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Live Chat with PBS NewsHour Correspondents

Now is your chance to ask the PBS NewsHour senior correspondents anything you want. Tweet your questions to @NewsHour.

Forty years ago, Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer reported on the Watergate scandal. Their coverage laid the groundwork for what would become the MacNeil/Lehrer Report, known today as the PBS NewsHour.

Over the next few months, you will have the chance to chat with the NewsHour’s senior correspondents in our live chat series. Learn about their milestone moments in journalism, their start at NewsHour and their take on the state of media and global politics.

The senior correspondents are:

Jeffrey Brown
Gwen Ifill
Hari Sreenivasan
Ray Suarez
Margaret Warner
and Judy Woodruff

Join our kick-off live chat with Judy Woodruff, Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. EDT. Leave your comments for her below or tweet #AskJudy to @NewsHour or @JudyWoodruff.

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