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Now on YouTube: The PBS NewsHour

It’s been a big week for the NewsHour organization. Last week, we unveiled the redesign of our homepage and launched The Rundown blog. On Monday, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer relaunched as the PBS NewsHour and we welcomed our new correspondent, Hari Sreenivasan.

Today marks another milestone with the official launch of the PBS NewsHour YouTube channel, where you can find nightly video of some of our segments and leave us comments.

Watch an introduction to the YouTube channel from Executive Editor and Anchor Jim Lehrer:

We’ll use our YouTube channel to highlight some of our best on-air and online content, so please click on the subscribe button. As always, you can still watch nightly segments on our Web site and watch full programs over at PBS Video.

The channel’s launch was announced on YouTube’s official blog today (and was cross-posted to the official Google blog as well).

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