Health Feb 06

Unwilling to wait, poorer countries seek their own vaccines

Unlike past disease outbreaks, where less wealthy countries have generally waited for vaccines to be delivered by the U.N. and other organizations, many are now taking matters into their own hands. Experts are increasingly concerned that these go-it-alone efforts could…

World Aug 22

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The public health crisis you may not know about: snakebites

Over 100,000 people die every year from snakebites, and another 450,000 suffer life-altering injuries. The World Health Organization has labeled snakebites an epidemic, and reports that only half of the anti-venom needed globally is currently being produced. Special correspondent Benedict…

Health Jul 19

Virus rebounds around the world, deaths top 600,000

The coronavirus pandemic has found fresh legs around the world, as confirmed deaths pass 600,000 and countries from the U.S. to South Africa to India struggle to contain a surge of new infections. Hong Kong issued tougher new rules on…

World Jul 18

WHO posts 2nd daily record for new cases in row

The WHO on Friday posted more than 237,000 confirmed cases around the world. The back-to-back records come as many nations struggle with new waves of infections after loosening lockdown restrictions.