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WATCH: WHO to test three existing drugs for use with COVID

The World Health Organization said Wednesday it will soon begin testing three drugs currently used for other diseases to see if they might help patients suffering from the coronavirus.

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The U.N. health agency said the three drugs would be adopted into the next phase of its ongoing global research into identifying potential treatments for COVID-19.

The drugs being tested were chosen by an independent panel based on the likelihood they could prevent deaths in people hospitalized for serious coronavirus.

They include artesunate, a malaria drug, the cancer drug imatinib, and infliximab, currently used in people with diseases of the immune system.

WHO’s ongoing study into COVID-19 treatments previously assessed four drugs.

Among its findings, the agency determined that remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine didn’t help people hospitalized with the virus.

WHO’s research includes thousands of researchers in hundreds of hospitals in 52 countries.