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Finding A Voice

Finding A Voice Team

Team Purpose

I have many fears in regards to entering the world of radio entertainment. By hitting the road I’m getting the opportunity to meet people who are in the filed and have experienced some of the same things that I am going through right now.

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Coli, along with his brother, from Brighton, Massachusetts head over a few cities on a roadtrip to Philadelphia. After a week of conversations with residents of Philly, they discover the important difference between working for a living and doing what you love as your life's work.

Map of Finding A Voice's trip

Featured Interviews

  • Christian Winters
  • Pastor, Chosen Ministries

  • Brian Smith
  • Owner, Omni Leadership Alliance

  • Nasser Jones
  • Owners, Omni Leadership Alliance

  • Brian Walton
  • Director of Performance, Cadence Performance Cycling Center


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