Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
Video: The Phantom

Hardy, elusive, and smart, the wolverine dominates the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

  • Audrey Mulvihill

    This will be exciting to see. I spent several summers in and around Glacier Park. Thanks for sharing this footage.

  • Michael


  • Jack Cournoyer

    I love nature and can’t get enough of it on TV. This should be an Awesome Show judging by the clip, I hope you will do a continuation of this animal in the future. Thank You.

  • Sharon

    Is there a way to buy a DVD of this show? My six-year old grandson is obsessed with wolverines and he would love to have a copy of this video.

    Thank you.

  • Dave Churchill

    Thanks for posting! After watching this I now place wolverines as the third most feared animal in the U.S. behind Bears and Badgers. With Wolverines being so elusive and smart how were they able to trap it in a log box? Is there a DVD available?

  • Patti Baugh

    I loved the wolverine episode and most recently the one on crows. I loved learning details of animals that I didn’t know were so fascinating. Thanks.

  • NaturePBs

    sorry ,no DVD’s available

  • Andy L.

    Can you tell me if it will be replayed any time soon. The schedule/listing is not opening up for me.

  • Dennis V

    It says “The requested video is not available”. Does anyone know where I can watch it please?

  • Roy Flowers

    Look with the Wolverine Foundation, I think they have some information , Parks Canada too.

  • Pete

    Wow. What a great show! My two daughters (ages 7 and 4) really became interested. They have so many questions that I can’t answer. We’ll learn together!

  • Paul J.

    I came in contact with a wolverine in the summer of 1990 outside of Telluride, CO. While riding a bike up the long trail to the base of the waterfall, I came around a corner and at the same time a wolverine was coming up the slope. I was within ten feet from the animal and stopped. The both of us just looked at each other for a minute or two before I moved towards the animal. Then it jumped up the embankment and into the woods. As I peddled around the curve, this wolverine poked its head out of the bushes in front of me and about six feet above my head. I was nervous and watched as I passed by the curious animal as it watched me go by and out of sight. At the time I had no idea that wolverines were so scattered and rare that far south, so I didn’t think much more about it. So, the wolverine is in Colorado a lot longer than was thought and probably never left.

  • Greg

    What a great look at a elusive majastic creature. Awe inspiring landscape makes a compelling backdrop to this must see nature show, Bravo, much enjoyed!

  • Rhonda Jackson

    Loved the show! Beautiful animal and so full of personality. I’m writing to comment about the sitings in Colorado. My girlfriend and I were camping at Freeman Lake up by Craig Colorado.We hiked back in about two hours.Something came running by us.At first I thought it was a dog,it was a wolverine. It didn’t bother us just ran by, very exciting.Love PBS and Nature.Keep up the good work.

  • Rhonda Jackson

    Forgot to say we saw the wolverine in the mid 70’s.

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