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Arts Aug 17

Drawing The White Whale

In August 2009 Matt Kish, a librarian by trade and artist by night, decided to draw one image for every page of of his long-time favorite novel - "Moby-Dick". Kish spent the next 543 days in pursuit of his own…

Science Jul 25

Mongolian Herders See Changes as Temperatures Rise

The East Asian nation of Mongolia is home to about 3 million people, half of whom make their living off of livestock. Since 1960, Mongolia's average temperature has increased by 3.85 degrees Fahrenheit -- a change faster than the…

Politics Jul 14

Minnesota Lawmakers in Talks to End Government Shutdown

MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson Updated 6:30 p.m. ET Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP lawmakers say they have reached a deal to end a budget showdown that has led to the state's government shutdown. Dayton told reporters the shutdown was expected…

Politics Jun 29

NewsHour Connect: The End of Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's controversial new collective bargaining law takes effect on Wednesday. The law severely diminishes state employee's collective bargaining rights and enacts what is essentially an 8 percent cut in pay for state workers. Salaries are not being directly cut, but…

World May 24

Around the Nation: Coverage of the Joplin Tornado

KSMU, based in Springfield, Mo., about 70 miles away from Joplin, has been keeping listeners and readers updated with information about how they can help Joplin residents by donating blankets or offering nursing services. When the tornado hit…

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