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Michael D. Mosettig was the PBS NewsHour’s foreign affairs and defense editor from 1985 to 2012. He now travels the world, watches wonks push policy in Washington's multitude of think tanks and writes occasional dispatches on what those scholars and wannabe secretaries of state have in mind for Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Michael's Recent Stories

World Mar 24

Two superpowers collide in the Pacific

At the center of debate and strategic discussions across Asia is the question of whether the region can accommodate two superpowers -- China and the United States.

World Oct 27

An Indonesian visitor under fire

When international leaders come to the White House, a military band often plays ruffles and flourishes and their country's national anthem. For Indonesia's President Joko Widodo, a more appropriate tune would have been the Platters' classic, "Smoke Gets in Your…

World Oct 13

On Obama’s Korean table, much China

When President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye meet Friday, they could spend as much time talking about China as about the relations between their two countries.

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