Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday vetoed media amendments that would have limited news coverage of "anti-terror" operations, including events like last month's Moscow theater hostage crisis.

Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight," signed a new contract to extend his tenure as anchor for the next three years and to allow him to create his own production company.

The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday gave the green light to Comcast Corp.'s proposed buyout of AT&T Broadband, paving the way for the creation of the largest cable and Internet provider in the country.

The upper house of Russia's parliament on Wednesday passed new media restrictions allowing authorities to exert more control over the reporting of terrorist attacks and major crises like last month's Moscow theater hostage standoff.

Mohammed Al-Douri, Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations, talks with reporters about his country's decision to accept a U.N. resolution requiring Iraq to disarm and readmit weapons inspectors.

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