climate change

American Spring LIVE

Episode 3: Connections Preview

Learn how plants and animals depend on each other to survive. See first-hand how climate change can break those connections, altering the timing of weather and plant growth, and disrupting the delicate relationships between plants and pollinators such as moths, bees and butterflies.

Will Climate Change Drive a New Species of Crossbill to Extinction?

Most songbirds head south for the winter, as food supplies disappear, returning to breed in the spring, when booming insect populations can satisfy clamoring broods. Not crossbills. This colorful finch, which inhabits coniferous forests around the world, breeds most anytime thanks to a highly specialized beak that can extract seeds from pine cones throughout the year. But, for a newly discovered crossbill species, this custom-made tool may prove useless if climate change claims its favorite food.

How Climate Affects the Look and Feel of Fall

Cool temperatures and moist soil are optimal for the most spectacular displays of fall color. However, with the earth’s rising temperatures and more extreme weather events, autumn might not look or feel quite like it used to.