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The Emerald City Adventure Troupe

The Emerald City Adventure Troupe

Team Purpose

The real world lies before us, and by learning about the paths of others we can perhaps form our own. The work of entertainers is certainly a possibility, but in the present it is only a possibility, as the direction we are facing we have taken only a few steps.

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Four improv comedy-obsessed friends from the University of Washington travel the western United States to meet people in the entertainment industry and find out how they got to where they are.

Featured Artists

The Alphabetical Order

Gold Streets

DC & Co



Young Hustlaz

Map of The Emrald City Adventure Troupe's trip

Featured Interviews

  • Payton Carter
  • Teacher

  • Keith Williams
  • Teacher

  • David Koechner, Mike Coleman, Pat Finn, Peter Hulne, & Neil Flynn
  • Improv Group, "Beer.Shark.Mice"

  • Greg Killingsworth
  • Co-Owner, Kllingsworth Presentations


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