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Redefining 30

Redefining 30

Team Purpose

I thought about where I was going to be when I turned 30. I wanted to speak with people who would share things about their lives and about turning 30. People who seemed to squeeze the most juice out of their daily lives were the ones I particularly had in mind.

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Amy, an elementary school teacher from Hillsborough, NJ, travels across the United States as she contemplates making a shift in her career path.

Map of Redefining 30's trip

Featured Interviews

  • Katy McColl
  • Senior Editor/Writer, Jane Magazine

  • David Chang
  • Head Chef/Owner, Momofuku

  • Jenna Strollo
  • Producer, WOR Wadio

  • Taylor Hicks
  • Musician (American Idol winner)

  • Bert Jacobs
  • Co-Founder, “Life is Good” Clothing

  • Brendan Synnott and Kelly Flatley
  • Founders, Bear Naked Granola


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