the amazing trust that human and animal seem to share: “For these horses to just be allowed to roam around and they don’t take off and leave …is kind of amazing. Everywhere in America, you see animals and you also see fences. Here it’s really about the love and respect that man gives to the animal that they all stay together.”

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  • Simon Chu

    This is quite a different side of Hollywood that Ms. Roberts introduces to her fans where her affection for an interesting part of humanity reveals. Excellent article indeed.

  • Chris Butler

    It is nice to see so much humanity from a movie star. Great film

  • Jesus

    I am happy that the Mongolian nomads have a special relationship with the wild pony of Mongolia Pony.

  • me

    that is so nice and considerent of her to do that someday i want to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boyusha

    NIce picture. I love my Mongolia. If you go to this beutiful contey, you will feel a freedom, see everblue sky, meet nice people and breathe a fresh air. Welcome to mongolia.

  • Mary

    Saw the film. Was very impressed with Ms. Roberts and the people of Mongolia. It was both entertaining and informative. Loved the yurt and would love to have one. Wouldn’t mind having a horse also.

  • erdene

    That sounds great!Mongolia is a really beautiful country.Welcome to Mongolia!

  • balja

    yeah! its wonderful country

  • sini jose

    longing to visit that greeny paustre of earth…

  • ashley

    mongolia is a greeny country. . .

  • Ally

    I loved this film… pretty cool how the Nomads race every year and over such a long distance, also how this is a door to how their life is so in the past compared to mine and yours.

  • Amanda

    Please Spread this news around: Mongolian Derby to round up wild ponies and race them, possibly to the point of injury or death: http://tinyurl.com/lrs3p6

  • ken

    lovely caring lady,incredible horses,incredible country,longing to visit Mongolia!

  • susan

    its too interesting

  • Giustina

    Julia has done a couple nature studies like this, I am impressed. As an Anthro major, I just stumbled across this, never knew she was out there. She is amazing.

  • carol

    i think that matbe we need to live like that,and come togeter as family need too,and i,m pould of julia, if i had the money togo do it. i would.

  • carol

    and dont juged person of that they do ,becuase we do it,too here with the wild horses,send them to rodeo and thinges ,we just need to leave them along and let them be free,to run.

  • zlamgl

    I agree with all of you! you´ll never regret going and visiting Mongolia! you´ll see the everlasting blue sky, beautiful nature, friendly people, interesting and amazing historical places and traditions. Go Mongolia~~^^ Fighting!!!

  • gedavaa

    My country is beautiful and very nice. If some one wants to have mongolian Yurt and horses , we can help

  • 123

    go horses!

  • fifi

    ginger katherens does better ones about cloud!!!!

  • odgo

    hi all. it sounds great. my country is very beautiful. if you want come to mongolia that we will can you. fresh air, green nature, fresh water fish, these all very wonderfull. welcome to mongolia

  • K!LlA Bee$ Batbayar

    This Is My Country. Ms. Roberts is great actress. Mongolia is great wonderful country. Visit My Country You Will NOT REGRET. Happy ! ! ! See You Soon

  • lena

    i have seen this movie in 7th grade.mr.persely. it was interesting.wish u had seen it.

  • mongolian single man

    wow nice photo :D now i miss my coutry :*( maybe i need go back. nice so nice country

  • Solongo

    I recently watched this movie and i so admired that Julia Roberts is so wonderful and amazing woman ^^ (actress).I’m Mongolian and i really enjoyed to watch this movie cause our natural Gobi and wild nature looked so amazing.Especially to see J.Roberts as an normal hehe I think she is awesome actress.i like her and I really do love my country.I hope that worldwide people will see and feel our countryside’s amazing appearance and nature by your own eyes kk But dont be foolish that our country is all countrysides ,,,we have much towns and capital.Our Ca[ital named Ulaanbaatar, which is highly developed and developing city in our country :D Okey i wish all you the best PEACE ^^

  • david

    To Julia, much respect for spending that amount of time in a place without modern conveniences and I hope she gained richly from her experience! For those who enjoyed viewing life on the steppes I also found a doc by Tim Cope called THE TRAIL OF GENGHIS KHAN very captivating!

  • Tatyana

    I think Mongolia is one of the most amazing country. I was there 2 years ago. Everybody was really friendly for me. I want to go Mongolia again :) from Russia

  • Randy Mills

    I have been wanting to visit Mongolia for a long time now. My mother’s family are descended from Mongolians. I have also been interested in the Mongolian Horses, the People, their culture, and the beauty of their country, and the co-existence they share with their Horses. I admire Julia Roberts for Her courage of going to Mongolia and experiencing first hand the beauty there, the People, their culture…If She can do it, then I think I would love to do that too, meet the People, learn about their Culture, and touch those beautiful Horses, Thank You

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