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On-board Lectures

In the tradition of the original Harriman Alaska Expedition, the Harriman Retraced expedition featured lectures and presentations by the expedition scholars presented throughout the voyage. Click on link of lecture title below to view summary.

Lecture Series

July 21, 2001: Seattle, Washington

Three Poems of Juneau, Alaska - Sheila Nickerson. The former Poet Laureate of the state of Alaska offers three poems on Juneau, AK.

July 22, 2001: Prince Rupert, British Columbia

The 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition - Kay Sloan. The co-author of Looking Far North offers a capsule summary of the original Harriman Alaska Expedition.

July 23, 2001: Cape Fox; Annette Island and Metlakatla; Ketchikan; Saxman

Introduction to the Tlingit Culture and Repatriation - Rosita Worl. In 1899, the Harriman Expedition removed numerous objects from the Cape Fox village which they presumed to be abandoned. The Harriman Expedition Retraced is returning many of those objects.

July 24, 2001: Wrangell

Ecology and Politics in the Tongass National Forest - Paul Alaback. A Lecture and discussion on the history of logging, politics, and forest ecology research on the Tongass since the Harriman Expedition.

July 25, 2001: Tracy Arm and Juneau

Dreaming the Klondike - Bill Cronon. A capsule overview of the 19th century dream of instant wealth from the Klondike Gold Rush.

July 26, 2001: Skagway

A Century of Change in Alaska: Tourism and the Environment - Pam Wight. How can Alaska's coast properly plan for the demands of tourism?

July 27, 2001: Sitka

Coming Home to Sitka - Richard Nelson. Home can have many different meanings, for people and the natural environment.

July 28, 2001: Glacier Bay

A Panel Discussion on Glacier Bay. Summary of an impassioned discussion on how to preserve fragile environments.

A Panel Discussion on People, Politics and Subsistence in Alaska. Summary of a panel discussion on one of the most difficult political, cultural and social issues in Alaska, subsistence.

Sovereignty and Cultural Survival - Allison Eberhard. With limited access to their sovereignty, Alaska Natives lack the means to solve many problems.

The Alaska Native Science Commission - Elaine Abraham. The ANSC has as its mission harnessing science to enhance and protect indigenous cultures.

July 29, 2001: Yakutat

Tlingit Children in Yakutat Tell Oral Histories. The children of Yakutat describe who they are.

It's Just a Fish: Alaskan Salmon and Halibut Fisheries - David Policansky. A review of fisheries management in Alaska.

July 30, 2001: Kayak Island

Herring in the Prince William Sound Ecosystem - Brenda Norcross . A review of the Prince William Sound environment through the study of herring.

July 31, 2001: Prince William Sound, Cordova and Valdez

A Panel Discussion on Oil and Alaska's Search for Economic Diversity and Environmental Protection. Summary of a panel discussion on Alaska's most popular topic, oil.

August 1, 2001: Columbia Glacier, College Fjord and Harriman Fjord

Alaska's Glaciers - Kris Crossen. The most extensive glaciated terrain in Alaska surrounds the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound.

August 2, 2001: Squire, Knight and La Touche Islands

Co-Management of Natural Resources in Alaska - Kathy Frost. Science and expert opinion are not the whole story.

Painting the Alaskan Coast: The Harriman Expedition Paintings in Context - Kes Woodward. How the art of the Harriman Expedition influenced the public view of Alaska.

August 3, 2001: Chiswell Islands and Kenai Fjords National Park

Demystifying How Artists Work - Patricia Savage. A look at how several nature artists approach their creations.

A Celebration of Birds: The Life and Art of Louis Agassiz Fuertes - Robert Peck. The birth of a new talent on the Harriman Alaska Expedition.

Crossing the Alutiiq Homeland: Heritage and Identity - Aron Crowell. Discussion of Alutiiq history and contemporary communities along a sea track of more than 650 miles. This includes Kayak Island, Prince William Sound, the Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay, Kodiak Island, and the Pacific shoreline of the Alaska Peninsula.

August 4, 2001: Homer

Poems from Feast of the Animals: An Alaskan Bestiary - Sheila Nickerson. Poems elaborating on various Alaskan animals from Sheila Nickerson's book.

August 5, 2001: Kenai Fjords and Barren Islands

Harriman Alaska Expedition - Robert Peck. Peck's interest in the Harriman Expedition goes back more than 20 years when he was researching for a book about Louis Agassiz Fuertes. It summarizes an interview with W. Averell Harriman, the only surviving member of the expedition.

August 6, 2001: The Triplets and Kodiak Island

Living on the Edge: People in the Gulf of Alaska Environment - Aron Crowell. Discussion of ancient Alaskan cultures and the implications of environmental change.

August 7, 2001: Geographic Harbor and Kukak Bay

Aleutian Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics on the Pacific Rim - Kris Crossen. There is a lot of activity where the Pacific and North America meet.

August 8, 2001: Chignik

Alaskan Seabirds and How to Identify Them - Vivian Mendenhall. Description of the various species of seabirds seen along the Harriman Expedition Retraced, both on land and at sea.

August 9, 2001: Unga Island

What Vitus Bering Started, and How the Bering Sea Replied - Vera Alexander. My story begins in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, the logistic gateway to the Bering Sea. I first came to Dutch Harbor 27 years ago, to join a research cruise. The first ocean-ecosystem research in the region was just beginning.

August 10, 2001: Unimak Island

The Bering Sea Ecosystem: The Big Picture - Vera Alexander. One hundred years ago, biological exploration differed substantially from the research carried out today. Alexander describes the eastern Bering Sea ecosystem which supports a diverse, abundant and highly productive marine biota.

Kennecott Journey - Bill Cronon. A summary of an essay that originated from his very first trip to Alaska in the mid-1980s where he spent several days hiking in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. He started off at a ghost town called Kennecott, beside an immense glacier bearing that same name.

August 11, 2001: Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Bogoslof Island

Fisheries and the Bering Sea Ecosystem - David Policansky. A discussion about how some species of marine mammals and birds have been declining in the Bering Sea and how some people believe that too much fishing is the cause of the declines.

National Marine Sanctuaries: Making the Link - Brad Barr. Summary about Marine Protected Areas and Alaska.

A Panel Discussion on Fisheries Management in the Bering Sea. Summary of a panel discussion held in Dutch Harbor about the different issues relating to fisheries management in the Bering Sea.

August 12, 2001: St. George Island, Pribilofs

Bering Sea Marine Mammals: Ecology and Conservation - Kathy Frost. Comparison of the status of marine mammals in the Bering Sea during the 1899 Harriman Expedition and today.

August 13, 2001: St. Paul Island, Pribilofs

Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Alaska: Conservation Issues and More - Kathy Frost. Sea otters, sea lions, killer whales and harbor seals are more than just "watchable wildlife."

August 14, 2001: St. Matthew Island and Hall Island

Seabirds in the Marine Environment - Vivian Mendenhall. A summary of the ecology of seabirds of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. They are an important component of the marine ecosystem; they also provide great pleasure for lovers of nature, and they are a vital component of Native subsistence traditions.

August 15, 2001: Gambell

A Sense of Wonder: Alaskan Art - Kes Woodward. A discussion the changes in Alaskan art over time.

A Panel Discussion on Conservation of the Alaskan Marine Ecosystem. Summary of a panel discussion focusing on the definition of conservation and how to apply that definition to the Bering Sea ecosystem and the larger ecosystem of coastal Alaska.

New Ideas on the High Seas: Conservation in 2001 - Brad Barr. With the additional challenges of regime shifts, declining populations of many species, and the multitude of other problems and issues in Alaska today, some new approaches to marine conservation are warranted.

August 16, 2001: Teller, Little Diomede Island, and Russian Waters

Alaska Light: A Presentation on Photography - Kim Heacox. The official Harriman Retraced photographer discusses photography in Alaska as a nature photographer.

August 17, 2001: Cape Dezhnev and Lorino Village, Russian Far East

Discovering Alaska - Richard Nelson. Reflective piece describing Alaska's natural beauty and people.

August 18, 2001: Itygran Island and Yanrakino Village, Russian Far East

The Historical Dynamics of Politics, Culture and Social Life in the Russian Far East - David Koester. The area in Russia known as the Far East has been inhabited for at least the last 14,000 years. During the period, since the world has known about the region, its various peoples have seen numerous changes.

Apparition in the Mirror: Soviet and Post-Soviet Life in Northern Native Communities across the Bering Sea - David Koester. The sometimes predictable, often unexpected encounters that arise on voyages leave room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

August 19, 2001: Nome and Anchorage

Bagging a Bear: Then and Now -- Brad Barr and Tom Litwin. The brown bear serves a symbolic role in the consideration of issues in Alaska.




For information on the Harriman Retraced Expedition e-mail: harriman2001@science.smith.edu

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